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Product Review: Ojon Hair Products

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Price: 2 out of 5
Where you can get it: Sephora stores and online, QVC and
I tried: Hydrating

I have always seen Ojon at my local Sephora but never bothered to give it a looksie until I attended the IECSC show and I bought the trial-size kit for $25 (pic below), which included:

– Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
– Hydrating Styling Cream
– Revitalizing Mist
– Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

My hair has been super dry, especially the ends; and oddly enough I don’t blow dry it or use any hot tools such as a straightener or a curling iron regularly, and the hot weather has just been making it so brittle. I used the kit for a week and the first two days I already could FEEL a difference in my hair. It was SO smooth, shiny, silky, and it didn’t feel dry for the first time in a long time! Most of the hair products at the drugstores have alcohol in it which dries out your hair. With Ojon products, there is NO ALCOHOL, just the natural Ojon oils and other moisturizing ingredients.

I first put the Restorative Hair Treatment all over my hair and head, which smells like cocoa butter and the consistency is similar to butter sticks; you simply scoop some up on your hand and rub together ’till it becomes an oil. I applied it on my hair, putting more on the ends, and covered it with a shower cap and left it in overnight (it’s ok to do this). In the morning I took a shower and used the Hydrating Shampoo, followed by the conditioner, after on towel-dried hair, I spritzed on the Revitalizing Mist and applied a dime sized amount of the hydrating cream, and voila smooth hair day by day!

Kit Featured: The kit shown here (green/white box) I bought from, it’s actually A LOT cheaper on than Sephora. It’s funny because I actually paid $32.80 each for another 5 piece travel kit (one for my mom), and they sent me the FULL-SIZED kit instead that had ALL the full-size products and the price on that one is $60! That’s a steal!

PROS: Really makes my hair soft and brought back some of the moisture into my dry ends, can get a kit to test out some of their products at once, both at Sephora and QVC and HSN. A lot cheaper to buy from, they have products to suit everyone’s needs.

CONS: Some of their items smell, to some it may be horrible, but I get used to things fast. It just smells like natural oil, cocoa butter, just think organic and natural, that kind of a smell, but the shampoo, conditioner and revitalizing mist (to me) don’t have a weird smell. It’s also EXPENSIVE! Full-size shampoo costs $18 and the conditioner is $22. Check out the Sephora website for more details and pricing info.

Perfect for those of you who have: dry, brittle hair, or if you dye your hair a lot which has been causing the moisture to just be sucked out of your hair. Great for a “pick me up” to bring back your hair to life.

New Hair Do!

I have some VERY observant readers who asked me if I did something new to my hair from my last fotd, and I did! I got- chunky cut BANGS! Damn you gals have a KEEN eye! :)

I never used to like bangs, I had them before when I was younger, and kept growing them out, but now I like them because they really change the shape of a face. I have the chubbiest cheeks ever (mind you I am only 115-120 lbs and 5’6″) and I hate em, so bangs takes a little focus off my entire face so my cheeks don’t look that fat, haha. But I like how it gives a more edgier, sophisticated, fashionista look.

As you can see, I kept my makeup pretty simple (what i’ve been sporting nowadays), I used Joppa Mineral Foundation in Medium Light #2 and a dash of Medium #3 both in full coverage. For the eyes I used “Femme Fi” e/s as the highlight, “Warming Trend” e/s from the Cool Heat collection all over the lid, and a mix of “Mulch” and “Shale” e/s on the outer-V and contour. Finished it up with a thin line of MAC Fluidline in “Nightfish” and a couple coats of L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara. For the cheeks (although it’s hard to see here) but I used MAC’s “Flirt & Tease” with a touch of Silk Naturals “Jamie” blush. Then used Flirt! Bronzer in “Golden Minx” on the apples of my cheeks, nose, (pretty much in spots where the sun naturally hits me) to give me a subtle glow. For the lips, (it was probably washed out by the camera), but it was a nude lippie that I LOVE from Silk Naturals, their Kiss Bliss Demi Lipgloss in “Divine” (I thought of YOU Christiana when I bought it! LOL), it’s a gorgeous nude color with a touch of pink which makes it a perfect nude lippie for any skintone because it actually doesn’t make you look washed out! (I will do a post introducing these lippies (I bought several), as well as the Flirt! Bronzer in “Golden Minx” tonight!)

I know my hair looks lighter too, but I didn’t change the color from my last “new do” post, I think after how many washings it sorta faded into a nice chestnut brown and my natural highlights are now showing through. Because of my skintone, (I think) I have to keep my color around the various shades of brown (my natural hair color is a dark brown, not black like most people think), black hair makes me look a bit pale, and I usually switch to a darker hue during the fall and winter time, but for the summer I like a medium or dark brown with some highlights. I never went too light because that washes me out and I personally think most Asian gals look better with darker hair as it brings out their features more. Of course if you are rocking colored contacts all the time you can pretty much do with any hair color, but I like being au natural sometimes just because I am lazy and can’t keep up with maintenance, LOL.

My itty bitty nose doesn’t hold my huge sunglasses up, lol. But I love big shades, big enough to hide my head! HAHA :(

Product Review: AVON Anti-Frizz Capsules

I am a sucker for all kinds of hair products that I am always willing to try any hair product that’s new or unique. So it was no surprise I was eager to try the AVON anti-frizz capsules. My lovely neighbor Kelly who works in the office next to mine is my Avon Rep, or more like my Avon dealer! LOL, she also reads my blog, so hi Kelly!

