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Thanksgiving FOTD & Tutorial

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jon and I decided to cook last minute and celebrate Thanksgiving at our place. He cooked the turkey and I made a few side dishes. His mom, brother, and his gf as well as my grandparents, came over and they brought more food and pie!

Since Thanksgiving colors consist of warm orange and brown, I thought id do a look with those colors. I haven’t been faithfully using my MAC pigments, so I am trying to incorporate them more in future looks. I brought out MAC Pigment in “Mega Rich” which was the perfect toasty orange for this look. I love how vibrant it is too. I used MAC’s mixing medium to apply it on my eyelid. I also used two of my Starflash Eyeshadows , “Go” and “Glamour Check”. On the lips I used Rimmel “Spotlight Beige” lipstick which is a nice soft coral/orange color, definitely complements neutral looks. Stephie did a post and video HERE of this lipstick.

Tutorial down below!


What I used:
– MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC30
– MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC35

– MAC Blush Powder in “Emote” to contour
– MAC Blush in “Sunbasque” on apples of cheeks

– MAC Paint Pot in “Painterly” all over lid
– MAC “Mega Rich” pigment applied on lower half of lid with mixing medium
– MAC Starflash e/s in “Go” on outer-V and crease
– MAC Starflash e/s in “Glamour Check” in crease to add depth and a bit on the outer-V
– MAC e/s in “Ricepaper” to highlight on brow bone
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– Clinique Lash Primer
– Shiseido Lifting Mascara
– MAC Technakohl in “Graphblack” on waterline
– Urban Decay eyeliner in “Bourbon” on lower lashline

– Rimmel lipstick in “Spotlight Beige”

Quick tutorial:

Then just add eyeliner and mascara and you are done!

FOTD: Warm Holiday Look

Here is a look I did yesterday using golds and browns, such as MAC’s “Blonde’s Gold” pigment. I busted out my MAC “Painterly” paint pot which I haven’t used in awhile as well. I brightened the eyes a bit by using UD e/s in “Baked” on the lower lash line. I thought i’d put a twist on a traditional holiday look by adding a little pop of color with a bright pink lip instead of a red lip. I think I like how warm it came out, definitely gives a nice glow and the bright lip makes you stand out!

What I used:
– MAC Pro LongWear Foundation in NC35

– MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20
– MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC30
– MAC “Painterly” on lid as a primer and to neutralize natural lid color
– MAC “Blonde’s Gold” pigment on the lid
– Urban Decay’s Naked Palette e/s: Buck, Smog, Darkhorse, Hustle mixed together and applied on the outer-V and contour. Wash of “Toasted” used to blend the colors together and give it that nice metallic shine.
– MAC e/s in “Ricepaper” as highlight
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– Clinique Lash Primer
– Shiseido Lifting Mascara in Black
– MAC Technakohl e/l in “Graphblack” on waterline
– Urban Decay e/l in “Baked” on lower lash line

– Contoured with MAC “Emote” blush (as well as on the temples)
– Mix of MAC blush in “Coygirl” and “Springsheen” on apples of cheeks

– MAC “Petals & Peacocks” lipstick (LE)
– MAC lipglass in “Magnetique”

I also got two pairs of shoes on sale, they are normally over $50 each, and I got them both for around $60 with tax and shipping! I love how comfy they are!

Urban Decay Naked Palette & FOTD

I know, this gorgeous palette has been out for how many months now and I am barely getting around to posting about it…but because you ladies are awesome, have been so supportive and understanding, I made y’all red velvet cupcakes! I love baking (more than cooking! but the fiance is opposite, he loves to cook, so it works out LOL). And since I am a sucker for sweets and cupcakes, I made a batch of jumbo red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and man oh man do I love cream cheese frosting! :)

Anyway, I got the Naked Palette from Urban Decay months ago when they first came out and let me tell you- this palette is gorgeous. I totally love neutral browns esp. eyeshadows with a little shimmer, it’s the perfect color for Fall!

Honestly, if you are debating to get this or the neutral palette from MAC’s Tartan Tale Holiday Collection, I would highly recommend you get this one!

