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Outfit of the Day (OOTD) & Flashes of Light

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow because for the past 2 days I’ve been seeing random, sporadic flashes of light when I blink which is a symptom of Retinal Detachment which I am hoping and praying I don’t have since the only way to fix it is through surgery, and surgery on the eye is not my idea of a good time. LOL. So I am freaking out just a tad bit, but I hope it’s not that and is related to something more benign like stress or headaches. When it first happened, I honestly thought I was crazy and just seeing things out of the corner of my eye, I didn’t even know that the flashes of light could be caused from my own eye! And it’s been that way the past 2 days, and I read if it’s left untreated can cause blindness- so I am seeing a doc tomorrow! I am hopeful as I do not have the most common symptom of retinal detachment which is floaters, and can obstruct vision. *Crosses fingers*

Anyway, at the request of a reader, I am going to start doing more OOTD (outfit of the day) posts. I think the reason I lack in that department is because I am always rushing out the door and never think to take a pic. And because doing self full body shots isn’t easy! Usually I have to get the fiance to help me out but he leaves later than I do. Boo.

I look like a cheeseball in this pic, like I am representing MAC’s Tartan Tale collection HAHA. I love that my purse matches my boots exactly, I didn’t plan it that way and I bought them separately so I was pleased it didn’t look a bit off. The boots look weird in this pic, they are over the knee and have a more pointed top but in this pic it looks like a straight across cuff, probably the angle it was taken.

Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

FOTD: Warm Holiday Look

Here is a look I did yesterday using golds and browns, such as MAC’s “Blonde’s Gold” pigment. I busted out my MAC “Painterly” paint pot which I haven’t used in awhile as well. I brightened the eyes a bit by using UD e/s in “Baked” on the lower lash line. I thought i’d put a twist on a traditional holiday look by adding a little pop of color with a bright pink lip instead of a red lip. I think I like how warm it came out, definitely gives a nice glow and the bright lip makes you stand out!

What I used:
– MAC Pro LongWear Foundation in NC35

– MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20
– MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC30
– MAC “Painterly” on lid as a primer and to neutralize natural lid color
– MAC “Blonde’s Gold” pigment on the lid
– Urban Decay’s Naked Palette e/s: Buck, Smog, Darkhorse, Hustle mixed together and applied on the outer-V and contour. Wash of “Toasted” used to blend the colors together and give it that nice metallic shine.
– MAC e/s in “Ricepaper” as highlight
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– Clinique Lash Primer
– Shiseido Lifting Mascara in Black
– MAC Technakohl e/l in “Graphblack” on waterline
– Urban Decay e/l in “Baked” on lower lash line

– Contoured with MAC “Emote” blush (as well as on the temples)
– Mix of MAC blush in “Coygirl” and “Springsheen” on apples of cheeks

– MAC “Petals & Peacocks” lipstick (LE)
– MAC lipglass in “Magnetique”

I also got two pairs of shoes on sale, they are normally over $50 each, and I got them both for around $60 with tax and shipping! I love how comfy they are!

New Outfits & Makeup Looks

I got a few outfits from Charlotte Russe when I was in Vegas, and I also got a few outfits from Forever21 (online), and since many of you have asked for more fashion related posts, I figured id post some of my haul. Forever21 had a sale on this long black sleeveless cardigan for only $5.99! And I LOVE IT! That was probably the best bargain ever! I got a turquoise ruffle dress from Forever21 also, I used an old H&M belt I had to dress it up a bit. The short/tube top set (they are attached together like one whole piece) I got at Charlotte-Russe which also comes with a faux alligator skin belt. It’s a bit too revealing for my taste (as in too much skin at one time) since I don’t usually wear shorts (because I desperately need a tan LOL), so I most likely would wear it with a cardigan or the vest like shown below to tone it down, but it’s super cute.

