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IMATS Haul 2011

Finally have my IMATS Haul up! I still have TONS of reviews and posts to do, and pics to edit, but I am getting there! Don’t worry INGLOT post is next! I didn’t haul a lot as you can see, since I pretty much got everything I needed at the Vegas show.

I stocked up on some lashes, and my holy grail Anastasia products because it was 40% off at the show! So instead of paying around $20 each for the Brow Whiz Pencil and the tinted brow gel in Caramel, I paid around $12.50 each! The Inglot booth was packed with people, and just ended up getting a 5 eyeshadow palette at the time because it was my first time trying them out. I also stopped by my favorite brush booth, Bdellium Tools and bought some brushes. The NYX booth at the show was insane, but was able to snag some of their new matte lipsticks (which I love!), I will post swatches soon and comparing them to other lipsticks (such as MAC’s “Candy Yum Yum!)

Napoleon Perdis was a major sponsor this year at IMATS and they were so generous and nice to the everyone, their booth was one of the best ones at the show. I received their coral kit that has coral eyeshadows, blushes, and their infamous lip veil, and their lip veil in “Rare Opal” in my press kit and I am just loving coral right now, so it was right up my alley!

One of the highlights of IMATS, was meeting Zena, the creator of the Z Palette! I wish I took a pic with her…she is super sweet and I was so flattered she already knew who I was because she read my previous review on the Zebra Z Palette, and gave me the Pro Z Palette to review (which is sturdier and deeper, of course review coming soon!)

 Since I re-organized my Inglot palette and bought new shades, swatches and names of each one will be featured in my Inglot post :)

IMATS 2009- Part 3 of 3 (HAUL)

(I finally replied to all the questions from my C-Box! ——>)

Finally, my last post on IMATS! This is pretty much all the goodies I got from the show, this has actually been the first time I bought anything makeup related in a long time (including last week’s Vegas show), even though to me “long” is probably 2 weeks, LOL!

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to Jennifer and the people over at IMATS for the special invitation to both days of the shows as well as for all the wonderful things they did to make sure the show was a success; as well as for the awesome press kits!

I am trying to recuperate for Saturday (for that fundraiser dinner), so hopefully I can post before then, but I will be “Tweeting” from the dinner! :)

This was what was in the press kit:

– Royal Langnickel Brush Set
– Temptu Foundations
– Nurturing Force Oil Blotting Papers
– Youngblood Primer and Lipgloss
– LA Splash makeup bag with goodies
– BeautySoClean makeup cleaning spray
– Ziba Beauty Kohl Eyeliner
– Naked Cosmetics Pigment
– Senna lipstick and face color powder (that the booth gave for free)

And this is what I hauled, I bought:

Model in a Bottle, which is a makeup setting spray I love, it keeps your makeup in place, no smudging, fading, and it’s waterproof (haven’t tested that part), but especially in this hot cali weather, I need something to keep my makeup in place, and this does it for me. I bought my first bottle ever for $20 at some salon, and the show price was $12! What a steal! So I got the “Sensitive Skin Formula” for my sensitive skin, we’ll see how it goes!
– Royal Langnickel Brush Set that has a new brush I have not seen/heard before: a NOSE SHADING BRUSH! Great for contouring the sides of the nose!
– Large Kabuki Brush for $6
– More Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars! I love them they are so pigmented! I will post some lip swatches soon!

To see more Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar Swatches and Products from older posts: CLICK HERE

IMATS 2009- Part 2 of 3

Here is a continuation of my IMATS coverage. FYI, IMATS focuses on special FX makeup hence why you will see a lot of pics showcasing this. It’s amazing how much talent and time it takes to pull off the most unique creations! I have also included pics of the Chalk Festival I mentioned in my last post.

Gotta love the view from the back! LOL!

My favorite!

John Lennon:

IMATS 2009- Part 1 of 3 (PIC HEAVY!)

Hello ladies (and gents)! I have missed y’all dearly! I am on my last lap of my hectic schedule and come July I should be back to my blogging schedule where I at least post once a day. So I am slowly trying to get back into the groove of things, I haven’t had internet access in about 3 or 4 days since I left my laptop at home and spent the weekend at the BF’s mom’s house so I was twittering from my phone, so sorry in advance for you ladies that have emailed me. (

For last year’s IMATS photos: CLICK HERE

Since I went picture crazy (as I was there for both days of the show), I am splitting IMATS into about 3 separate posts since there are tons to cover. I was part of “Press” so I tried to document as much as I could as if you ladies were there yourselves! So I will post my haul in my next post. I met some really awesome ladies- my blogger sisters and readers and it was SUCH A PLEASURE and an AWESOME experience meeting you all, and thanks to those that came up to say “Hello!”. I finally met the gorgeous and talented Christine from, Elessa (aka Pursebuzz) once again, as well as a few famous YouTubers like Sparkage, Judy, Fafinette (Aubrey) and Petrilude.

They are all so awesome as they are online and I was so excited to have met these wonderful people who share the same passion. I was sad I missed a few bloggers and friends such as Robyn from Purely Cosmetics, Linda from, as well as a few others. But I was happy to see the awesome gals i’ve hung out with before like Imee, Christiana, Jackie, and of course the readers! Bonnie and Ingrid you ladies are so sweet and I truly appreciate the wonderful gifts and it’s such a pleasure to meet you Bonnie!