Why? Well let’s break it down, the Urban Decay palette is $44 at Sephora and, AND you get 12 good-sized, well-pigmented eyeshadows- that’s LESS than $4 per eyeshadow! Not only do you get the eyeshadows, you get a double-sided pencil of their infamous eyeliners, in “Zero” and “Whiskey”, and a small size of their eyeshadow Primer Potion. With the MAC holiday palettes, they are $38 for only 6 eyeshadows, and half the time, you end up only like 2 out of the 6 colors (at least I know that’s the case for me haha). And overall, I just love ALL the colors in this palette, they are just so pigmented and there’s a variety of shades from light to dark (even a black and a soft gray color) to achieve neutral or dark smokey looks.

[click on pics to enlarge]

Swatches done dry, with finger, in one swipe:
And here is a simple neutral look I did using the UD Naked Palette (as well as the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and Foundation which I will do a review and post on soon):
 What I used:
– MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20
– MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
– MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC35
– MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC35 as a finish/setting powder
– MAC “The Soft Meow” Mineralize Blush
– MAC “Emote” blush for contouring 
– Mixture of “Naked” and a little “Sin” e/s on the lower lid
– Mix of “Buck” and “Smog” on the outer-v and crease
– A little bit of “Hustle” on the outer-v
– MAC e/s in “Bisque” and “Orb” as highlight
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in very black
– UD eyeliner in “Rockstar” on lower lashline
– MAC lustre lipstick in “Lazy Day”

FOTD: Style Warrior Face

Yay! I finally did a look after sporting a bare/minimalist face for weeks…since I’ve been going to the gym mostly everyday in preparation to get “Hawaii Ready”, I haven’t bothered applying a full face. So I thought I would be a bit rusty, but I guess applying makeup is like riding a bicycle, you just never forget how to ride it! And THANK YOU to my lovely blogger sisters and friends for the birthday greetings! :)

So here is my “Style Warrior” face, granted I never bought any of the eyeshadows from this recent collection, I improvised with some of the stuff I already have so it looks similar. I used the “Refined Golden” bronzing powder to contour the cheeks and give me a natural sun-kissed glow (applied it like you would your blush on the hollows of your cheeks), then applied MAC “Nuance” Blush (LE) to the apples of my cheeks to bring it out more. I also used “Brave New Bronze” lipstick with the Milani gloss (from the duo set).

What I used:

– MAC Skin + Base Face Primer
– MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC30
– Buff’d Mineral Foundation in “Chamois” and “Almond” (mixed)

– MAC “Refined Golden” bronzing powder
– MAC “Nuance” blush (LE)

– MAC e/s in “Goldmine” on lower half of the lid
– MAC e/s in “Flip” (LE) over Goldmine e/s
– Mix of browns such as Milani “Java Bean”, MAC e/s in “Mulch”, “Patina”, “Magnetic Fields” and a dark brown eyeshadow from the holiday smokey eyes palette (the name escapes me right now) on the outer-V and contour
– MAC e/s in “Ricepaper” as highlight up till the brow bone
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– L’Oreal XXL Volume Mascara
– Urban Decay Eyeliner in “Bourbon” on lower lashline

– MAC “Brave New Bronze” lipstick
– Milani lipgloss in “Too Perfect”

FOTD: Neutral Eyes & Bold Pink Lips

I’ve been doing a lot of neutral looks lately since it’s easy to do and work-friendly. I decided to dust off my MAC “Show Orchid” lipstick and “Magnetique” lipglass from last year’s pink lipglass holiday set (which will be available in full-size tomorrow in the “A Rose Romance” collection).

What I used:

– Sustainable Youth Elasticity Moisturizer
– MAC Prep + Prime Base (Primer)
– MAC Line Filler
– MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC30
– Sonia Kushuk Loose Powder
– Buff’d Mineral Foundation in “Chamois” and “Almond”

– MAC “Dollymix” blush
– MAC MSF in “Petticoat”

– Anastasia Duo Brow Powder in “Medium Ash”

– Smashbox Eye Primer (will do a review soon!)
– MAC “Orb” eyeshadow all over the lid
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in “Blackest Black” (will do a review soon)
– Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in “Blackest Black” (will do a review soon)
– Urban Decay eyeliner in “Zero”

– MAC “Show Orchid” lipstick
– MAC “Magnetique” lipglass

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! Hope you are enjoying the holiday with your loved ones! What are your plans for today?