It’s wrinkly because it was packaged tight when it was delivered to me. :(

The black sleeveless cardigan I got for only $5.99! over a solid heather gray shirt and some leggings:

Jumper from Charlotte-Russe:

Here is a look with the “Classic Dame” mattene lipstick I got at the CCO, the look below this I used “Full on Lust” lipglass. The eye makeup is the same for BOTH looks, since I was just messing with the lippies. :)

What I used:

– Givenchy Matte Primer
– MAC NC30 Concealer
– Buff’d Mineral Foundation in Chamois & Almond
– MAC Pro Setting Powder

– MAC “Emote” blush for contouring
– MAC Mineral Blush in “Nuance”
– MAC “Refined” MSF (from Sugarsweet collection)

– Anastasia Brow Whiz Eye Pencil in “Medium Ash”

– MAC Shadestick in “Lemon Chiffon” on lid
– MAC “Goldmine” e/s on lid
– Milani “Java Bean”, MAC e/s in “Mulch” & Milani “Chocolate” blended together on outer-V and contour
– MAC “Shale” e/s on contour
– MAC “Ricepaper” as highlight on brow bone
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara
– Ardell #120 Demi Wispy Eyelashes
– Urban Decay e/l in “Zero” smudged on lower lashline

– (For look #1), “Classic Dame” mattene lipstick
– (For look #2), “MAC “Beurre” cremestick lipliner, MAC “Snob” lipstick, and “Full on Lust” lipglass

FOTD & Tutorial: Smoked Purple & My Holiday Dress!

So the company holiday party is next Friday in lovely posh Beverly Hills; it should be exciting since we have a lot more people working at our company now, all of them around the same age, and they are all pretty cool. And of course everyone is bringing their significant others, so I am sure it’ll be a fun night! It’s semi-formal attire and since I don’t really own too many dresses, (I have like 2 semi-formal dresses, one doesn’t fit anymore and the other I wore to LAST year’s holiday party so that’s a no, LOL), I ended up buying this silver number at the Ontario Mills Mall (the store is called Group USA in case you are also looking for a dress!). I bought it for $120 with tax, which is good considering I will probably wear it to my sister’s Debutante Ball early next year (she is turning 18), and it’s stretchy in case I gain weight LOL.

I am thinking to do either a smokey eye (since I don’t wear anything like that to work) or maybe a silver/black eye….not sure yet I might have to play with looks this week…

I really, really, really liked THIS dress, but the size 4 and 6 were TOO small on me since it seemed like their sizes ran really small (I couldn’t even zip up the back!) and they didn’t have any sizes after that…so it made my decision easier haha.

Anyway, here is a quick black and purple look I did the other day, it’s similar to another look I did awhile back but I wanted to use “Scene” e/s and “Black Ore”, whereas in the other look Milani “Storm” and “Shock” were the only colors I pretty much used…and of course I had to watermark my damn face!

Someone asked what I suggest for the BEST nude/pink lip? I like NYX’s “Lilac Field” lipgloss, it’s the perfect baby pink and can be layered on top of a nude lipstick for a bit of color (so you don’t look too dead!), such as NYX lipstick in “Circe”, “MAC “Myth” or “Fleshpot” l/s. A dupe for MAC “Scene” eyeshadow I suggest is Flirt! Cosmetics e/s in “Black Ivy”.

What I used:

– Smashbox Primer
– Lorac Concealer
– Dior Forever Skin Liquid Foundation in “Medium Beige” (review coming soon!)

– MAC Blush in “Coygirl”
– Milani “Luminous”
– MAC MSF in “Petticoat”

– Shespace Black Primer on lower half of the lid
– MAC “Scene” e/s on top of primer
– MAC “Black Ore” pigment clusters (optional if you want shimmer)
– MAC “Satellite Dreams” and Milani “Shock” on top of the black eyeshadow (crease)
– MAC “Gorgeous” e/s as highlight
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– Urban Decay Eyeliner in “Rockstar” on lower lashline
– MUFE Fiber Mascara
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara

– MAC l/s in “California Dreamin’ (LE)
– NYX Lipgloss in “Lilac Field”

Winter Ready

I love Christmas and I love the “winter”, despite the fact that winter ceases to exist here in Cali, but I fondly remember white Christmases with my family when I was younger, blankets of snow, the smell of apple and cinnamon, and my mom cooking and baking up a storm in the kitchen.