IMATS this year wasn’t as good as last year’s in my opinion. For some reason, as much as the venue itself seemed bigger, it felt much much smaller in the sense that not too many companies exhibited this time around, the economy perhaps??? Nonetheless, there were still some great deals to be snagged, such as Makeup Forever (MUFE) which gave 40% off all their products during the show, MAC PRO gave 20% off (they DID NOT give the MAC PRO cards without proper credentials anymore), and of course great deals on brushes galore.

I received a PRESS KIT goodie bag which I will post soon, but it had some awesome products I can’t wait to try out. Unfortunately I got sick this past weekend, probably due to the fact that it was supposed to be sunny on Saturday but instead it was raining! So I wasn’t dressed for the weather and now my head is stuffy so once I am in the makeup mood I’ll play with ’em. I also have some new Purely Cosmetics goodies to share with you all as well soon!

They had a chalk festival across the street and it was SO INCREDIBLE how talented these people are, these art pieces were all done with pastels and chalk!

***IF ANY of you ladies have pics from the show, send ’em to me please!***

Anyways, here are some pics:


Me and Pursebuzz!

Eve Pearl and Ingrid

Maxi from “Blush”

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

IMATS Makeup Show Pasadena Convention Center 2008

Sorry I was absent this weekend, that’s because I attended the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) at the Pasadena Convention Center. The show was both days, Saturday June 21 and Sunday June 22. I went with family- Erica and Tatiana, I also have to upload a video on my review of the show.

They showcased a lot of special FX/movie makeup, and it was really fun to see it from start to finish (as we were there early). There were a lot of people there from different aspects of the makeup and Hollywood industry, cinematic prosthetics, and even high fashion hair and makeup. They brought in corpse dummies from popular movies and shows such as CSI that looked INCREDIBLY REAL! They even had sessions on different areas of makeup such as eyebrow threading, specialFX, the movie Hellboy makeup, trends, and tons of other stuff!

There were many well-known as well as up and coming companies who exhibited, such as: MAC PRO, Kryolan, Graftobian, Cinema Secrets, Makeup Forever, Mehron, Naked Cosmetics, Senna Cosmetics, and much much more! MAC PRO was giving out MAC PRO membership to anyone WITHOUT the required documents as a show special AND they gave you a temporary one to use at the show, so my girlfriends got their membership on! Yup! You heard right, that means even if you NEVER touched a makeup product in your life, you were eligible for MAC Pro membership at the show. Many of the booths were selling their own products at a show special price as well as giving out samples left and right! They were selling makeup brushes of all kinds, and I mean ALL kinds, even brushes you probably never knew existed at $2 EACH! You know I had to nab a few! I also bought an 10-PAN Blush Palette from Auraline Cosmetics for ONLY $20 and Kryolan’s “Invisible Matte” cream to prevent shine for only $6! It’s $50+ in other places and the colors are gorgeous! (I will swatch them later). Tatiana bought a brush apron for only $15! And Erica enjoyed an airbrush session with Luminess.

We also got some FREE makeup from Senna, and they are so pigmented and really pretty for summer!

I also saw the gorgeous Elessa (a.k.a. Pursebuzz) and Koren (Enkore on YouTube). She is just so sweet and beautiful in person like she is in her YouTube videos! It was really nice meeting them at such a phenomenal show. It was by far, an AWESOME show!

And here are the pics to prove it! ***WARNING: SOME PICS ARE GRAPHIC*** Including an image depicted by a US soldier.

Our goodie bags:

The Makeup Contest:

Me & Pursebuzz! I look like crap since I woke up so early, LOL. And there’s Enkore in the back!

In action!

I love Senna!

Our free loot:

The MAC PRO booth (look at everyone scrambling to get their MAC PRO cards!):

Makeup Forever Booth:

I want this!

They even had cotton candy!

Look how cute Tatiana is with her cotton candy, this girl is awesome at doing hair, she graduated from Cosmetology school and has her license, so watch out for her!

Erica with the Makeup Artist from Luminess Airbrush Cosmetics, trying on the airbrush foundation:

Result? She likes it! She really likes it! Look she even has pink cotton candy to match her shirt! LOL

And I got a cool shirt with a butterfly on it!

Look at all those brushes! Only $2-6 a pop!

Brush Sets WITH a brush roll??! For $15-$20!?? SOLD!

What I bought from that brush bin madness (angled fluff brush, eyelash fan brush, large concealer brush, maxi mop brush, and an eyelash definer comb):

Look how cute! To comb out clumps left from mascara!

Maxi Mob brush, a flat-top sponge to apply liquids such as foundation:

Now the FUN STUFF!


Getting there!

Gross isn’t it????

She is putting on a real-looking tattoo on the model….

Reminds me of Johnny Depp…

Nice acrylics!

Edward Scissor Hands!

Looks SO REAL!

Corpses used in CSI, aren’t they scary??? Looks real!

It’s a DUMMY!

This boy’s BEFORE pic:

Slowly starting…


Where I might want to go to school…

MUD (Makeup Designory)

Or Joe Blasco…

I bought Kryolan’s Invisible Mattifying Cream to take out shine!

The Auraline Blush Palette I bought for only $20! (Swatches and review coming soon!)

Natural light:

All the reading material I got…I have tons of reading to do! Ta-ta!