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EOTD and Outfit of the Day

A reader said I should post more pictures of what I wear, so i’ll try (if I can remember). I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista or a stylist by any means, but I do have some background as a visual merchandiser. Working at Forever 21 years ago allowed me to learn how to put pieces and accessories together, especially when you have ladies coming in asking YOU to help them come up with an outfit or to match something, you learn a lot. I was the person that dressed up the mannequins, and did “color stories” for the store (like when you walk into a store and some of the walls are color coordinating), I worked exclusively with the District Manager who had magazine cut outs of what’s in style, and I enjoyed it mainly because it allowed me to be creative and play with colors.

Usually I am wearing jeans, my chucks, and a shirt to work since it’s just work, but on the weekends I like to dress up a bit and be a little more girly. I barely started getting into wearing dresses like a year ago because I hate my legs, and I hate showing skin, lol. But because the weather here in Cali has been so frikkin’ hot, I like wearing flowy, light dresses.

Here is what I wore this last weekend, I bought it from WetSeal since I have their Club Card discount thing…the one thing I love about WetSeal (and other stores) is their return policy, I hate Forever 21 (ironic isn’t it?) because their return policy sucks. You can only get a store credit, and if you lost your receipt, your screwed. The BELT is from H&M, which I bought when I was in New York, I also bought it in black because it’s too cute! If you gals are ever looking for good belts, H&M, WetSeal, Windsor, and Charlotte Russe have awesome belts at a good price. H&M is my favorite place to get belts, they have really nice quality belts for cheap!

I know, I need a tan, and my arm looks darker because of the shade, lol:

– MAC e/s in “Femme Fi” as highlight and all over lid color
– Pure Luxe e/s in “Grape” on lower half of the lid (applied wet)
– Fyrinnae’s “Digital Faerie” on top of “grape” (applied wet and blended out)
– MAC e/s in “Parrot” blended with “Digital Faerie”
– MAC Fluidline in “Nightfish”
– Tiffa Mascara Base
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara
– Milani Eye Pencil in Black smudged on lower lashline.

FOTD: Candylicious Eyes

My favorite color is purple. I think purple paired with ANY color is just gorgeous! So I did a look on Friday and I actually liked it a lot. I was able to play with makeup while the BF took a nap, hehe.

What I used-
– MAC Fix+ Spray before makeup application
– Monistat chafing gel as primer
– MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
– Silk Naturals Foundation

– Valerie Beauty “Coquette” Blush

– MAC “Painterly” PP
– MAC e/s in “Mylar” all over the lid
– MUFE Flash Paint Pot in “Blue” as base on lower lid
– Milani “Sea Angel” e/s over MUFE
– MUFE eyeshadow #126 (I think) on outer-V and contour
– Pure Luxe “Amethyst” applied damp on outer-V and contour
– MAC Fluidline in “Nightfish”
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara
– Ardell Babies
– Ardell Magic Lash

– MAC l/s in “Melrose Mood”
– MAC l/g in “Starlet Kiss”

And since everyone is doing them virtual makeovers, I thought id do one on Jon’s niece and it was pretty hilarious. It’s my main pic on my MySpace and people thought I really put makeup on a baby, HAHA, no no, i’d never do that! But it was just so cute. I sent it to her mom and she loved her princess’s new makeover, LOL.

It’s a pretty cool site, in case you are wondering I did it on

The original picture is on the LEFT:

FOTD: Laker Colors!

I am sick. Bleh. The BF is always hot and I am always cold, so he wants the fan full blast AND the windows open, while I want a thick blanket with the windows closed. So I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and my sinuses and eyes were so dry, and last night I couldn’t sleep because I was coughing every 10 minutes. But now I am just sucking on Ginger Ale flavored cough drops by Halls, yummy!

So last night the BF and I went to the Lakers vs. Grizzlies game at the Staples Center, my boss got us boxed seats up in the stadium with an open bar and food, we had a lot of fun just hanging out with everyone. It was actually my first time at a basketball game EVER.

Here is my FOTD using Laker colors, and two purple and yellow heart stickers (I love stickers!)

What I used:

– Monistat Chafing Gel as primer
– MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
– Meow Cosmetics Priming Powder
– Silk Naturals Mineral Foundation

– MAC Fafi Blush in “”Fashion Frenzy”
– Milani Blush in “Luminous” on apples

– MAC PP in “Soft Ochre” all over lids
– Pure Luxe Mineral e/s in “Sunny Day” (applied wet using a sponge tip applicator on inner part of the lid)
– MAC “Golden Lemon” Pigment over “Sunny Day”
– Pure Luxe Minerals e/s in “Grape” applied wet first, then dry OVER it, on the outer-V and contour.
– MAC “Your Ladyship” Pigment as highlight
– Nixie Liquid Eyeliner
– Ardell False Eyelashes in “Babies”
– Ardell Magic Lash Mascara


– MAC l/s in “Scanty”
– NYX Lipgloss in “Beige”

Of course the LAKER GIRLS!

They had guards guarding the court to prevent anyone from just walking on it…

What’s a game WITHOUT FOOD!??? I had some cotton candy, nachos, and a caramel apple!

