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Product Review- Sally Hansen Airbrush Makeup Spray

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: $7-$8, K-Mart, other drugstores (I think Rite-Aid might have it),
Colors in comes in: No color(primer), Creamy Natural, Beach Beige, and Nude
Color I tested: “Creamy Natural”

What they claim:

* Revolutionary liquid makeup in an aerosol can provides a flawless, airbrush look.
* With SPF 8 sunburn protection.
* Lightweight formula imparts an invisible, impeccable finish.
* Long-wearing.
* Water-resistant.
* Dermatologist Tested – Hypoallergenic – Fragrance Free.

Special Ingredients:
Special combination of Vitamins A, C & E help improve skin with every use.

I was strolling down K-Mart (I actually like the K-Mart by my house because no one is ever in that store, lol) and came across the Sally Hansen Airbrush Makeup Spray which i’ve seen before and passed by so many times (before I started this blog!), so I decided to try it out since it was only $7! I have to admit, I had my doubts since I don’t really like Sally Hansen products other than her nail products, I was honestly expecting to return it, but I love it!

PROS: It comes in a small sized can which is great for traveling, but don’t let the size fool you, because this lasts awhile. It gives AMAZING coverage and I personally think is a good dupe of MAC’s StudioMist Foundation, I have sensitive skin and I did NOT break out from this spray at all so that’s always a plus. The foundation itself was a bit light for me (creamy natural), but you can always use it as a good base to cover any blemishes or acne scars and then just lightly put your mineral foundation over it to really give your skin a nice sexy airbrushed look! And it lasted pretty much all day for me. It also has SPF. It’s only $7 and I think it’s fairly easy to find at some drugstores (not all drugstores will have it so you can go to the Sally Hansen site and do a store locater or call your neigborhood store in advance).

CONS: They only have 3 choices of colors which sucks because we all know that isn’t enough! Which is why I gave it 4 out of 5! (No color(primer), Creamy Natural, Beach Beige, and Nude), also if you have certain colored undertones it may look “orangey” on some people like if you have pink undertones, so test accordingly. Be careful not to put TOO much or else it may look cakey or give you a melted look at the end of the day, you only need a little bit!

Overall? I really liked this considering it gives amazing coverage and it’s only $7 which is great for us gals who are on a budget, or for those who travel and just want something quick and easy without all the mess. I would definitely buy this again if they had more colors to choose from, but for now it’s nice as a base in addition to your mineral foundation.

1. Spray some of the product on a large cap such as that of your mineral foundation jar. Spraying it directly on your face can be messy as well as giving you uneven coverage.

2. Take your buffer brush or flat top brush (I used the MAC #180 brush), and lightly dip and swirl your brush into the product.

3. Apply to your face as you would with your mineral foundation.

Good coverage eh?

Walgreens & AVON Haul

I think I am coming down with a cold…and that’s no bueno because I leave for NY in less than a week and it would just suck to endure a cold during a trip where i’ll be more susceptible to germs (i.e. the airplane). I have a weak immune system and I remain sick longer than others, so while the normal person takes 4 days or a week to recuperate, it takes me a month, if not longer. Not fun I tell you. Last time we had a show (my work), we went to NY and I was so sick and lost my voice; I wanted to reserve my energy so I didn’t talk at all and went on the tea and honey regimen to soothe it out, and it was such a struggle to talk to potential clients without wanting to just pass out! So I just hope I can fight it before it gets worse…

Anyway, the BF and I had Korean BBQ last night at my favorite place called “Pine Tree”, if any of you ladies live around the San Fernando Valley, you must definitely try that place out! It’s on Reseda and Roscoe and it’s good eats! We go there all the time and the manager knows us already, LOL.

We then went to Walgreens and I didn’t haul a lot, just a couple brushes and other little things…Aileen from Shades of Hue posted recently on EcoBrushes, a set of brushes designed with the environmentally friendly in mind. The handle is made out of bamboo, and I must say their bristles are SOFT! I love them! Of course I have too many brushes so I just bought the eyeshadow shading brush which I wanna use for my mineral eyeshadows because it has that silky taklon fiber feel allowing me to apply them wet. They have a wide collection of brushes so check them out! They are available at Walgreens, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, and similar places like that…

I also got a double-ended smoky eye brush, great for blending those tight spaces and for blending all over color.

