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MAC Quite Cute Collection (Lippies)

I love, love, love, lipsticks! Doesn’t matter what brand, or what, it’s the one thing I end up buying in every collection that comes out. The MAC Quite Cute collection was no different! I already had Saint Germain from a previous collection awhile back, so I ended up getting only the lipsticks that are sold out already on the MAC website, and nothing else from the collection: Candy Yum-Yum (matte), Quite Cute (cremesheen), and Playing Koi (satin).

Candy Yum-Yum: Is a super bright matte fuchsia pink color. Even though it has a matte finish, it’s not drying (Ruby Woo anyone?). It doesn’t even feel like it’s matte when you first apply it on, when it’s dry it still feels comfortable but can start to feather, so I suggest applying a tiny bit of chapstick before application. In comparison to other lipsticks similar in color from other collections, Candy Yum-Yum is lighter and more of a true pink than Immodest Mattene lipstick, and Show Orchid. I’d say it’s closest to Petals & Peacocks, but Petals & Peacocks is a tinge darker and has shine.

Quite Cute: Is a pale lavender, almost has a soft blue undertone to it and looks almost like a whitish blue in pictures. It’s a cremesheen finish. I think this is great for mixing/layering with other lipstick colors because it gives a nice wash of color.

Playing Koi: Is a neutral color, almost nude, but a wash of peach which is a nice change from the normal nude lippie. Even though the finish is satin, it has a creamy consistency to it, that I would have thought it was a cremesheen at first. It can still wash certain skintones out, but paired with a nice lipgloss and/or lip liner I think it can easily be pulled off. This is definitely a lippie I want to experiment with and make different combos.

Saint Germain: One of my all time favorites, it’s a soft (but brighter) pink than “Snob” and I love this lipstick because paired with any lipgloss, it always just looks amazing, I loved it so much I ended up buying a backup when I originally bought this.

natural light
 Cute headband my friend Reno gave me!

MAC Haul

Dropped by the MAC store after work and ended up nabbing a few things, and noticed they changed their bags! They are super cute! It’s paper bags made out of recycled paper and inside of the bags, they are each colored differently. (***sidenote: I will be announcing the winner of the Sigma Make Me Up Brush Kit later today!)

I also wanted to try their ‘Sheen Supreme’ lipsticks because I LOVED their slimshine lipsticks from way back in the day (a glossy lipstick), and since it was rumored these were similar, I was curious because I was sad the slimshines were limited edition. I will do a comparison post later on the two, but right off the bat they aren’t as glossy and shiny as the original slimshines which is disappointing but they still are nice (at least some colors are such as the one I got in “Bare Again”). And oddly enough one of the Slimshines I have is “Bare” and this one is “Bare Again”, love how they tied that in!

I didn’t get much, just the Penultimate Eyeliner Pen in “Rapidblack”, 4 eyeshadow palette (I love the new design! I wish their 15 eyeshadow palette was see-thru too so you can see the eyeshadows from the outside), e/s pan refill in “Shale”, the Sheen Supreme lippie in “Bare Again” and their moisture cover concealer in NC20.

 And the nails I was rocking last week:

MAC Wonder Woman Collection & Swatches

Whew! Today was tiring! I attended the MAC Wonder Woman preview party today, the models had hot costumes, and as usual at these events, the store was packed with people pushing you left and right, so I didn’t get a chance to swatch any eyeshadow palettes. They also didn’t have the other MSF available, boo. :( I have to breeze through this post since I am running on a few hours of sleep, so anything I miss I will post tomorrow, but thought id post some swatches and pics.

The lipglasses are HUGE (but I am loving the super size)! And I mean huge in comparison to their regular lipglasses (posted a side by side pic below). I love the big fat doefoot wand, you can apply it in just one swipe! I am loving Athena’s Kiss and Emancipation, it’s a bit brighter and pinker than Maqnetique, and Emancipation is a pretty light peach color with sparkle, great for everyday looks. Pulling out the doefoot however can be messy (especially “Athena’s Kiss” since it’s a darker color), it tends to pull out a lot of product when you attempt to pull the wand out so just be cautious.

The eyeshadows and the smaller section of the blush duos (to me) had horrible color payoff. It took many (and I mean MANY) swipes to even get it to show up on my skin, and I am pretty fair! The pigments were too chalky for my taste, and I would never use the reflects glitters. The mascaras were neat, they seemed to stay on long as it took forever to wash off my hand, but like I said in my previous post, you can easily find colored mascaras pretty much anywhere. I skipped on Marquise d’ because it was too sheer, and I am not a fan of bronzy lipsticks. Russian Red is permanent so you can definitely just get that one (and it would be way cheaper!). I skipped Wonder Woman l/g because I have “Cult of Cherry” l/g and I rarely use it as it is. The MSF has only one interesting aspect, and that was the orange side of it, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, not to mention the entire thing is really huge.