FOTD & Tutorial: Black & Purple Using Milani “Shock” and Flirt! “Black Ivy”

I had a request for this look I did a loooong time ago, in which I used Milani “Storm” (black) and Milani “Shock” (purple), I sorta re-vamped the look (even wearing the same necklace!), using MAC “Carbon” eyeshadow instead since it’s a flat matte color, and “Storm” has glitter. Also this look is much more smoky, the new one is softer. I also used grey contacts as someone wanted to see how it would look…

So this is the ORIGINAL look (don’t mind the hideous eyebrows):

And here is the NEW look, I also used the Premier Primer Powder here under my mineral foundation, see how awesome it looks not having any shine?! This was even taken at the end of the day when the BF and I got back from dinner…

Yes I hate my nose…it’s all cartilage, no bone, so can’t get a nose job (sucks!), but at least I can put it all the way down to touch my lip! 😉

The outfit, I actually wore leggings with it AFTER I took this pic, and it’s not see-thru in case you are wondering, lol.

What I used:

– Meow Cosmetics Primer Powder
– MMBB Foundation in “Medium Beige”

– MAC Blush in “Fashion Frenzy”

– MAC “Rondelle” e/s all over lid
– Flirt! e/s in “Black Ivy” on lower lid above crease
– MAC “Carbon” e/s on outer-v
– Milani “Shock” contoured on top of Black Ivy and Carbon
– MMBB “Highlights” as highlight

– MAC l/s in “Snob”
– MAC Dazzleglass in “Baby Sparks” (not released yet)

Step 1: I applied MAC “Rondelle” e/s all over the lid from my Gentle Fumes Quad from the Smoke Signals Collection.

Step 2: Apply “Black Ivy” on the lower half of your lid just above the crease, it’s a nice matte charcoal dark grey color, one of my favs!

Step 3:
Then take Milani “Shock” and using a BLENDING BRUSH, tap some on the tip of your brush and apply it using windshield wiping motions on top of the black (think like a rainbow where it’s one color on top of another).

Step 4: Apply highlight.

Should look like this:

Step 5: Add your eyeliner (if you wear e/l), and mascara.

FOTD: Using Franchesca’s Mineral Eyeshadows

***EDIT*** You can check out her Yahoo Forum here: Franchesca’s Minerals, her site will be up hopefully in a few months, im excited!

I did a look using some of the mineral eyeshadows Franchesca sent me: Black Raspberry, Golden Beige, and Cool Grape. Thanks to Christiana for recommending her! She does not currently have a site right now but will soon! :)

I’ve been playing with a lot of makeup lately (well more than usual) because the BF hogs the TV so what else am I going to do!?? :)

I would have chosen a softer light pinkish lip, but I wanted to match my burgundy shirt!

What I used:

– Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer
– MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
– Silk Naturals Mineral Foundation (Buttery Gold)

– Valerie Beauty “Coquette Blush”
– EDM “Waffle Cone”

– MAC “Painterly” PP all over lid
– Franchesca’s “Golden Beige” all over the lid, more of it around highlight area
– Franchesca’s “Cool Grape” on lower half of the lid above crease
– Franchesca’s “Black Raspberry” on outer-V and contour (blend!)
– Nixie Eyeliner in Black
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara

– A touch of NYX’s “Pandora” lipstick dabbed on lips
– Layered with NYX “Gold Pink” Lipgloss over it

FOTD: Using Pure Luxe Eyeshadows in “Amethyst” & “Bad Girl”

**EDIT** below are only SAMPLES of the Pure Luxe eyeshadows, CORINNE mentioned they don’t look like there’s a lot, but below are the samples so if you order the 5gram jar of any color, that’s a good amount, AND a little goes a long way, I have used the samples 4 times already and as you can see I STILL have a lot!

Here is a look I did using some of my favorite eyeshadows from Pure Luxe, “Amethyst” and “Bad Girl”. I also used my Fafi blush in “Hipness”, and at first I also used the “Fun N’ Sexy” lipstick but it was bit too overpowering for the eyes (in person) so I opted for MAC Slimshine in “Intimidate”, it looks brighter in these pics, but it’s a lot softer in person…

I also used “Cash Flow” PP (paint pot), but you can’t see it. :(

***I had questions regarding how to foil pigments (apply them wet) so that they adhere longer as well as adding a lot of vibrancy, so I will do a tutorial on these hopefully tonight.

What I used:
– Sue Devitt Face Primer
– MAC StudioFix Concealer in NC30
– Silk Naturals Mineral Foundation

– MAC Blush from the Fafi Collection in “Hipness”


– MAC Paint Pot in “Soft Ochre” all over lid
– MAC Paint Pot in “Cash Flow” all over lid
– MAC e/s in “Mancatcher” as base on lower half of the lid
– Pure Luxe Eyeshadow in “Amethyst” applied wet all over lid until the crease
– Pure Luxe Eyeshadow in “Bad Girl” applied 3/4 of the way towards the outer-V
– MAC e/s in “Knight Divine” and Milani e/s in “Storm” on outer-V and to deepen the crease
– NYX Dark Shimmery Purple from the “Lake Moss” Palette on outer-V
– MAC e/s in “Rondelle” as highlight
– Indelible Gel Eyeliner in Black Out
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara
– MAC “Violet” Pigment on lower lashline (applied wet)

– MAC Slimshine in “Intimidate”
– MAC Lipglass in “Negligee”


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