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Foiling Mineral Eyeshadows & Pigments (applying them wet)

There are perhaps many methods people use when foiling their pigments or mineral eyeshadows; there really is no right or wrong way, just whichever method works for you. Why apply them wet? Applying your pigments or mineral eyeshadows wet intensifies the color, making it look so much more vibrant as well as lasting longer as oppose to it dry, giving you a look that lasts all day!

I know some gals are super sanitary so there are many ways to avoid “contaminating” the rest of the group, by just putting a small amount of your pigment on a cap or a container to mix them in.

Here is my method, I bought a travel-sized PILL jar really used to store medication, and transformed it into my mixing medium container. I like it because it has 2-sides with a flip top, easy to open, yet stays closed and secured. You can use one side to store some of your mixing medium (to make your homemade mixing medium, click here), and the other side to either mix or store your pigment. In case you are wondering, I stored my homemade mixing medium in an old Maybelline Makeup Remover bottle…


Pour a few drops of your mixing medium, you can also use eye drops such as Visine, eyeliner sealant (available in online mineral stores such as, or good ‘ol water. (I personally don’t like using water because the pigment doesn’t last as long as oppose to using something for it to really adhere to like glycerin)

If you want, you can just add a drop or two directly onto the brush as seen here (using the MAC 239 brush):

See the small puddle of my homemade mixing medium?

Then dip your brush into the puddle, most brushes will do, however I like using brushes that are either really soft or made with Taklon (similar texture to concealer brushes):

IF you get TOO much of the medium on your brush (which most likely will happen), simply just rub it back and forth on the back of your hand to get rid of any excess medium as well as applying the medium EVENLY on your brush. Remember, you don’t want it soaking wet, just a damp brush.

For this demonstration, I am using MAC Pigment in “Your Ladyship”, I will use more vivid colors in another post to show the difference but this was the only pigment I had on me!

Comparison of DRY vs. WET, although ‘dry’ looks more intense here, it’s really not (it was a sparkly white in person), as you can see when applied ‘wet’ you can see more of the goldish cream undertones as well as shimmer….

Take some pigment off from the cap, this should be a good amount (or put some on the other side of the storage container):

Apply to your eyelid in pat and dab motions to prevent streaks, let it dry, add more if necessary to intensify color and coverage: