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Inglot Info, Haul, & Swatches!

Yay! Finally the internet connection is back up at home, ugh I hate Time Warner. Our internet is either slow or not working like 80% of the time…can’t wait till our contract is up so we can switch. Anyway, I promised a post of my Inglot haul & swatches, so here it is!

A breakdown of what I got:
– Inglot’s Milk & Tonic Wipes $4 (smells yummy and at such a good price!)
– Metal palette w/thumb hole $10 (to mix my pigments & foundations on)
– Large Inglot Makeup Bag $16 (fits all my brushes and Inglot palettes!)
– 10 eyeshadow palette with eyeshadows $50
– 5 eyeshadow palette with eyeshadows $30
– Inglot Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in #34 (got it at IMATS for $11)

There’s so much info about Inglots, so I am going to break them up for those of you who are new to the brand.

How it works: Basically when you arrive at the store, you will be given a magnet board (assuming you want a palette), and you basically take the eyeshadows out of the demo slab and put it on your board (see pic below), once you are done, the sales rep will then give you the palette size you want (they have different sizes- 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 40), along with the eyeshadows you picked out. You can either put the eyeshadows in yourself, or have the sales rep do it for you.

Freedom System Palette Pricing (pricing includes eyeshadows):
*Each eyeshadow pan (just the refill) is $7 each. At the store, the quantity doesn’t matter it’s still $7 no matter how many you buy (on their website, the more eyeshadow you buy, the cheaper each one is, example: you buy 10, each eyeshadow then becomes $4.50).

– 2 eyeshadow palette $16
– 4 eyeshadow palette $26
– 5 eyeshadow palette $30
– 10 eyeshadow palette $50
– 20 eyeshadow palette -around $85
– 40 eyeshadow palette $180
– 2 pressed powder palette $30
– 4 pressed blush palette $42

***Regarding rumored price increase***– Now I know via the internet, there have been some rumors about a price increase on the Inglot palettes (for example the 10 eyeshadow palette going from $50 to $80), BUT even though I do not know in the future if that will happen, I DID go to the Newport Beach location and I only paid $50 for my 10 pan palette, and supposedly this price increase was supposed to happen in Feb or May and bought it in early July so…..*shrugs*. BUT the makeup artist did tell me that the round eyeshadow pans WILL BE discontinued.

Color shades: The one thing I dislike about Inglot, is that they don’t have easy shade names to remember, so if a friend were to ask me what I am wearing on my eyes, no way would I remember LOL. They name their shades by number and the type of finish it is. Example: 42 matte.

Inglot’s various eyeshadow finishes (they have a lot of different finishes!)

  • Matte: Matte shades have a flat, dull finish, no shimmer or sparkle.
  • Pearl: Another fairly standard term, these shades have a satiny to slightly shimmery frost finish, but are devoid of separate particles of glitter.
  • DS: “Double Sparkle”, these have a matte type base but have fine glitter or shimmer to them, but not overly sparkly.
  • AMC: Stands for “advanced makeup component”, which is dubbed as long-wearing, waterproof, and sweatproof and to be the most pigmented out of all the other finishes.
  • AMC Shine: Same as AMC above, but more finely milled so these have a bit more sheen to them. 

The eyeshadow pans fit in my Z-palettes! These are the palettes I customized myself [CLICK TO ENLARGE]:

I ended up switching the e/s on the bottom row (2nd from the left), 
but the swatches reflect the new color :) 
Top Row:
***the darkest purple is on the left, and the rest of the swatches are in proper order***
 Some close ups of some of the shadows:

IMATS Haul 2011

Finally have my IMATS Haul up! I still have TONS of reviews and posts to do, and pics to edit, but I am getting there! Don’t worry INGLOT post is next! I didn’t haul a lot as you can see, since I pretty much got everything I needed at the Vegas show.

I stocked up on some lashes, and my holy grail Anastasia products because it was 40% off at the show! So instead of paying around $20 each for the Brow Whiz Pencil and the tinted brow gel in Caramel, I paid around $12.50 each! The Inglot booth was packed with people, and just ended up getting a 5 eyeshadow palette at the time because it was my first time trying them out. I also stopped by my favorite brush booth, Bdellium Tools and bought some brushes. The NYX booth at the show was insane, but was able to snag some of their new matte lipsticks (which I love!), I will post swatches soon and comparing them to other lipsticks (such as MAC’s “Candy Yum Yum!)

Napoleon Perdis was a major sponsor this year at IMATS and they were so generous and nice to the everyone, their booth was one of the best ones at the show. I received their coral kit that has coral eyeshadows, blushes, and their infamous lip veil, and their lip veil in “Rare Opal” in my press kit and I am just loving coral right now, so it was right up my alley!

One of the highlights of IMATS, was meeting Zena, the creator of the Z Palette! I wish I took a pic with her…she is super sweet and I was so flattered she already knew who I was because she read my previous review on the Zebra Z Palette, and gave me the Pro Z Palette to review (which is sturdier and deeper, of course review coming soon!)

 Since I re-organized my Inglot palette and bought new shades, swatches and names of each one will be featured in my Inglot post :)

Inglot Field Trip!

I had a blast yesterday hanging out with the girlies, Christiana, Aina, and J.Rose (Jackie). I brought my sister along and it was nice to hang out in Newport Beach, since there was a nice breeze to go along with the hot weather. We all took a field trip to the Inglot store and had fun playing with colors!

I just got a 10 eyeshadow palette this time, and the sales gal suckered me into getting another 5 eyeshadow palette since I had some extra eyeshadows (more than the 10), because I was planning to put them in my Z-Palette, and she said it would be cheaper to just get a palette (since each eyeshadow is $7 each regardless of the quantity guideline on their website). Even though I could have gotten the 20 eyeshadow palette, I like breaking them into smaller palettes so it’s easier to travel with.

I will post my haul with my swatches in the next post, but here are some pics of the store and all it’s glory! The Inglot Matte eyeshadows are so buttery and amazing! I ended up making a mostly matte neutral eyeshadow palette since that’s all I wear during the work week, and they are my new best friends. 😉