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MAC-a-licious Haulage

So the boyfriend gave me some shopping money again…big mistake!

I went to the Glendale Galleria and went ka-ka-krazy! I first went to For Love 21 (weird name btw), the accessory extension of Forever 21 and bought me some more rings and necklaces (mind you NONE of this stuff I NEED), then next stop was Sephora, I am surprised I only left with 2 things! I was eye-ing like 10 things!

I bought a facial exfoliator brush because my cloth one just gave way, and I bought another blending brush. After seeing Karen’s new purchase ( on the Smashbox Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Fusion Lights WITH brush, I wanted it so bad and kept playing with it to feel out if I really wanted it and because it was PINK made me want it more! But I controlled myself and didn’t buy it because I don’t think I would use it often, but yet would probably buy it for the brush and the pink handle.

Next stop…MAC! Meet the newest member of the family, “Teal”:

I absolutely am in love with MAC’s Teal Pigment, it’s just such a gorgeous shimmery color that would really bring out anyone’s eyes. (Btw, it’s also available for sample for you inquiring minds!)

Reunited and it feels so good:

Of course I wouldn’t show these without swatches!!!

Another thing I absolutely fell in love with, MAC Shadestick in “Fresh Cement”, I really had the intention of purchasing “Sharkskin”, but when I swatched it, it looked like something I already have so I didn’t bother, but as soon as I swatched “Fresh Cement”, I told the MA I had to have it! I also liked “Sea Me” but I just bought a good dupe from Avon.

I also got more refills, I wanted Zonk Bleu! but she gave me Shimmermoss by accident, so I have to exchange it, and I also ran out of my favorite eyeshadow Vex, so I bought the refill again. I also bought the Cumulus eyeshadow from the “Blue Storm” collection, I know I am a little late on getting my hands on it, but I thought I had that color, and turns out I don’t! My total was $97 and something cents, hey im doing better, at least it’s UNDER $100! haha 😉

Vanessa Violet

I love, love, love the color purple! In case you haven’t noticed, I do a lot of tutorials with purple because it’s just such a gorgeous color! My favorite color used to be pink…but now I am more into purple or violet, golds, and browns. It changes all the time, but for now, im sticking to those colors.

Anyway, here is a quickie tutorial on the look I had yesterday…I bought a purple sweater that had silver glittery specks on it and thought id incorporate that into my makeup.

Also, I am LOVING MMBB (My Mineral Bath & Body), Lisa is so incredibly nice and helpful and she gives such generous samples of mineral eyeshadow, and I am definitely one of her frequent customers! I love “Black Emeralds” and “Highlights” which I used in this tutorial to highlight my brow bone, but I will have a post more in detail about these soon!


What I used:

– Homemade Mixing Medium
– MAC Painterly
– MMBB mineral eyeshadow in “Highlights” (good dupe for MAC Pigment in Vanilla or White)
– MAC Pigments in “Viz-a-Violet” and “Violet”
– Splash Pigments in “Purple Sponge” and “Silver”
– MAC eyeshadow in “Gentle Fumes” from the Smoke Signals Quad
– Indelible Gel Eyeliner in “Black Out”
– DiorShow Mascara

– Light Medium Golden Mineral Foundation
– MAC Blush in “DollyMix”


– Milani Lipstick in Dolce Vita
– Sephora Lip Liner in #206
– MAC Pigment in Viz-a-Violet
– MAC Lipglass in Lightswitch

I later changed my lipstick to MAC “Snob”…

To save space when traveling or for your purse, transfer some of your pigments to a 3 or 5 gram jar, that way you aren’t carrying that big jar of pigment, because if THAT spills in your purse, that’s a big mess!


RESULT after these steps:

To get this:

(not shown) highlighted brow bone with MMBB “Highlights”, a gorgeous color!

Line your eyes and apply mascara, and then line the bottom using the same colored eyeshadow…




EYES CLOSED to see detail…

More ULTA eyeshadows and depotting…

Ok, I seriously think I have a problem, well rather- an addiction! I cannot stop buying makeup and I am sure it’s hurting my wallet…lol. I had an impulse to go back to the ULTA store again (for those of you who live near West Hollywood, it’s on Santa Monica Blvd.)

I had to take advantage of their “Buy One, Get One FREE” sale on all their cosmetics, and because I still had 6 empty pots to fill in my palette. I picked up: Flirty, Shell, Deep Sea, Peacock, Bloom, and Tiara.

[The swatches are down below].

I also ordered a few things from, I bought their gel eyeliner pot in “Black out” (similar to MAC’s Fluidline in “Blacktrack”) and their eyeliner sealant to make it last all day. I read great reviews on it and a lot of people swear by it, so we’ll see!

My favorite color from the recent batch I bought, “Flirty”:

The swatches:


This is MY method of depotting my eyeshadows to place into my palettes, I use the tiny screwdriver that is in those “eyeglass repair kits” you see at the checkout at drugstores with the red square top, it has a FLAT head to get wedged in the pot of eyeshadow you are trying to depot.

I then peel and apply the LABELS from the original packaging (my ULTA eyeshadow cases) onto the BACK of my palettes for reference so I don’t forget the color…I use GLUE DOTS (which you can get at a craft store like Michaels) which you stick to the back of the label.


Peel it onto the backing:

And voila!

Now my palette is complete!

Nixie Palette Arrived!

My palette from Nixie arrived yesterday and I am so unbelievably happy that it fits all my ULTA eyeshadows as well!

I also went to the MAC counter today and they were doing make-overs for their newest collection “smoke signals”. I just picked me up their eyeshadow in “Freshwater”, I also wanted their pretty neutral brown eyeshadow called “Patina” but they ran out. :( So i’ll try the MAC Store in Woodland Hills….

My Nixie Palette:

A little palette happy….

My NEUTRAL/Highlighting Base Palette, I tried to get Amethyst outta there, but it wouldn’t budge…

Also picked me up a pen holder which I am using as my lipgloss/pencil holder:

My pretty Freshwater!

And lastly, swatches of some of the blues I have:

NIXIE and ULTA Cosmetics

So I figured out that I can fit my ULTA Eyeshadows along with my Nixie Eyeshadows in the Nixie Well Palettes, so I begun depotting all my ULTA eyeshadows to put in the palette and I am quite pleased that they fit perfectly, which means I can get more ULTA eyeshadows!

So far I bought: Gold Leaf, Amethyst, Gold Olive, Marble, Lustre, Turquoise, Camel, and Sterling. Need to buy Peacock and Cashmere.

Forgot the name of the other one…

Electric Eel, ULTA, and Lipgloss Swatches

Here are some lipgloss swatches I took of some neutral colors:

And I saw an ULTA store here in Washington, and they had a Buy One, Get one FREE sale going on so you know I had to get me some eyeshadows!

This one is called “Golden Olive”, similar to MAC’s “Sumptuous Olive”.

Organized some of my rings…


Another look using MAC’s “Electric Eel” and Milani’s “Blue Ice”. [Highlight was MAC’s VEX].

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