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EOTD: Using MAC Electro Flash MES in “Fresh Green Mix”

I have tons of FOTD’s I just haven’t uploaded them…including Sea & Sky as that seems to be the most requested. I will try and upload them all this week…since I haven’t done any FOTD’s in awhile.

I am trying to do a few more looks using the Beauty From The Earth minerals I have, so once I do a couple more I will post my review on it as well, I am hoping I can post it by Thursday.

Someone requested if I can scan the MUD Face Charts so you all can use it too, so I will scan it tonight (if my scanner at home works). :)

Anyway, here is an EOTD I did yesterday, I only did ONE eye hence no face shots yet because my other eye had a purple and pink look (told you I had a lot of FOTD’s!), so I plan on doing this look again this week and will post a full face shot, but for now, just check out how gorgeous the “Fresh Green Mix” MES is! It’s seriously the perfect green and not too bright or overpowering. Definitely wearable to work and school, and you can definitely work with it to incorporate other eyeshadows (like Knight Divine, Carbon, or Milani Storm) as I did here….I used Milani Storm on the outer-V and contour (a tiny bit) to darken the crease.

The lower half of the lid and inner corner is the light green, and the darker color is the marbled side with “Storm”. The lower lashline is MAC e/s in “Humid”. Eyeliner is MAC’s Fluidline in “Blacktrack”. Used Shiseido Mascara Base and L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara.

Here I was playing around with it on a face chart that I got from the IECSC show from the Makeup Designory booth…

FOTD: Using Kelly Green Pigment

I really love the Kelly Green pigment, I decided to use “Ricepaper” as the highlight and the contour color (above the Kelly Green), I used “Scene”. Sorry if the colors are a bit washed out, I took this at the end of the day…it’s such a pretty green!

Keepin’ it real! LOL

What I used:

– Monistat Chafing Gel as Primer
– MAC StudioFinish Concealer in NC30
– Silk Naturals Mineral Foundation in “Buttery Gold”


– MAC Beauty Blush in “True Romantic”
– MAC Fafi “Hipness” Blush


– MAC PP in “Painterly” as base
– MAC e/s in “Ricepaper” all over the lid and highlight
– MAC pigment in “Kelly Green” applied wet with mixing medium on lower half of the lid
– MAC e/s in “Scene” on top of kelly green (contour)
– Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black (and on lower lashline)
– Nixie Liquid Eyeliner in Black
– Ben Nye e/s in “Chartreuse” on lower lashline (applied dry)

– MAC lipstick in “Myth”
– MAC Dazzleglass “Baby Sparks”

FOTD: Earth Day!

Here was my Earth Day FOTD, using Ben Nye’s “Chartreuse”, Pure Luxe’s “Venom”, MAC “Humid” eyeshadow, and of course “Bio Green”. I also used a little bit of Ben Nye’s “Sun Yellow” and “Aztec Gold” washed over the inner corners…

I will be doing a look using the Ben Nye Palette, so stay tuned!

What I used:

– MAC Fix+ Spray
– Monistat Chafing Gel as primer
– MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
– Pure Luxe Foundation in “Warm Honey”
– MAC Sculpt & Shape Powder in Accentuate and Sculpt on cheek bones to contour

– MAC “Hipness” Blush
– EDM “Waffle Cone”

Eyes: (all applied DRY)

– Urban Decay Primer Potion
– Ben Nye (BN) e/s in “Aztec Gold” and a little “Sun Yellow” applied on the inner corners of the eyes
– BN’s e/s in “Chartreuse” on inner half of the lid
– MAC “Bio Green” on the middle of the lid blended with “Chartreuse”
– Pure Luxe’s e/s in “Venom” 3/4 of the lid (near outer half)
– MAC “Humid” e/s applied on outer-V and contour
– ULTA “Gold Leaf” as highlight
– Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil in Green on lower lashline
– MAC Fluidline in “Nightfish”
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara


– MAC l/s in “Masque” (LE from “Alexander McQueen Collection)
– MAC l/g in “Bonus Beat”

FOTD: Parakeet Colors

I wanted to use my “Bio Green” eyeshadow from MAC (Pro Color), so I used it with “Eyepopping” and “Wondergrass” and lined my lower lashline using Milani’s Color Brilliance Eye Pencil in “Aqua”.

