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Detailed Eyelash Curler Bargain Find from K-Mart & Comparison

Man the weekends go by so fast! Then it’s back to work…I need a vacation. :)

One more week and I will be in San Francisco! I hope I have time to do a little shopping! So since i’ve been a bit sick, I bought a cow humidifier to ease the dryness in my place and help me sleep better, isn’t it cute? The BF thinks it’s another item to run our electricity bill, haha oh well!

So a few months ago when I bought my Shu Eyelash Curler, I first saw their detailed eyelash curler which is seriously a small baby eyelash curler that gets in the hard-to-reach spots that a regular eyelash curler doesn’t get, such as the outer lashes for a more “winged effect”. I actually was this close to buying it at the time, but my heart didn’t want to spend $16-$17 for that! Then the other day I went into K-Mart and found a VERY GOOD dupe of the Shu detailed mini eyelash curler, by LaCross (the same brand that makes nail clippers, tweezers, etc), and I grabbed the LAST one! Guess how much it was, come on guess! Ok, ok, it was a whopping $2.99! I know not even $5!

So here is the Shu Uemura mini detailed eyelash curler, I couldn’t find a good picture of it online, because here it’s at an angle where it looks like a normal eyelash curler, but it actually looks smaller in size, like half of a normal eyelash curler…

Here is what the Shu one really looks like, this one is the LaCross one but they look identical.

Compared to a normal-sized eyelash curler:

My take? I like it, especially for $2.99 I don’t feel so bad even if I didn’t like it, LOL. But on days I want to be somewhat au naturale, this is good for perking up your peepers and making them look more wide and awake. It’s great for concentrating on the outer lashes and giving that little flare or a wing.

Side note: I love the Shiseido Eyelash Curler I bought from a few weeks ago, it’s really great and another alternative to the Shu eyelash curler, and I bought it on for $10. There is no difference between the two so much (at least in my opinion), although I noticed less pinching with the Shiseido one, but then again I didn’t really use eyelash curlers before so it could be from “user error”.