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My new tripod and new shipment of EVERYDAY MINERALS

My boyfriend surprised me with the tripod i’ve been wanting which I never had a chance to get since i’ve been busy with makeup, haha, so I was really excited and ripped open the box and set it up, now I feel like a real photographer. HAHA. I want to take some night shots with it as well as more makeup shots, like before and after, and things of that nature.

I soon will have some video tutorials, I am just in the process of trying to make the file size smaller for easy upload and viewing, so stay tuned! My first video is “how to apply eyeliner”.

I also received today my third shipment of EVERYDAY MINERALS, this time of course with a mini size in “light olive”, though I am contemplating of also getting “fairly light neutral”, its good to have 2 foundations, one for the winter, and one for the summer as your skintone changes.

Here is another crisp, closer look at another “gradient eyes” look (like my Hello Kitty shirt? haha):

Finding the perfect powder

Testimonial (thanks a lot Marie!) :)

Hi Vanessa,

I have to say… your page is GREAT. I’m addicted!! Very informative with LOTS and LOTS of great tips. Please keep them coming. I have always been a “label whore” when it comes to makeup, but I am definitely trying to break out of that and open to trying new things. It’s too expensive to use the fancy stuff on a daily basis. For my face makeup, I use Laura Mercier (primer, tinted moisturizer, powder) and I love it, but don’t want to use it everyday. Is there a drugstore product that is just as good? I’ve tried Sonia Kashuk’s powder, but it doesn’t seem to work too well on my skin. Any suggestions?

Also, regarding the NYX line, I see you live in Los Angeles. I actually live in the “valley” so would you know of any stores in the area or close by that might carry that product?

Thanks! Marie

A: Thanks Marie! I am glad you are finding this blog useful, or at least somewhat entertaining hehe! I know so many people who are so into MAC and other high end makeup lines and are so scared to “think outside the box”, so I am really happy to hear that you are trying to venture out! I too love some high end makeup lines, however I feel there are just certain products that are similar that you can find A LOT cheaper! I mean you really just pay for the name in some cases, I guess that’s why a “Fruit of the Loom” plain white t-shirt is $3.99 for a 5 pack at Wal-Mart, and a similar plain white Lacoste T-shirt is like 100 times that!

If you want a primer to use everyday, I suggest Sephora’s Makeup Base ($12), it’s very light, almost like a moisturizer, smells great, and has a pearlescent shine.

Finding the perfect powder I must admit isn’t easy, and is probably something you need to play with before you reach that perfect shade. Some people tend to get the EXACT same powder as their skin, which makes them look like ghosts in pictures because the powder is so white, and their neck looks tan! Others are on the opposite end of the spectrum, and get one that is wayyyy too dark making them look like they were in the tanning bed a little too long….

So how do you find the perfect shade? First, DO NOT test powder/foundation colors on your hand!! They are a different texture and a different color than your face producing inaccurate results. Test it on your cheek or by the jawbone of your face and blend it together and stick with the shade closest to your neck color. If you already have one that is TOO light, or TOO dark, I suggest MIXING colors together to get the right shade.

I had to mix two colors of face powder because one was too light, and one was too dark. I think it was the L’oreal Powders. I used a sifter from Sephora ($4) and combined the two and customized my own shade. This is now my finishing powder after I apply foundation for it to ‘set’.

MINERAL MAKEUP is good for those prone to acne-prone skin as they are a lot lighter and natural and less irritating for those with sensitive skin.

Some powders/foundations I recommend:

For foundation: I like Revlon Skinlights in Buff Chamoise, gives my skin a bright, iridescent look. I also LOVE Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse in Medium 1 “Sandy Beige”.

For powders:
Look for TALC-FREE powders, as talc is a cancer causing mineral, as well as a carcinogenic. I like L’Oreal’s Bare Naturale Powders, and i’ve always been a fan of Physician’s Formula because it’s light and conforms to your natural skin tone without being so harsh. (CLICK HERE) And I also like Flirt Cosmetics compact powder…I use a brush to apply my powder for a more natural look, and use oil blotting papers to get rid of shine.

Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Formula:

Mineral Wear Talc Free Matte Finishing Veil:

Flirt Cosmetics Pressed Powder (I use “In the Buff” in warm):



– The Northridge Mall (Amuse Store), located upstairs across from Mrs. Fields. They also have the loose powders.

– Fashion Q (there is one on Balboa and Devonshire) and one in Van Nuys in “The Plant” Plaza

– *Usually any small fashion or accessory stores carry it. You can check out some more of their products online at: or on

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