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How to take a good photo.

I had some inquiries on my photos that i’ve taken of my makeup and some of you asked what camera I use, lighting, if I use any equipment, etc to obtain such high-quality photos especially showing the detail of things.

First of all, the camera I use for MOST of my photos is my purse camera which is the CANON SD 450. It’s 5 megapixels, shoots 60 frames per second, 2.5 inch LCD display, and has video. Of course most of the time I take photos of my makeup looks in my room, as for lighting I use mostly flash so that you all can see the detail of the makeup, and other times its natural light, or incandescent lighting (such as the bathroom!). I have my camera on AUTO, but put the options dial to the MACRO setting which is symbolized by a FLOWER, this setting allows you to take close-ups of objects and also doesn’t let the flash bounce off so much off the object producing an over exposed picture.

RARELY I use my Nikon D40x for my photos because its big and bulky to take pics of my makeup myself, but that is another camera I own to take some of the photos featuring the actual makeup I used for a specific look, etc.