Also got a Vo5 detangler/leave-in conditioner for my locks

L’Oreal has a NEW COLLECTION that’s out, the packaging is super pretty! They have new eyeshadow trios, blushes, lipsticks, and lipglosses.

Some cute Easter colored frames I got from Target for $5 each…

I also got my AVON Haul. I wanted to try their new skin smoothing powder mill, it’s basically PRESSED powder that you turn into super-fine loose powder. It has a shine-absorbing formula to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles. Great for traveling so you don’t make a mess all over the place. It has grates that shave the powder for you, just twist it like you would on a pepper shaker (same concept), and it becomes finely-milled powder!

I am going to try it later today, I tried it last night on my hand and was amazed at the difference!

It looks big in this picture, and it somewhat is in real life.

Plastic shaving grates that shave the pressed powder so you have loose powder…


My hand before, see my veins?

Look at it after! Flawless!

AVON Duo Blush (pink shimmery color):

AVON Concealer Stick in Medium at $6.00, doesn’t it look like the MAC Concealer sticks??!

MAC Concealer Stick, $15.50

Using the AVON Concealer Stick (BEFORE):


And finally here is the Physician’s Formula Tinted Moisturizer Comparison:

(BEFORE): Uneven skin tone..

AFTER (NO Primer or Overlay of foundation, just as is):

Silk Naturals Recipe

I have received many, many questions about Silk Naturals, if it’s easy to do (make), how do I like it compared to other mineral makeup companies, etc. So I have listed SOME of my favorite companies and what I really like about them.– I love their foundation. Why? Because it gives me coverage I can build, lasts all day, goes on smooth, doesn’t cause me to break out, AND the best part? Allows me to create my OWN foundation that matches my skintone. It is VERY easy to do and they send you a recipe with anything you order. You can use the scoop to scoop ratio, in which they have how a formula based on how many scoops of white powder, is how many scoops of the brown powder you use. I personally don’t have the patience, so I pour all of the white powder in a jar, and little by little start adding scoops of the brown powder. (I add about 8-12 scoops of the brown powder depending on how much white powder I have).– I love Mad Minerals because it’s a one stop shop for me, I can get mineral eyeshadows, lippies, primer, jars, foundation, etc all in one place. I really love their mineral eyeshadows, they have such a variety of gorgeous colors. I also like their foundations. and PureLuxe Cosmetics are awesome sites for mineral eyeshadows! They both just have an endless amount of colors and combinations, and when applied wet, makes such a vibrant color. Pure Luxe also has a variety of things from blushes, foundations, primer, skincare, brushes, etc. I love their Calamine Soap!

Everyday Minerals– They have such gorgeous eye colors and blushes! My favorites are “Email Me” and “Waffle Cone”, although it’s really hard to just choose one favorite! They also have great brushes and soaps, and really nice lip colors! They also have makeup wipes that are great!

MMBB (My Minerals Bath & Body)– Lisa is just so incredibly nice and sweet! I also love her foundation (medium beige), and she too has gorgeous eye colors!

KT– The owner is very nice and helpful as well! This site also has a variety of items to choose from, however I was not able to find a foundation that matched me here…

There are many more sites I enjoy, I just can’t think of them all at the moment, but they all bring something to the table most definitely!

Now on to the Silk Naturals Recipe (at least the way I do it!)

So you got your package in the mail, now what do you do!??

Pour the brown scoops…little by little add a couple scoops till you reach your desired shade. Test in different light conditions on your face NOT your hand! With flash, without flash, natural light, etc.

FOTD: Hell to the SHALE!, Hot Pink Nails & Maybelline Foundation

I remember picking up the MAC eyeshadow in “Shale” at a CCO awhile back and boy is it gorgeous! I did a fotd last weekend, and surprisingly I just wanted something neutral yet sultry at the same time. One thing I loved about this look was how easy it was, took me only 10 minutes! I also paired it with NYX Lipstick in B52 that sis Lynne recommended!

