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Turn your favorite colored eyeshadows INTO liquid eyeliners!

I found Paula Dorf’s Transformer ($18.00), which transforms your favorite colored eyeshadow (ANY), into a liquid eyeliner! The possibilities are endless with this little bottle.

I also heard a lot of great reviews on Dermablend’s Smooth Indulgence Concealer, I think I will buy it to conceal under eye circles as well as other minor flaws (veins, etc), I heard it lasts long up to 12 hours and does not smudge.


On the website I found another hydration spray which you can purchase on

New find.

I found:

Pretty cool site for makeup artists. I bought the MAC Pro Makeup Palette to fit in 15 eyeshadows or blushes.

EDIT: To depot eyeshadows so you can place them in th pallette, see this visual tutorial on how to do it, CLICK HERE

Also, a lot of people seem to have trouble finding Milani Cosmetics (they have awesome eyeshadows), try CVS Pharmacy or order them online here:

CVS had a Milani Eyeshadow Sale, where they were ALL 50% off, so I bought Antique Gold, Atlantis, and Shock. Of course I will soon be depotting these so that they can fit in my MAC makeup palette!

I have another tutorial coming up as well!

Mineral Makeup Sites

A link to some sites:

So I got bored and started looking for mineral makeup sites simply because I think I am starting to get into it a bit more since I DO see a HUGE difference it makes, so I thought id share some really great mineral makeup sites, I also got some awesome mineral eyeshadow stacks! I LOVE MONAVE.COM!

I tried the “Buttered Tan” from Everyday Minerals and it was actually TOO DARK for me, but so far I liked two shades that I will probably order the full size in, however I am awaiting some samples[below] of more foundation shades from Monave, so we’ll see!

FREE Standard shipping on PUR Minerals!

And of course:

I bought the buffer brush from Lumiere ($16.00) because the one I have is old and bleh now…I read reviews on it and it’s pretty soft!