What’s worth looking at? Definitely the lipglasses. They are amazing and I think they are all so pretty. The lipsticks are nice too, but the only winner to me is Spitfire. Everything else, can pretty much be skipped in my opinion.

Line wasn’t too bad, it went thru relatively quickly and they did manage to pass out some yummy red velvet cupcakes! I ended up nabbing 2 lippies and 2 lipglosses: Spitfire, Russian Red, Emancipation, and Athena’s Kiss.

Some lipstick comparisons from past collections:
 [click to enlarge] 

Going to the MAC Wonder Woman Party Today

I am heading straight to the MAC store after work to attend the MAC Wonder Woman Preview Party! I went there last week with a few friends and the lady let me take a looksie at the collection (but swatches will be available later tonight or tomorrow morning). I love Wonder Woman so it was exciting to hear about this collection, however to be honest- nothing in this collection really stands out for me other than the lipsticks and lipglasses, but even that I am sure is debatable.

The eyeshadow palettes, based on preliminary swatches and other observations from other bloggers were a bit disappointing to say the least, some citing hard to apply, being chalky, or nothing to really make you say “wow”. And some of the colors I already have something similar and/or would never wear myself.

The colored mascaras are cool and reminds me of a phase in high school when I was into them, but there are tons of dupes for this, including the Hard Candy mascaras at Walmart for half the price.

The blush duos and MSF’s are nice if you don’t have any and I think the shades are nice on any skintone, but again it’s not something we haven’t seen before, and one of the blush duos reminds me of “Ripe Peach” which I already have, and the MSF I own, I rarely use. So I don’t know if I will be nabbing any of these, but man I am a sucker for packaging! I just have to see these in person to really see if they do any justice.

The lipsticks and lipglasses I love, I notice I am an avid collector of lipsticks and lipglasses and usually end up picking two lippies from every collection, and this is no different! I actually do not own “Russian Red” and it’s nice to have a red lippie that works well with my skintone, so I might nab this. And I have “Petals & Peacocks” lipstick which everyone is saying is close to “Spitfire”, so I gotta see how they compare.  I would never really wear “Heroine” (the brownish bronze lipstick), and Marquise d’ looks a little sheer for my taste so I might pass on these. But I am loving the lipglasses “Athena’s Kiss” and “Emancipation”, even though “Athena’s Kiss” is similar to “Magnetique” lipglass.

And everything else like the pigments, glitter, brush bag, etc. are definitely items I don’t see myself reaching for (I have TONS of pigments that are barely getting any love from me these days sadly enough), so I am gonna pass on these.

I can’t wait to take a few pics and get some swatches for you ladies!

Style Warriors Collection & Pictures

So did any of you ladies grab anything from this collection? Of course the one thing I loved about this collection was the animal print packaging. My favorite animal is the Zebra, so this collection was right up my alley!

Luckily the eyeshadows didn’t appeal to me at all (other than “Night Maneuvers” which is a pretty color for a smokey eye look), I already have “Femme Fi” from the Solar Fields collection and reminds me of “Soft Force”, and “Magnetic Fields” is somewhat close to “Night Maneuvers” (to me anyway), and I already have “tempting” and “vibrant grape” has crappy color payoff for me, and how often would I wear yellow eyeshadow?!?? So that crossed off “Bright Future” (it IS a pretty color I just know I would never reach for it).

The lipglosses “Gold Rebel” and “Style Warrior” were must haves for me, I love the gold peachy sheen “Gold Rebel” gives and warms up my skintone with a pop of warmth and color, and I love the deep earthy tone of “Style Warrior” and it’s very wearable and not super dark. “Liberated” is a nice cool yellow lipgloss which is great by itself or over a lipstick, and “Fierce & Fabulous” reminded me of a few lipglasses I already have like “Magnetique”, so I was trying not to get colors similar to what I already have.

The lipsticks are adorable in their tribal safari-esque packaging and I truly love “Brave New Bronze” lipstick! It’s a gorgeous neutral lipstick with a subtle hint of pink. I definitely need to buy a back up of it! “Purple Rite” is a frost lipstick- if “Violetta” lipstick and “Bubbles” has a baby this would probably be their child, LOL. It’s a nice subtle hint of purple on my lips, not bright, but completely wearable. “Sunsational” was way too sheer for me and didn’t go nicely with my skintone, and I didn’t want to buy it just to overlay it over another lipstick, “Tribalist” is a nice deep chocolate purple color, which I could never pull of but wished I could!

