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Eye Makeup Application Areas

I get a TON of questions on what areas of the eye are what, where to apply certain colors, etc. Like where to contour the eye or what the Outer-V is, so I created an “eye map” of where to apply your eyeshadow(s). “All over the lid” is obviously all over the lid, you might hear “brow bone” that is also the same as highlight. For me, MY crease is the top of where my eyeball naturally sits, not the actual crease. Which is why sometimes I will call it “contour”, because you are creating depth in your eye to make it larger or place the eyeshadow color deeper in this area to bring it out more.

I hope this helps you out, I also included an actual eye pic with various colors so you can see EXACTLY where they should be placed…

*Note this doesn’t have to be done everytime (makeup wise), you can do one color as your lid color for something simple, or make it more intricate. This is just a map of the various areas of the eye to help you when you read “apply on outer-V”, you now know where it should go!