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Reader Question: Preventing Eyeliner Smudging

Q: How do you get your eyeliner to not smudge or end up below the eye?

A: To be honest, after a long day, my eyeliner eventually does the same thing, but that’s because after awhile I’ll rub my eyes forgetting I have makeup on! LOL. I use Indelible Gel Eyeliner in “Black Out” from, I mentioned this before in my blog but thought id bring it back to the surface since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about eyeliners lately. It seriously is compared to MAC’s Fluidline in “Blacktrack”. They are both very similar, of course MAC has a larger jar and is actually a tad bit creamier than the Indelible Gel Eyeliner. Also, the Indelible Gel Eyeliner can dry out but can easily be “brought to life” with eyeliner sealant which is also available on, or I use my Homemade Mixing Medium to seal my liner so it stays on and is smudge free.

For you gals that are into the traditional pencil or liquid eyeliner, eyeliner smudges because your lids are producing OIL in which your lid is no longer holding onto your eyeliner like it should.

Try powdering your lids first, concentrating on your lashline and lower lashline as the powder will absorb the oil and lasting longer, I really like Revlon’s Colorstay Pencil and Liquid Eyeliners, for those of you who are not allergic to MAC’s Liquidlast, that one REALLY stays on! (My eyes were irritated when I tried it).

Reader Question: Tightlining & Waterline

Q: Since you are the GURU of eyes, do you have pictures that compare the effect when you just:
1. line your upper and lower lash,
2. line upper, lower lash and waterline
3. and tightline?


A: I usually line my upper and lower lashes, so you can always just refer to some of my looks (FOTD’s) to see how that is done, I seldom do all three including the waterline, I personally have watery eyes due to allergies so I avoid putting liner on my waterline since it’s gone in 5 minutes after I put it on!

But here are some pics on what is called “tightlining” which is basically putting eyeliner on the upper waterline (opposite of your upper lashline), some gals do this for a more natural look.

Eye with tightlining:

A pic of upper and lower lashline lined:

A pic of upper, lower, AND waterline lined, see the difference?

Reader Questions and Testimonials

Q: Hey Nessa!!

I just received the MAC pigment samples in the mail today. I was so excited I tried them all today doing different eye looks. Absolutely love the pigments! THANKS so so much!!

I also bought me some NYX eyeshadows and pearl pigments as well online and it came today as well (don’t have a store closeby that sells NYX). And can’t wait to try them too!! The colors look just as good if not better than MAC brand at way less of a cost!!

BTW, where do you buy your jars to put samples in?? The NYX pearl pigments come in these itty bitty bottles. I would rather stick them in something that my makeup brush can fit into. Can you buy these things at beauty supply stores? Or online?? Curious to know. Also when I do plan on buying the full MAC pigment bottles I’d rather take some out and separate them rather than keep opening up the huge jar and risk letting everything spill!


A: Thank you! I am so glad you received the pigments and enjoyed them as well. Do a look and share with all of us! I bought my sample jars on eBay, but you can also find them on mineral makeup sites if you don’t need that many (as the ones on eBay sell them by the bulk). I also like to use stacks that you screw on top of one another that you can get at craft stores such as Michael’s. Also check out my storage idea for pigments, by CLICKING HERE.


Q: I have an eye liner crisis! I used to use a twist up eyeliner, and my problem was that the color was brown, and it wouldn’t show up very well, and then it would give a dark circle below my eye when i wouldn’t even put the eyeliner there. I would but the eyeliner basically on the little rim on the bottom of my eye, very close to my eyeball. I have recently switched to a black pencil, but sometimes it shows up way too thick. I have tried all the different brands…what do I do?? Also, what do you think of the loreal HIP series? are there any good tips for using it?
Thank you for puting up a website like yours. It is a great resource!


A: If black eyeliner is too dark for you, try using shades lighter than that such as “slate” or “onyx (I use Covergirl gel eye pencils which work great) so it’s not so dramatic as a black eyeliner. Also if you want to stick to brown, I HIGHLY suggest using Indelible Gel Eyeliner in “Chocolate Mousse”, these eyeliners last ALL day, with no smudging whatsoever, especially since it sounds you usually line the top and not the bottoms, then these are perfect! Application is used with a “push brush”, which a flat head eyeliner brush. If you still want to stick to pencils, give Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliners a try, I use them and they last all day as well, no flaking or smudging.

I don’t really like the L’Oreal HIP series personally, I bought their duo eyeshdows and didn’t like them very much, the colors just weren’t for me, I did however purchase their HIP pigments and they are lovely, a decent dupe for the MAC Pigments for you gals on a budget, but I really love the NYX Pearl Mania loose pigments, those are gorgeous!

Reader Question: Allergic reaction to liquid eyeliner

Q: Hey Vanessa!
I just wanted to say I love reading your blog, I read it like a religion, hehe. I’ve always used a stick eyeliner but decided to change to liquid. I bought Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner in Megaliner. When I put it on I got a burning and itching sensation. I didn’t understand why, the only thing I’m allergic to is bleach. Do you have any theories of why this happened? I’m scared to get a different liquid liner now. Thanks!


A: Hi Mary!

I am glad you asked me this because I have the same experience with SOME liquid eyeliners. Prestige liquid eyeliners and surprisingly MAC liquidlast eyeliners give me a burning sensation recently to the point where I find myself scrambling for a makeup wipe to wipe it off because it stings so much! I am not quite sure what causes these allergic reactions, as I don’t experience this with my Revlon Colorstay Liquid eyeliner in “Blackest Black”, nor do I experience this with my Indelible Gel Eyeliner.

I suggest you give the Indelible Gel Eyeliner a shot if you have a steady hand because it’s very soft and creamy, easy to move and use, and perhaps won’t cause such a reaction. Also, try using different drugstore brands such as Maybelline or Covergirl and see if those do the same thing, if you purchase from Rite-Aid (not sure what state you live in), but some drugstores have a very lenient return policy in which you CAN return opened makeup items in the event it doesn’t work out.

Hope that helps!


I was reading reviews on Makeup Alley and A LOT have suggested Avon’s “Transforming Liquid Eyeliner” which is A LOT cheaper and works just the same, if not better. I am definitely going to be ordering this one! Only $2.99 on AVON.COM!

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