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UDPP vs. Too Faced Shadow Insurance


– $16 at Sephora
– Has a doe-foot wand for application
– Nude eye base that increases the wear of eyeshadows and makes them crease-proof
– Stayed remarkable well one me after 9 hours

– The genie-shaped bottle makes it hard to access additional product, so you have to cut the bottle in half to scoop out the rest of the product
– 0.34 oz

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

– Squeeze-tube bottle for easier access of the product, also no product is wasted because of their packaging
– 0.35 oz. a bit bigger than UDPP
– $17 at Sephora
– Don’t need a lot of product to cover your entire lid

– Silicone based, so those of you allergic to dimethicone, silicone, etc. may not like this
– Creased on me after 9 hours

Lids: Dry, not oily.

Eyeshadows used: MAC e/s in “Cumulus”, and MAC e/s in “Carbon”

Experiment: TFSI on the RIGHT eye, UDPP on the LEFT eye. Apply makeup like normal, go to work, have lunch in the sun, go home and see which one held up better. I applied the same amount of each product on both lids, nothing else applied on the lids before I applied these eyeshadow primers.

Overall? I like UDPP a lot better than TFSI. There was very minimal creasing, and it held up pretty well throughout the day considering I was also in the heat. It was also pretty vibrant in color whereas the eye with TFSI looked more faded. I know many of you like TFSI over UDPP, and I thought I would too, but when I took pictures of each eye when I got home 9 hours later, it was apparent which held up better. TFSI creased A LOT, as you can probably see in the picture, with UDPP still looks pretty good after 9 hours.

I definitely give UDPP 2 thumbs up! p.s. Hi Juli from the Bay Area!

Product Review: Amuse Diamond Palette


This diamond makeup kit by Amuse is such a mega palette, probably the biggest I have ever owned! This palette contains 48 soft and smooth, almost metallic, eye-popping eye shadows, 4 chunky glitter eye shadows and 1 light pink matte blush. It also comes with two separate eye shadow applicators for the eye shadows, the blush and the glitter eye shadows. This diamond makeup kit truly lives up to its name because it’s just filled with tons of shimmer and glitter.

The Amuse Diamond Makeup Kit personally isn’t a palette I would enjoy because at the age of 26, I have gotten over the glitter phase, however some of the eye shadows are perfect because they are not glittery, just the perfect shimmer, while some of the eye shadows are sheer. The one thing I noticed about Amuse eye shadows is that they have a very strong fragrance to their eye shadows, and I immediately noticed this even before I took the palette out of the box. It’s not a horrible smell or anything, just unusual for makeup in general to smell like that. The eye shadows itself have a tiny flower pattern on them and I felt like this was a palette for little girls with the way it was made, because the colors are so delicate. I think it’s definitely a palette that fits more of my sister’s taste who is seventeen years old; since she doesn’t need a lot of coverage or makeup in general, these eye shadow colors are perfect for her age because they aren’t too sheer, but not too pigmented either to where it would be too much. The eye shadows itself are really soft to the touch and you get a lot of color in one swipe. They almost have a “metallic-look” to it.

The palette itself has tiny round dome windows on the cover above each eye shadow so that you can see the color in the palette. As much as I love palettes because they are somewhat of a space saver, this palette is too large for my liking and therefore it’s not one I can really carry on board if I were to travel, or a palette that I can just put in my purse or makeup bag. But for the gals that do love glitter and shimmer, this is a nice palette to just keep on your dresser or vanity because there are really lots of colors to choose from and it’s $14 on

Barry M Cosmetics (

Barry M Cosmetics is a UK cosmetics company that have so many different makeup products that are bright, eye-catching, and really pigmented makeup.

I am in love with their “Dazzle Dusts”, which are finely-milled pigments with amazing color-payoff. They are just so gorgeous and so rich in color. And I am loving the cute little jars it comes in, perfect for travel and just the right amount. The Dazzle Dusts are like your everyday mineral pigments, same texture and feel, most are satin (sorta matte with some sheen/shimmer), the Fine Dazzle Dusts are described as “22 brilliant shades of loose pearl colour that have been cleverly blended with ultra fine, diamond like glitter flecks to dazzle”. These are more glittery than the regular dazzle dusts and do have flecks of glitter as you can see from “Black Purple”.

The only flaw? It’s expensive if you don’t live near the UK. I really wish some of his products were available here in the US, like in a drugstore. The pounds currency is a lot more than the US dollar, so shipping and the items in itself are expensive when you convert it. All this (pictured) costs about $70 with taxes and shipping (three of them were gifts from a friend), so you can imagine that 5 jars was already $60. And usually when I do a big haul on other mineral makeup sites for pigmented eyeshadows, it only costs me about $40 USD.

(swatches done dry, no base)

A closer look:

MAC Starflash got me seeing stars!

