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Moisturizing Mist Sprays

Q: hey nessa! i have a question. so i was wondering if you could recommend a cheap and effective hydrating/moisturizing mist spray? i’ve purchased the burt’s bee’s one but i’m wondering if you have any recommendations.

i’m planning on using this with my mineral makeup but i need something cheaper but just as effective.

A: (1)I highly recommend the hydrating mist by Decleor. It’s around $15-$20. You can CLICK HERE to see the cheapest one I found. Fresh Hydrating Mist offers all the pleasure of a gentle and delicate moisturizing mist and releases a gorgeous floral scent. This mist moisturizes, refreshes, and de-stresses the skin. It sets and mattifies make-up. Your skin is replenished and soothed and you feel a delightful sensation of comforting freshness. Spray over the face after cleansing or any time of the day. I used this one time at a photoshoot and worked great!

(2)For people with SENSITIVE SKIN, I like Paula’s Choice Silk Mist Moisturizing Body Spray (can also be used on the face). It’s $14.95 for the 4oz. bottle or you can even get a SAMPLE SIZE for $.0.80 cents here: silk spray.
This imperceptibly light hydrating mist contains skin-conditioning plant oils, several antioxidants (including natural vanilla, which provides a pleasant, light scent), skin-silkening silicone, and anti-irritants that help dry skin feel unbelievably soft. THEY ALSO HAVE OTHER COOL STUFF ON THIS SITE.

# Absorbs quickly into dry or slightly damp skin
# Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin
# Colorant-free

(3)The CHEAPEST ONE is at Sephora, from the same line of the makeup base, it’s their Flash Spray for $12, has kiwi and citrus extracts, very vitamin-rich, perfect for a quick pick me up and leaves skin incredibly soft. Can also be used OVER makeup to help it set.

(4)For people who tan, or are always out in the sun and have some damaged skin, I liked ModelCo skin airbrush spray. It is loaded with vitamins an skin soothing aloes to help hydrate dry skin and keep it hydrates. It has a 360 degree nozzle to get to all areas of the face and body. ($30)

(5)HydrAction Deep Hydration Moisturizing Spray from Dior also sets makeup to last al day! ($30 at Sephora)

(6)Or some people just want the refreshing and classic EVIAN water spray which has a lot of minerals, and the best part, it’s natural! Great for after exercising to help get the sweat off of you!

Patchy, itchy dry spots?

If you have dry patchy spots on your face (or anywhere on your body), use a couple dabs of Vaseline and apply directly on the dry spot right before you go to bed, and when you wake up, you’ll be surprised how soft, smooth, and supple your skin is!

Dry spots occur if you wash your face or brush your teeth and don’t dry your face completely, causing the water to remain on your skin and drying it out. It can also occur when you are sick and blow your nose too much (that’s why your nose get red and starts to hurt). Also, if you have dry lips and have that lip skin on there, apply vaseline and brush your lips with your toothbrush to get rid of that extra peeling skin, then reapply Vaseline to heal your lips.

DO NOT use lotion, as lotions tend to have a watery base, or a really oily base. That’s why when you have dry hands and you put lotion on, have you ever noticed in 5 minutes it’s dry again? Those are water based lotions (like Bath & Body works), they have great smelling lotions, but they dry so fast, and you end up using the whole bottle in one hour since you keep having to re-apply. Oil based lotions tend to be really greasy, and if you put that on your face you will get pimples, and with the water based, you make your dry spot drier.

So Vaseline is the way to go!

To wash or not to wash?

I get people asking me how do I maintain such great skin?

A: To be honest, some people are just more acne prone than others, sebaceous glands (the glands that also make you sweat), are larger in some parts of the body (like the back or chest) rather than other parts, like your face, or vice versa. I am not acne prone, but I do get a pimple here or there if I am not careful. My skin is mostly dry, especially after I hop outta the shower.

But for the most part, WASHING YOUR FACE EVERYDAY IS BAD!!!!! I know, I know, it sounds gross to NOT wash your face, and I know what you’re thinking,but doesn’t that cause MORE pimples?

The answer is yes and no. When you wash your face everyday, you are OVER-CLEANING your pores allowing more space for dirt and bacteria to get in, causing MORE pimples. Every time you wash your face, you are removing your skin’s natural oils. Instead of washing your face, use a facial wipe that cleans your face AND removes make-up(I highly recommend Neutrogena’s Make-up Remove Cleansing Towelettes). There are so many acne products out there that simply just don’t work. However, if you are prone to breakouts on the face and/or have severe acne, then wash your face with mild cleanser (try Aveeno’s foaming face wash) it’s gently on your face and doesn’t dry out your skin.

These wipes are excellent for any skin type, and it’s so soft! I tried Pond’s facial wipes and it was okay for awhile, but the textured cloth hurt my sensitive face and I believe it irritated my skin. With these Neutrogena wipes, they smell heavenly, smooth on the skin, and most importantly, are GREAT at removing dirt and make-up.

Price: Between $7-10

For my moisturizer, I use Aveeno’s Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF15. I love everything about it! It smells great,and it soothes irritated or sensitive skin (me), as well as reducing redness in the skin.

I have allergies in the morning which causes my face to be a bit flushed with pink or red, and this moisturizer definitely gets rid of that. It may be a bit thick for some people, so don’t put so much.

Price: $13 at Target.

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