So for me, I always look forward to the end of the year- the holidays. And shopping for the winter season was no exception! This is the first year I won’t be going to New York for my job, but nonetheless it’s going to be COLD in Washington when I go visit my parents and sisters for Christmas. Last time the BF and I were there, we went to Seattle Center and my face was frozen because it was so cold! Even though mom says that 55-60 degrees is warm to them. Go fig.

I bought these two jackets recently, the cream/white one from Wetseal (I think it’s pretty new since it’s not on their website) for around $40, and the black peacoat from Forever21. I was looking for a good peacoat since last year but never found one I liked, or at least one that was in my price range. This peacoat was only $45 which is a good deal considering it doesn’t get that cold here in California.

I like the cream/white one because you can wear it two different ways and it’s very light. I also love the big round black buttons on it. The peacoat is the perfect length (ends at my knees), and since I am fairly tall, it fits nicely and accommodates my long arms and isn’t tight in the back which is a common problem I have in jackets which is why I usually wear a large when it comes to jackets, but I got a small this time. It’s also great to wear with boots.

FYI, I don’t really spend a lot on clothes because I only wear things a few times before it gets lost in my closet or it goes to my sister, unless I REALLY, REALLY like something, then I will spend a pretty penny on it. But those are extremely rare occasions. Truth be told, I am a BARGAIN shopper. I LOVE shopping for bargains and I don’t care what anyone says, I live within my means. Even if I was filthy rich, my ass is STILL shopping at Target and Wal-Mart. Especially with the economy now, it’s insane to spend frivolously.

The BF also got me a clutch from the Gap since we have a casual wedding to go to next month, it’s super cute, it has frills on the side, and the clutch has this wiring so it stays open when you open it.

And this was my outfit of the day (yesterday), the top is also from Forever 21, $13.

Muko Muko Shop!

Aside from makeup, I love, love, love clothes! I love shopping for new outfits and accessories and I am always on the lookout for new fashion sites and stores, just something that sets itself apart from Forever 21 and other stores. I get scared shopping at Forever 21 sometimes knowing that chances of you running into someone with that exact same outfit are pretty high! LOL.

I came across the Muko Muko Shop from Ling who is such a sweet girl, she left me a comment on one of my blog posts awhile back and when I went to reply to her I was so surprised she had an online store with the CUTEST clothes! I think what makes it so much more intriguing for me is the fact that it gives a different sense of style- one that belongs to Singapore and Korea. (And aren’t the models just gorgeous!??), there are also a lot of cute accessories on the site; all of which are unique and definitely allows you to be creative and create your own style…definitely worth checking out.

They have a wide variety of clothing and accessories from leggings, bandeau tops, office wear tops, cute dresses from casual to dressy chic, layering tops, jackets, cardigans, earrings, necklaces, and more!

There are constant new collections of the hottest styles she displays on her website, it’s hard to keep up with the growing fashion styles that are changing, so having these collections to follow frequently makes it really easy! All sizes, pricing and product information are at the bottom of each post to help you.

I personally love the cute dresses perfect for the summer and the layering tops and cardigans. Very versatile and pretty much all the pieces available can be paired with other things such as a skirt or jeans.

What is definitely promising, given that I DO love to shop online so awesome customer service is a HUGE plus for me, is that all replies are made within 24 hours and orders are sent out within 3 business days! Most sites I have shopped at made me wait a week before my item was shipped out. You can also use paypal as a form of payment, and it’s safe and secure.

Use code“NessasaryMakeup” under the ADDITIONAL COMMENTS section when you order and you will receive 10% off any single item, a special just for my readers!

CLICK HERE to start shopping!

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