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[Storage Solution]- 60 Tube Lipstick Organizer

So part of my storage series, is of course storing and organizing my all-time favorite….lipsticks! Check out the video above to see it in action. If you have been a long time reader of my blog from way back in the day, you’ll remember I used to store my lipsticks using a few acrylic lipstick holders and a clear storage case with clear dividers: CLICK HERE and HERE to see my older posts on these lipstick holders.

I eventually ran out of space and invested in a 60 tube lipstick holder with a tester row from (which I will be using to hold my most frequently used lipsticks so it’s easy to reach for). This particular lipstick holder is $12.50 on the actual site, it’s also available on eBay, but there are a few sellers that are charging double with shipping (almost $40!), and I only paid like $24.80 total including tax and shipping buying it straight from the site. I love that it stores all my lipsticks, and I even had room to store my NYX Round Lipsticks, as well as other lippies from Avon, Revlon, etc.

It fits many brands, even fat lipstick tubes like my Avon one fit perfectly. It even held my lipglosses nicely. You can even store MAC lipsticks that are still IN the box (such as backups you bought) in this holder and it still fits!

It is not completely flat at the bottom, so if you are looking for something completely flat, then I suggest getting lipstick holders that are similar to my older lippie storages, the tiered acrylic holders, because the tester row is designed to hang off of a bathroom counter, table, or a vanity. You can still place them on a table top if you can’t hang them off the edge of something, it will just be slanted but it’s still sturdy, so if you don’t mind that it slants on a flat surface, it works just as a great.

Because these have a deeper well than my old one, I am able to store them upside down without them wobbling around (since MAC lipsticks have a rounded top they move around when stored upside down), and it allows me to easily see the lipstick shades. It even fits my MAC backups that are still in boxes!

Old lipstick storage box:
 Previous lipstick holder (which held 24 lipsticks):
Holds lipglosses nicely too!

Storage: Lipstick Holder #2

Since I am a self-professed lipstick and lipgloss addict, I started running out of places to put some of my stash, so I decided to get a lipstick box from, which is a beauty supply site mainly for consultants (such as Mary Kay and Arbonne). Their site itself is not user friendly at the moment (as in some links don’t work and you can’t go back to the previous pages) but I think they are slowly but surely making their site easier to use. But for now you pretty just have to find your way around the site. You can always call or email them if you need additional assistance.

The reason I got an actual box, is because in case I ever need to travel and take multiple lipstick and glosses, I can do so with ease without having to worry about them falling out all over the place. It was around $18.90 with shipping (which to me is a lot for just plastic, but hey it does the job! LOL).

The box itself is clear and comes with flexible and clear plastic dividers. The lipsticks fit with the styrofoam at the bottom of the box, however the lipglasses do not (boo!) BUT it DOES fit WITHOUT the styrofoam so that the box can completely close.

To see my previous post on another lipstick holder I got awhile back, CLICK HERE.


Storage: Lipstick Holder

Please pray for my mommy, dad called me last night to say she was in the hospital, apparently she has been having pains in her abdomen and they are still doing tests to see what might be causing it. They don’t know if it’s cysts on her ovaries or appendicitis. My mom called earlier and said she is ok but she sounded a bit tired, she said that they are just waiting for the test results, but I hope she is REALLY ok and not just saying she is so I don’t worry, since I am a worry wart. My parents’ health hasn’t been all that great this year and I am really worried; even though they are considerably young still (they had me at 19 and 25), I know stress and just getting older has taken its toll…I just hope things get better.

On a lighter note, I got my Esca 24 lipstick holder from It holds 24 lipsticks all nice and neat, and I love how this is tiered so each row is elevated like stadium seating, rather than just flat rows. I like it so much I wanna order the other one they have that has a separate compartment for makeup removing rounds, q-tips, or cotton balls. They are both made out of sturdy acrylic, not cheap plastic. And the wells are deep enough to hold your lipsticks in place without falling over. It’s around $14 (not including shipping, shipping is like an additional $6).

In case you are wondering, I actually had more MAC lipsticks than it holds, which is okay since I was planning on buying another one to also accommodate my NYX Round Lipsticks. I just wanted to buy one first to see how I like it before I committed to buying 2, and I love it! It makes it much easier to find my lipsticks, and when I have time I will label each ‘well’ so I know what color is what. I can’t store the MAC lipsticks upside down since it’s bullet shaped and the round tip of the tube wobbles in the well, but I have some round stickers I can use. :)

I will do the NYX swatches tonight (I promise!) I meant to do them tonight but I got sidetracked. :(

I also got this Rubbermaid Spacesaver “X-Cube” from Staples (some office supply stores have ’em), if you can’t find it, has them too (it’s a differnet brand but the exact same thing). They have an “X” shaped divider to separate things you can also store it on its side if you want. Right now I am storing my lipglosses and some of my NYX lipsticks until I get my other lipstick holder, but that box will be used for lipglosses and eyeliner pencils and the like…