What I used:


– Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer
– MMBB Mineral Foundation in “Medium Beige”

– Jane Blush in “Blushing Earth”
– Milani Blush in “Luminous”


– MAC Paint Pot in “Painterly” (as base all over the lid)
– MAC “Your Ladyship” Pigment (applied WET/FOILED on lid above lashline and above the crease)
– MAC e/s in “Shale” (plum-brown), on outer-V and contour
– Pure Luxe e/s in “Fantasy” as highlight on brow bone
– Indelible gel eyeliner in “Black Out”
– Lancome Mascara Base
– Covergirl LashBlast Mascara
– NYC Eyebrow Kit


– NYX Lipstick in “B52″
– Sephora Lipliner #206
– Avon “Latte” lipgloss

I did my own nails too (natural nails) since I hate acrylics and only get acrylics on “special occasions”, but it actually came out a lot better than I thought! Simply because every single time I TRY to do my own nails, I get very impatient and I end up smudging them so they look like my nails were bitten! But this time, I waited for them to completely dry, used a clear top coat (gotta love Sally Hansen), and a nail polish remover pen for any mistakes. I forgot the brand and color of the nailpolish, I have to go have a looksie when I get home.

Also, some of you wanted to see the coverage of the Maybelline Foundation, so here it is sans makeup of course! [don’t laugh]….stop laughing! haha, as you can see it provides some pretty good coverage and I didn’t even use a lot! And yes I purposely did not get my exact shade (to match my neck)since I put my mineral foundation over it, (don’t wanna look TOO dark), so I got a shade lighter in Creamy Natural.

Can you tell I just got out of the shower!???

Craft Brushes and Product Review of Silk Naturals

Some of you gals may not know this, but artist/craft brushes are just as good as actual makeup brushes (not the hard stiff ones), but American Painter and Loew-Cornell are both awesome brands for craft brushes. I bought a couple 2 years ago and used them to apply my eye makeup after noticing they were similar to some of my actual makeup brushes! And right now, Michael’s Craft Store is having 30% OFF on ALL their Loew-Cornell Brushes! So check them out! I went today and got a really cute pair of brushes that have a CLEAR handle with silver glitter “floating” inside! How cool is that! I nabbed an angled taklon brush which I might use for either applying my pigments foiled (wet), or regular eyeshadows, and the other is a tiny eyeliner brush to perfect winging out eyeliners. Then I dropped by CVS to get travel stuff for my upcoming trip and ended up picking up an angled contour brush as well!


Packaging: 5 out of 5 stars!
Shipping Time: 5 out of 5 stars!
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars!

I actually like Silk Naturals a lot, it’s just a matter of me learning how to be a mineral foundation chef and finding the right amount of ingredients to make the dish WOW! First of all, I LOVE the ability to customize MY foundation to MY OWN skin tone, I can adjust it as I please, making it lighter or darker if I wanted to; and that is definitely a power that’s nice to have because who knows your skin better than YOU DO! I put 8 scoops of the white powder and ONE, let me re-iterate, ONE SCOOP of Ebony, and that baby gave me a tan look! Not in a bad way, I actually like how it gave me a little color and made me look human in pictures rather than Casper the friendly ghost’s long lost cousin….but you just have to be super careful because ebony is darrrrrrkkkk! So if you put even the slightest bit TOO much, you are gonna have dark foundation! You also have to perfect the application by buffing it evenly in circular motions, as if you concentrate too much on one spot, it will start to look patchy.

Here is the white powder first:

Then the EBONY, see how dark it came out??!! But it’s not that dark on your skin, thank God!

The result (and yes I finally showed/did my hair! I love when it curls at the bottom):

(sorry for the cheesy smile)

But it actually did a good job of matching my neck eh??? I am quite happy with it, meaning Miss Vanessa might be ordering the full-sized one! 😉

Thanks again to Christiana for the heads up, she is my girl when it comes to mineral makeup!

Milani Tinted Moisturizer

I bought Milani’s Tinted Moisturizer in “Light” for $5.49 at CVS, the smell isn’t all that great, but I love the way it feels and goes on silky smooth, perfect for just a natural look or the “no-makeup” days and you just wanna smooth out your skintone.

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