I also got the bronzing powder in “Refined Golden” (it’s also permanent so no need to rush ladies but hurry if you want it in the special packaging!), it’s a nice warm brown with a hint of shimmer for a nice bronze glow or to highlight your tan. “Solar Riche” seemed a bit too orangey for my skintone.

Beauty Powder Blush “Eversun” of course is a re-promote and is a nice medium peachy color that would look great on anyone, and “On a mission” is a nice soft plum or mauve color.

The Lustre drops are great as a highlighter, or you can mix them into your foundation or lotion for a subtle hint of shimmer and glow.

I didn’t swatch the lustre drops or the leg sprays, but here are some pics!

MAC: A Rose Romance Review & Pictures

So what did I pick up from this collection? I picked up both beauty powders: “Blush of Youth” and “Summer Rose”, “Silverthorn” eyeshadow, and “Magnetique” lipglass. I have “Mutiny” pigment from when the “Naughty Nauticals” collection came out. I forgot to get “Steal My Heart” lipglass, so I have to go back and get that! The see-thru lipcolors (lipstains) are pretty neat, but didn’t tickle my fancy enough for me to get any of them (but let me tell you, they really stain and stay on! So that might me awesome for some of you looking for a sheer colored lipgloss that lasts). The MUA recommended wearing these see-thru lipcolors underneath your lipstick or lipgloss so when those layers wear off, you still have the stain underneath!


The lipsticks (A Rose Romance, Odyssey, Way to Love) were pretty but were TOO sheer for me, not to mention I have tons of lipsticks that look close to those colors (California Dreamin’ and Curtsy, both LE) of course they may be slightly different from each other, but I really don’t need that many pink-tinged lippies especially that are too sheer for my taste. And “Odyssey” is permanent, so no need to rush to get that.

The eyeshadows were bleh to me personally, I already have “Shadowy Lady” and “Creme de Violet, and the other ones “Of Summer” and “Et tu, Bouquet” seem like colors I would just “collect” but never put to any good use. Hence I only picked up “Silverthorn” (veluxe pearl) since it’s really pretty and I don’t have a lot of silver eyeshadows to begin with. It looks similar in color to MAC e/s in “Cumulus” from the “Blue Storm” collection except “Cumulus” is a tad bit darker and less shimmer, more on the matte side, and “Silverthorn” is a nice light-medium silver with an opalescent bluish tint to it. Definitely stands out!

The Beauty Powders have dainty embossed “rose petals” that you don’t even want to touch it! I like the natural, barely-there look both of the beauty powders give, the only con I have, is that for my skintone, it takes quite a few swipes for it to even show the slightest bit of color on my face, I KNOW THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SHEER, but I just wish they were pigmented just a pinch so there’s less effort on my part, LOL. But at the same time, I DO LOVE that you can BUILD up the color gradually and not worry about overdoing it like other blushes (for example) where half a swipe is too much color. So this is definitely my favorites out of this collection because it gives a nice natural glow to the entire face or cheeks for those with light and medium skintones (not sure how it shows up on those with darker skintones). Although I must admit at times they almost look alike!

As for the gel blush, I didn’t even give it a second look to be honest. For one, I personally am not into cheek stains, not that I don’t necessarily like them, I just prefer powder form blushes, and of course it’s the angel on my shoulder telling me I don’t need it. :)

The Fix + Rose Spray smells super yummy, but that’s about it. No different than MAC’s current (and permanent) Fix+ spray which I still have a lot of, so passed on that.

The Nail Color “Love & Friendship” is a nice pretty rose color and looks really pretty on, but I am not into MAC nail polishes for some weird reason…so passed on that too.

What do I think are must-haves? BOTH of the beauty powders (“Blush of Youth” and “Summer Romance”), “Silverthorn” and “Of Summer” eyeshadows, “A Rose Romance” lipstick (I think this is perfect for others), the see-thru lipcolors, and “Magnetique” lipglass.

What are nice to have but not a necessity?
“Shadowy Lady”, “Creme de Violet”, and “Odyssey” lipstick (as these are permanent),”Steal My Heart” lipglass, “Mutiny” and “Circa Plum” pigment, “Way to Love” lipstick, and “Just a pinch” gel blush is great for some of you…

I say skip: “Virgin Kiss” and “Et tu, Bouquet?”

***Sorry I was unable to do swatches of the entire collection, but there are tons of swatches online!***

I had to swatch the beauty powders on tissue since it’s hard to see on my skin…

(Mutiny Pigment is the only one in this new collection)



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