I liked how it was still subtle and wearable despite the fact that these were bright colors.

Natural Light:

What I used:

– Monistat Chafing Gel as Primer
– MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
– Meow Cosmetics Primer Powder
– Silk Naturals Foundation

– EDM “All Smiles”


– MAC e/s in “Chrome Yellow” inner corners
– MAC e/s in “Eyepopping” in lower half of the lid
– MAC e/s in “Bio Green” on 3/4 of the lid and contour
– MAC e/s in “Wondergrass” on outer-half of the lid
– ULTA e/s in “Shell” as highlight
– MAC Fluidline in “Nightfish”
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara
– Milani Color Brilliance Pencil in “Aqua” on lower lashline

– MAC l/s in “Curtsy”
– MAC l/g in “Sockhop”

FOTD & Tutorial: Mermaid Look #2- Sour Apple, Ransom, and Violet

So why #2? Because there’s a #1! CLICK HERE for Mermaid Look #1…

So here is a look I did on Saturday, I actually liked it and I personally think this is one of the best looks i’ve done…my best friend loved it too when we had lunch on Saturday because she said it’s not too crazy and definitely wearable.

I came up with this look because I really wanted to use “Sour Apple” as it has been sitting in my sample drawer for quite some time, and as soon as I started I just knew what colors I wanted to use.

*ALL COLORS APPLIED WET (Except for UD “Ransom”)

I used Pure Luxe e/s in “Sour Apple”, UD “Ransom” on Outer-V, and MAC “Violet” Pigment on contour.

I look fat and weird…lol.

What I used:
– Pure Luxe Eraser (as primer)
– MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC 30
– Silk Naturals Foundation


– MAC Fafi Blush “Fashion Frenzy”
– MAC MSF in “Global Glow” as highlight

– MAC PP in “Soft Ochre” all over the lid up to brow bone
– Pure Luxe e/s in “Sour Apple” applied WET on lower half of the lid just above the crease and lower lashline
– MAC “Violet” Pigment applied slightly wet on contour and lower lashline
– Urban Decay e/s in “Ransom” on Outer-V only
– MAC “Vanilla” Pigment as highlight
– MAC Fluidline in “Nightfish”
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara


– MAC Mattene l/s in “Immodest”
– MAC “Negligee” Lipglass

Should look like this:

***Don’t worry if eyeshadow gets in your eyelashes, a few coats of mascara on the top and bottom of your lashes should fix this.

Should look like this by now…

Apply highlight of your choice and BLEND that sucker to soften harsh lines, mesh the colors, whichever you want…

You can use black eyeliner for the lower lashline, I personally hate lining the lower lashline with black eyeliner because it’s too dark for my light skin and it gets in my eyes, so I usually opt for a slate/charcoal grey…

EOTD- Using MUFE “Leaf Green”

*I didn’t mean any insult on the last (temporary) post about the albinism btw, so sorry if any of you took offense to it. I know it’s a real disease, I was not poking fun at all, that was just my honest reaction to first looking at the picture, I thought it was a ghost. There are so many fabricated/photoshop’ed pics of things on the internet, so you just never know. I just think it’s so crazy, yet interesting- the kinds of diseases there are and most of them are just unexplainable, whether it’s natural or scientific, it’s fascinating. (Like that TV Show “Mystery Diagnosis”). Hence the reason why I even searched for “Albinism” in the first place. Some people don’t know what it is, so I had to refer it to the movie “Powder” in case anyone has seen it.. :)

Anyway, here is the eotd I did using “leaf green” from the MUFE Flash Color Pot.

I used MAC e/s in “Eyepopping” on the inner corners, a little of the “Parrot” eyeshadow in the middle, and “Wondergrass” on the outer part of the lid and MUFE “Leaf Green” on the Outer-V and contour.

My tut on depotting MAC blushes is on Wikihow! [CLICK PIC TO ENLARGE]

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