Camera used: Nikon D40X (digital SLR)
***PLEASE DO NOT use my pictures without crediting the source. Much appreciated!***

You can check out some swatches here: Starflash Swatches

Thanks to Debbie who gave me the heads up! The MAC store at the Glendale Galleria released their Starflash Collection out early (I love them for this!) so the BF and I went on a date to the mall, LOL.

He took me to MAC (yes, that evil store!) and bought me some loot! I really tried to just get the colors I don’t already have, but I couldn’t decide so I ended up getting all of them (except Bold & Brazen since it was just ok to me) and I wanted “Talent Pool” but the MUA said they sold out of that already. :( So I guess i’ll just wait when it’s released at the Topanga mall on Thursday and nab it!

This collection is definitely pretty, BUT a majority of the colors ARE DUPE-able! So if you already have many of the permanent eyeshadows by MAC, you do not need to rush out to get the eyeshadows from this collection because they are almost identical! I don’t have “Fertile” e/s and many compared it to “Top Hat” from this collection, so I am glad I got it and it is indeed a gorgeous plummy color!

They are a lot smoother and ‘creamier’ than the permanent eyeshadows, I think the finish to these are “Veluxe Pearl” and it goes on so pigmented in just a couple swipes. I AM SELLING BRAND NEW “Star by Night” and “Grand Entrance” eyeshadow on my online store which will launch tomorrow! I am also going to be selling samples of MAC’s Lip Erase in “Dim”. A small scoop in a 3 gram jar, should last plenty of uses.

I have put some comparison pictures together of the starflash eyeshadow and the dupe down below…so you be the judge!

This is just a list of colors/brands SIMILAR if not identical to the Starflash e/s:

* Dreammaker – Frosty yellow gold//DUPES: Ricepaper (more matte), Nanogold?
* Grand Entrance – Frosty neutral pink beige//DUPES: Milani “Illusion” e/s, UD “Sin”
* Bold & Brazen – Frosty light copper//DUPES: Milani “Flare”
* Sunset B. – Frosty mid-tone pink//DUPES: “Trophy Pink” from COOL EYES Palette
* Lotusland – Pinky lavender with gold pearl//DUPES: MAC e/s in “Beautiful Iris” (more matte), MAC e/s in “Mancatcher” (LE)
* Talent Pool – Blue green with gold pearl//DUPES: MAC e/s in “Steamy”, “Parrot”
* Mink & Sable – Olive green//DUPES: Milani’s “Antique Gold”, MAC e/s in “Sumptuous Olive”
* Smoke & Diamonds – Frosty dirty taupe//DUPES: MAC “Sweet Sienna” (LE) Pigment
* Go – Frosted bronze//DUPES: MAC e/s in “Tempting”, UD e/s in “Smog”
* Glamour Check! – Reddish brown//DUPES: MAC e/s in “Twinks” with a little “Cranberry”
* Top Hat – Dirty Indigo//DUPES: MAC “Fertile” e/s
* Star by Night – Mid-tone blue//DUPES: Milani’s “Blue Ice”


Product Review: Beauty From The Earth Minerals

Finally! My BFTE review, I’ve been meaning to get this in your hands sooner y’all but I have been so busy having fun with these minerals trying to create different looks!

First of all, the customer service is beyond excellent! Crystal, the owner of BFTE, is amazingly sweet and responds to you right away (not to mention beautiful!), and I love awesome customer service when it comes to these mineral makeup companies simply because most of them are owned by one person and one person only (at most 3 people!) and yet they manage to multi-task and respond to customers, pack and ship, create…all at once!

Secondly, the website itself carries a wide range of mind blowing colors guaranteed to suit you ladies who love earthy, natural looks to even the ladies that are not afraid to show off some bright colors! I LOVE how they have actual swatches of each color on the website and not just a computer generated or blurry picture of a swatch. Why is this a bonus for me? Because it really helps me decide what colors I want and allows me to see what color I should expect rather than guessing which shade of blue it is for example. Also, since many mineral companies don’t accept returns or exchanges, it can be scary buying a full size of something you are not sure of. They even have a few models showcasing different looks and colors on the site which paints an even better picture of what colors to get!

My favorite colors?
Grape, Green Apple, Karma, Peacock, and Jaded

I had an opportunity to try these gorgeous mineral eyeshadows and I love the color-payoff and how vibrant they are, even without a base! I highly suggest using a mixing medium (glycerin/water mix, see the label on the right on how to make your own homemade mixing medium), because this helps pigments adhere to your eyelids more as well as making the color bolder. They are very easy to blend and work with, and I love the shimmer they give!

They also have a 5-piece sample kit which includes 5 baggie samples of any colors of your choice for only $5! That’s only $1.00 a bag and there is plenty to last you many uses. Full sizes come in a 5 gram sifter jar packed with enough product to last you a long time! They also have blushes, mineral foundation, skincare products, and more!