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price: Only $3.99! Available on AVON.COM

What it claims: Tames and smoothes frizz. For straight or curly hair. 18 capsules. .58 fl. oz.

PROS: I love the tiny capsules! It’s cute and easy to use, and you know how much to put since there’s the right amount in each capsule, just twist off the top, squeeze on your hand, rub together, and apply! My hair felt softer and shinier, I applied it right after the shower and my hair felt so much smoother! The small jar makes it easy to store as well as travel with, and it’s only $3.99!

CONS: None! I love this stuff!

Overall: If you get those annoying frizzies or flyaways or just want some subtle shine, I suggest trying this. It’s only $3.99 so there’s really not much to lose!

Product Review: Algemarin Dry Shampoo Spray

Dilemma: Us ladies know better than to wash our hair every single day to avoid drying our hair out and stripping it of its natural oils. Or how about those of you who play sports, go to the gym, or maybe you’ve been in a hospital days or weeks at at time, out of surgery and can’t really shower?

Answer: Algemarin Dry Shampoo from Germany!

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5 and $9-$10

What it is: It’s a DRY shampoo spray that sprays a white powder onto your hair, penetrating it and absorbing dirt and oil(doesn’t make everything white like baby powder, once wiped off there are no traces of white). It helps you clean your hair WITHOUT water, and leaves a really fresh scent.

What the site says: An easy-to-use formula that is perfect for frequent use to clean hair without water. Ideal for people in a hurry, or anyone who cannot shower but still desires a thorough hair cleaning. So how does it work? When sprayed directly onto hair, Algemarin penetrates the hair absorbing dirt and hair products. When brushed out, Algemarin takes all these impurities with it, and you are left with soft, clean hair. All without even having to hop in the shower! This product is an Algemarin fan-favorite.

My experience:
To test this out, I didn’t wash my hair for about 3 days (yes I felt gross), I took a shower but wore a shower cap to see how well it absorbs oil and makes my hair “look and feel” clean. I sprayed a bit on my hair, realizing I probably didn’t even need that much, but I figure it would absorb enough oil…I then wiped it OFF with a dry towel and was shocked and happy how the white powder literally just ‘fell off’ and came off my hair, there was no white residue, nothing! It really made my hair look cleaner and gosh the smell is amazing! It’s great for in-between hair washings!

PROS: Really great for in-between hair washings, after the gym, or when you are in a hurry. Smells great, really does the job of absorbing oil and made my hair look fresh and not oily.

White powder may not be ideal for everyone, can get messy, but doesn’t stain or leave any residue. Amazon customers complained about the spray nozzle stopping or clogging, but I personally have not experienced this yet.

Overall: I personally loved it and it helps a lot! I used to use Avon’s Hair Extender which did NOTHING for me, although it too smelled nice.

Look mom, I am an old lady!

Wipe it off with a towel, you can make “zigzag” motions with the towel to ensure you get all the powder off…need to get my roots done! LOL

Fresh clean, great-smelling hair!

Reader Question: On Hair

I had a reader ask me on the Cbox about my hair and how to make it grow longer, prevent split ends, etc., so Jilly this is for you!

A: I know this may sound silly, but I massage my scalp for like 2 minutes each night, massaging your scalp stimulates the hair follicles allowing it to grow at a decent rate, which explains why my hair grows so fast even if I chopped it all off it would be back at it’s long length in about 3 months!

Trim your hair often- to prevent split ends from accumulating causing your hair to look more dead and damaged.

Healthy hair starts from within- Eat a healthy diet, remember that Keratin is essential in healthy hair and nail growth, so start eating foods packed with proteins and amino acids such as dairy, chiken, and even jello!

Use curling irons and straighteners sparingly- Heat damages hair, no matter how low the setting is, causing your hair to be dry and brittle, extracting all the moisture from your locks. If you must use a heating appliance, then use a heat protector spray before you style.

I also like to use VO5 hot oils or something similar twice a week for a little “pick me up”, they even have ones that heat up while you are in the shower activated from the steam giving you nice luscious locks!

For split ends, I like Garnier Fructis Anti Split-End Treatment, it’s a light-weight cream I use after I get out of the shower to moisturize any frazzled ends of my hair and ‘sealing’ the hair follicle avoiding split ends. For shine, I like Smooth N’ Shine Polishing Treatment as well as John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette. For shampoos, I always switch it up, but anything will do, same goes for conditioner, I like really thick tub conditioners to do the job!

I like to straighten my hair sometimes since I am lazy to do anything else to it…

The best part about photoshoots is having someone glam up your ‘do! I seriously wish it looked like this everyday…lol.

Video: How I do my hair (lazy and super fast styles!)

I had several requests on how I do my hair, more specifically my last post (V-day FOTD), to be honest, I don’t do anything to it. Ask my co-workers, I walk into work looking like I have a birds nest on top of my head!

After I take a shower, I comb it out and I usually take a shower at night before bed, so when I sleep on it, it’s still damp, so when I wake up it’s already wavy…then I just tie it up in a bun under a hat or whatnot, and then when I take my hair down it’s wavy!

I am SUPER lazy M-F, I start work at 8am so I like to just get up and go before traffic catches up to me, so I RARELY have time to straighten or curl, or even brush it! But on the weekends i’ll get dolled up, so my hair is usually crazy most of the time.

*Warning, I look like crap, this was taken at like 11 at night, so I have “end of the night” makeup where it isn’t as “fresh”….also I ran out of bobby pins, so all I had was a huge clip, but you can use of course, a smaller clip and take your time to get it ‘perfect’, I rushed on purpose for timing purposes. :)

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