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Tutorial: How to apply false eyelashes

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I apply false eyelashes. Measure the lashes first by holding it against your lashline, if it’s too long for you, trim the ends so it fits; then apply lash glue across the band. I find it easier to use tweezers and look down, then apply the lashes across your lashline. You can lay the mirror flat or at an angle, depending on what works for you. Once you have applied your falsies, let the glue dry and re-apply eyeliner across the band to “hide it” for a flawless look. Then apply mascara like normal blending your natural eyelashes with your false eyelashes. I personally apply a little mascara before I apply falsies simply just to get it on areas that are hard to reach (rather than doing it while the falsies are on and risk disturbing it); and then I apply it after the falsies are on as well.

For lower lashes: I like to apply it also with tweezers, and leave a little space between the lash itself and your lower lashline so that you can fill it in with eyeliner later.

I forgot to take a pic after the eyeliner and mascara were applied, so I used an older pic where you can see how it helps blend the false eyelash with your natural lash. (For this original fotd post, CLICK HERE)

For lower falsies, you can shade a little bit of eyeliner to see where to place it, then apply your falsies and then fill the space with eyeliner….