Swatches (ALL DONE DRY, NO BASE-sorry forgot to swatch “Jaded” but the color as is, is on my lid down below):

Here are just SOME of the looks I did using some of the BFTE minerals, as you can see the possibilities are endless because BFTE has a lot of colors to choose from!

BFTE e/s in “Karma” (on lid) and “Purple Iris” on contour

BFTE e/s in “Grape” (I love it!)

BFTE e/s in “Jaded” and MAC e/s in “Carbon” on outer-V and contour. Lower lashline is Milani’s Color Brilliance Eye Pencil in “Green”.

BFTE e/s in “Grape” on lid, BFTE “Blueberry” on contour:

BFTE e/s in “Green Apple” on the lid, “Purple Iris” on the contour, and “Grape” on outer-V:

Other looks you can do with BFTE minerals…some looks are not with BFTE, but wrote down very similar dupes since BFTE is a lot cheaper than high-end brands!

BFTE e/s in “Envy” on inner corner, “Green Apple” on middle of the lid with “Emerald Green” on the outer-V and contour:

BFTE e/s “Karma” mixed with “Strawberry”:

BFTE e/s in “Grape”, “Lemon”, “Tangerine”, “Raspberry”, and “Green Apple”:

BFTE e/s in “Raspberry”, “Karma”, and “Grape”:

BFTE e/s in “Lemon” on the lid, “Grape” or “Purple Iris” on outer-V and contour:

BFTE e/s in “Purple Iris” and “Grape”:

BFTE e/s in “Karma” and “Purple Iris” (on contour):

BFTE e/s in “Envy” or “Green Apple” on inner corner, “Peacock” on the middle of the lid, “Grape” on outer-V:

MAC Electro Flash & Sonic Chic Review and Haul

I am pooped. It’s been a really long day…and it’s now 1:15am as I write this and I have to wake up in like 4 hours to go to work and do it all over again. *sigh*

BUT I wanted to post about the newest MAC Collections that came out today: Electro Flash, Sonic Chic, and New View.

Anne and I went to the Topanga Mall after work today to peep out the newest collections, our BFF was there again (lol), and everyone in the store thought we were crazy with all the swatches that were accumulating on our arms. Waffa (sp?) was the MUA that helped us, she was SOOOO incredibly sweet, genuine, and helpful. She helped us pick out colors that would best match us, didn’t try to sell us anything, she was very honest and would tell us if a color looked similar to something from the permanent line. She waited as we swatched endlessly and took pics (she didn’t even mind that we took pics!), and was just such a pleasure. If any of you live around here, I HIGHLY recommend you ask for her if you do visit that MAC store, she is the best!

I didn’t swatch anything from the New View collection as they are all merely MSF’s and was just so enamored by the Mineralized Eye Shadows (MES) and the Sonic Chic Blushes. First of all, the color payoff on these MES’s compared to those that were released last year in the Antiquitease collection, is A LOT better in my opinion. They aren’t as shimmery as the Antiquitease ones OR the ones released with the Flashtronic Collection (i.e. “Tectonic”). The Electro Flash eyeshadows are very pigmented, EVERY SINGLE one of them; they have shimmer in them, but it’s wearable, not over the top shimmer at all, but just gorgeous colors all around. I ended up buying: Sea & Sky, Fresh Green Mix, and Odd Couple. They are ALL really beautiful, but I wanted to get the ones that fit more with my personality, and since I love colors, I walked away with those 3.

The Sonic Chic Blushes are really pretty, they are pigmented but sheer at the same time in the sense that you can guarantee you won’t be applying too much color on your cheeks. They all have a bit of subtle shimmer in them. I ended up with “Warm Soul” and “Nuance” simply because I couldn’t decide between the two. LAME I know, but I really couldn’t see which one is better. Although they BOTH LOOK SIMILAR, they aren’t. “Nuance” is more of a peachy orange with gold shimmer, and “Warm Soul” is a bit darker and more taupe and brown with pink shimmer. So I bought both to see which one I like most since I can always return one….before I walked in I thought I would get “Pleasantry”, but I already have a lot of pink blushes, it was time to switch it up.

I missed out on getting the “Girl Friendly” paint pot from the Fafi Collection (as my store didn’t get the shipment in time for the Event and ended up getting it later), so I was lucky to get one at my store today as they had it!!! BTW, “GIRL FRIENDLY” PAINT POT IS OFFICIALLY PART OF THE PERMANENT LINE!!!” (as the MUA mentioned to us), so if you are like me and missed out the first time, have no fear as they are here to stay! Topanga also has “Electro Sky” left from the Alexander McQueen Collection, too bad they didn’t have “Other Worldly”…another PP I missed. :(

Without further ado, here are pics and swatches! So what are y’all getting? Or if you already DID get yours, what did you get???


I also included “Tectonic” and “Silversmith” which concludes my MES collection!

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