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Haul: Everyday Minerals

I received my Everyday Minerals haul the other day, and I really love their puff jar! You put your mineral foundation in the jar and it goes through the puff so that you can puff away any shine, and there’s even a mirror on top of the jar, it’s pretty neat and definitely cool to carry around in your purse for touch-ups in this hot weather!

Have you ever bought something and said “Why did I buy this?” LOL. Well I bought EDM’s mixing bowls, and I honestly have no idea what possessed me to buy it because I don’t really mix anything, and if I do it’s usually in the jar that houses whatever it is I am mixing. But I like how the bottom of the bowls has the measurement so I might just use it for cooking instead!

EDM Lippies & Blush Swatches

I know I am long overdue for this one, but I am doing each request as soon as possible!

Here are the swatches for Everyday Minerals Lippies “Natural” and “Siesta” as well as the EDM blushes I have. The lippies are in chapstick form, tubing and everything, it’s creamier than chapstick, sorta slippery, I love Siesta, it’s such a gorgeous color. My favorite blushes are “Waffle Cone” and “Email Me”.


I also found time to house my growing lipgloss collection!

Everyday Minerals Haul!

I am SUPER tired. I didn’t sleep for a whole entire day. Meaning I woke up at 12pm SUNDAY, and I haven’t slept since then…why? I suffer from insomnia. I can never sleep on time, and basically my body can be tired, but my mind is WIDE awake. 5AM rolled around and I was STILL awake, there was absolutely no use in trying to fall asleep as I would’ve had to wake up an hour later to get ready for work and because I would feel more tired than if I were to just stay awake…so I just sat in my bed nestled in my down comforter with my iPhone under my pillow just in case I dozed off, my alarm on my phone would blare.

But instead I left for work dreading another Monday stuck in traffic with stupid drivers. I come home only to find I have a much anticipated package waiting for me from Everyday Minerals AND a MAC envelope for an exclusive sneak peak at the N collection!

I thought id blog to save you gals from any boredom! LOL. I received some of your questions (stressedbum and Row) I’ll reply to you ladies tomorrow after I get some much needed sleep! I apologize but my eyes feel heavy like bowling balls!

I bought from EDM: 3 Blushes (Waffle Cone, All Smiles, and Weekend Getaway), I stocked up on Waffle Cone as it is one of my favorite EDM blushes! I also ordered their African Soap (which sounds so delicious with its natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and aloe) to help fight acne and keep skin clean, 2 of their eyeshadows (Scented Candles and Baby Bath, gorgeous colors!), and 2 of their lip balm sticks (Siesta and Natural). I love the Siesta lip color! I also got their new EDM Facial/Makeup Wipes, and OH MY GOSH they smell so delicious! A nice heavenly scent of Lavender and they are quilted to get into tough spots and remove dirt and bacteria. And it’s a big pack of wipes to last a very long time!

I even got the FREE gift since I spent over $30 which were the 3 brushes you see here and “Gingerbread” eyecolor and “Tinsel Time”, both are so beautiful!

I also bought Covergirl “Forever Fig” eyeshadow and NYC “Iced Orchid” Lipgloss, gotta stock up! I love the “Forever Fig” color, it’s a nice deep burgundy/purple color.

SWATCHES (without flash in normal light and with flash)

Everyday Minerals Blushes and Essence of Beauty Brushes

I received my Everyday Minerals haul today! I loved their blush in “Waffle Cone”, so I bought more of their blushes in “Email Me” a light toasty brown, and “Apple”, a rosy color.

The Swatches:

I also stopped by CVS after work to check out more of the Essence of Beauty brushes since they had a BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF SALE and came out with a foundation brush and a large powder brush. I don’t need anymore brushes, but tell a makeup addict that and they don’t understand because to them they don’t have enough.LOL.

I truly, madly, deeply, love Essence of Beauty Brushes, they are seriously a notch below MAC brushes in my opinion, and you cannot beat the price! I am not even kidding, these brushes are soft and high quality, they don’t shed (for me anyway), and they are not scratchy or prickly at all. If you are new to makeup or have a budget, I HIGHLY suggest starting off with these brushes before you go into high-end ones.

I finally got my nails done, I am leaving on Saturday for the Big Apple and thought i’d get my nails looking nice since I have clients to meet, can’t be looking all bummy!

And the bf bought me the cutest barrettes!

My overall haul today, I also got some more falsies and Physician’s Formula Concealer Duo:

FOTD- Using MAC Holiday Smokey Eyes Palette

*Special thanks* to sugababy77 who wrote me such a sweet email! She said to just keep doing videos and to not worry about making mistakes, etc because we are all here to learn makeup and no one is perfect, she made a really good point. I am STILL hesitant about videos, but at least I am comfortable making a fool out of myself haha. Thanks again! I will try and get over my “video fear”…lol

Sorry gals I was in a hurry last night in doing my makeup, it was my best friends birthday dinner so I came home from a long day at work and did it super fast. It’s actually pretty similar to the Smoke Signals Quads, except in ONE palette, in case any of you are wondering. It seriously has remnants of “gentle fumes” and “smoking eyes”.

I will also do a FOTD on the cool eyes palette (for you ladies who asked).

My eyes are always red, no I don’t smoke out haha, my eyes hate this weather right now in Cali, and with the air quality from the fires (I am near Malibu), it’s making my allergies act up!

What I used:

– Philosophy Primer “On a Clear Day”
– Madminerals foundation in Light Medium (a tad bit light on me)
– Bronzer (unknown brand)
– Cheeks: MAC Blush in “Dame”, Everyday Minerals in “Waffle Cone”, MAC Tectonic as highlight

– MAC Paint Pot in “Painterly”
– Antiquitease Mineralized Eyeshadow in “Silversmith”
– Royal Assets Palette in Smokey Eyes
– Indelible Gel Eyeliner in “Black Out”
– Dior Show Mascara


– A beautiful pink color from the LA Girl Palette

I love the LA Girl Lip Palette!

And I am really loving Everyday Minerals blushes! Waffle cone is my favorite!

I had to do a googly face :)

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