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I apologize for three things: the shitty quality, it cutting off too short, and my fat face. HAHA.

It’s of “email size” so it cut the quality by a lot, and I am still trying to figure out the settings but it cut off by itself, so im assuming I only have 3 minutes each video..not sure yet, but the last part was to clean up smudges with a good ol Q-tip. :)

Reader Questions:

To answer some of my reader questions, I will post them here, you gals have really great questions! Keep them coming!

Q: Hey Nessa! I bought the NXY loose pigment pearl eyeshadows. I bought all 24 colors new on ebay for a really good deal. They came in today and I know this might sound silly…but how do you use them??? I was playing with it and got the powder all over my hands and face. I LOVE the colors though! But what type of brush and how do you properly apply it and get it out of the bottle?

Jenn =)

A: Jenn, I am really glad you liked the colors, they have really awesome pigments that complement any look. I must admit, they do get messy since they are loose powders in tiny, tiny bottles! What I do is:

1. I shake the bottle upside down so that some of the powder goes into the cap, then when you open it, I get a tiny brush similar to the one below and gently scoop up a small amount, then apply it to my eyelids. Another thing I do as well when working with more than one pigment, is that I pour each color on a piece of paper (you do not want to use paper towel or tissue, because it absorbs the powder almost like a sifter, and also because it’s harder to pour any excess powder back INTO the bottle).


Q: heyy vanessa..well i`ve loved all the tips you`ve given soo far its really helped..i was wondering could you make a tutorial on applying eyeliner the right way because for some reason everytime i do it, it never comes out the way i want it to.thanks

<3 chrysee

A: Thanks Chrysee! As I write this, I already have eyeliner on, so tomorrow, hopefully I can take some pics on “how-to” apply eyeliner, but for now, I can write steps on how-to correctly apply eyeliner.

If you have small set eyes, you want to apply THIN eyeliner, as thick eyeliner can make your eyes appear smaller. If you have wide, large eyes, then feel free to be as playful as you want to be. Close your eye, with one hand (usually the hand you are not dominant in), pull to the side the corner of your eye lid, so that you are holding your eye down, smoothed with no crease or wrinkles, and with your other hand apply your eyeliner starting from the INNER corner of your eye, to the OUTER in a gentle sweep, side-to-side motion; as STEADY as you can. For the “wing” effect (like Amy Winehouse), or how I do my eyeliner, go PAST the natural corner of your lid, and slightly brush up. Then repeat with the other eye. [see below]

To fix mistakes: Take a Q-tip and dab with water or makeup remover and gently clean up the mistake, for best results, wait for the eyeliner to fully DRY before cleaning any mistakes, as wet eyeliner can cause a bigger mistake and smudges. You can also try using a makeup eraser pen like Sephora’s $12)