As you can tell, my posts have declined. Why? I have been incredibly busy, and someone mentioned that she likes that I post/update everyday and that she hates that there are bloggers who make an “excuse” to not update. As much as I appreciate the compliment, I have to disagree simply because people forget that we are people too with REAL lives beyond the blogging world. As much as I would love to update all day and everyday, I can’t. I unfortunately do not get paid to blog and on top of that I have products sent to me to review all the time, so it’s a lot of testing and articles to write, in addition to my OWN posts. So yes I get exhausted where I find myself sleeping 4 hours a night- and to me that’s fact and not an excuse. Above all, I have to think of the main reason I started this blog- for me. It was my way of keeping track of the products I used for a certain look, or as a tool for close friends- with me as the guinea pig for makeup and beauty products.

I have a FULL TIME job from 8am-5pm, my day starts at 5:30 am when I wake up, I come home to take a shower, relax, watch TV, or read, and unwind or just knock out. After staring in front of a computer for 9 hours at work, the last thing I wanna do sometimes is be ON a computer, let alone take pics, upload them, and then have to edit them. And watermarking them is necessary because people have been stealing my photos and entering them in makeup contests so that they have a chance to win a prize from someone else’s hard work. I think some people just forget to see that life itself is constantly changing; schedules and priorities change. I for one have always loved reading, and I wanted to take the time out to actually read all 4 of the ‘Twilight’ books and make some time for myself. I am not trying to sound whiny or anything, but just wanted to paint a clearer picture of why I have not posted as much. I have just been so wrapped up with work (since we just moved offices), as well as taking the time to enjoy the other hobbies I like to do (besides makeup), and of course preparing for the holidays! So I apologize to you all who have been so used to my daily posts, I think I have spoiled some of you, lol. But I just hope that you CAN somewhat understand that it’s just me and that I DO try and get to all your emails and questions as fast as I can in addition to everything else- at times it’s just hard balancing everything, but I am purposely not ignoring you! :)

So what am I thankful for?
I am thankful for my family and friends, for the lovely, mature and down-to-earth people I have met both offline and online (you gals!), for my health as well as my family’s health, for my boyfriend, my awesome and caring co-workers, my wonderful job, and for the strength God has given me which in turn has caused me to be more determined and motivated more than ever. And just for you new readers who have stumbled across this and for anyone who was gracious enough to give me a chance rather than just judging a book by its cover. I am forever grateful for having such positive people in my life. :)

Today I am just spending Thanksgiving with the BF’s family since my family is scattered in various parts of Canada and Washington, but at least for Christmas I get to see my sisters and ‘rents.

Here is a pic of the new office (in the front) but it goes all the way around the back; they are changing out the receptionist desk, so the one here is the old one. It’s pretty huge in comparison to the last two offices we had considering we are growing as a company and are continuously adding onto our crew. I started with this company since 2005 as the only girl, when there were only 5 people at the ENTIRE company (as it was just starting), and now in 2008, there are now about 35-40 people including our programmers. Crazy isn’t it? And because we are growing, I am now managing one of our sister companies as well, hence why all my time has been towards my job.

My desk, and yeah I have a picture of Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen from ‘Twilight’) hanging on my desk because it was a little inside joke that I just ended up leaving it there, LOL. I HAD to put up my little Christmas tree since Xmas is my favorite holiday!

And so what Thanksgiving look am I sporting? Well gotta stick with browns like the color of the Turkey! HAHA

What I used:

– MUFE HD Primer in “Mauve”
– Lorac Concealer Stick
– MAC StudioFinish Concealer in NC35
– MUFE HD Foundation in #127
– Dusted a bit of Purely Cosmetics Mineral Foundation in “Olive Beige” to set

– MAC blush in “Springsheen”
– MAC beauty blush in “Nuance”
– Milani Blush in “Luminous”

– MAC PP in “Soft Ochre”
– MAC e/s in “Shroom” and “Ricepaper” all over the lid
– MAC e/s in “Bisque” on lower half of the lid
– MAC e/s in “Shale”, Milani “Java Bean” & “Chocolate” mixed together on crease/contour of the lid
– MAC e/s in “Dark Devotion” from this year’s holiday palette on outer-V
– MAC Fluidline Eyeliner in “Nightfish” (LE)
– Covergirl Exactlights Mascara for Brown Eyes (review coming soon!)
– Urban Decay e/l in “Bourbon” on lower lashline

– MAC Cremesheen l/s in “Modesty”
– MAC l/g in “Song & Dance”(LE) from the pink holiday set

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