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Depotting MAC Blushes

I thought I would do this tutorial since I had a blush I wanted to depot and figured there’s someone out there who probably wants to do the same thing, so I hope it’s useful to some of you! THIS IS THE EXACT SAME METHOD I USE TO DEPOT MAC EYESHADOWS and NYX TRIO EYESHADOWS.

I have heard a few people say that this method ruined their pot, and all I can say is that it was not done right. First of all, this method is easy, but requires patience. You are dealing with heat, so you must take your time and not rush trying to get your pan out. Also, you have to hold the pan at an ANGLE about 2 or 3 inches AWAY from the flame. Not ON the flame or a millimeter away from the flame. It doesn’t have to be a 90 degree angle, but just slanted enough. Holding it directly over the flame may ruin the pan as heat is being distributed in one area of the pan. Remember, you just want the plastic to melt enough to where there is a tiny hole where you can poke right through to release the pan from the plastic molding.

I don’t use my hair straightener because for one, mine doesn’t open wide enough to allow this to just sit there, AND I can’t do the whole balancing act, it just keeps falling off of it, so for me this is my method, but you can do whichever method works best for you.

Grab your blush to be depotted and your palette to house it in…I depotted my “Coygirl” blush:

The two already in the pot are “DollyMix” and Sculpting Powder in “Sculpt” (PRO store):

What you will need: A candle, a flame, small pliers, a tiny screwdriver (not pictured) which is found in eyeglass repair kits, and of course the item to be depotted.

Using the flathead screwdriver from the eyeglass repair kit, gently wedge it into the cracks in the pot, you may have to pry it all the way around for it to loosen. Do not apply too much pressure or force it to pop up because you may ruin the blush/pot, be patient!

Pull the pan out…

Then take your pliers to grip the blush in its plastic molding…

Hold it over the flame for 2 seconds to warm it up…

Then slant the pan OG Style! Wait ’till it starts to melt a tiny hole…

Then place the pan face down gently on a paper towel or napkin, and slowly and lightly push the screwdriver through the hole while the glue is still hot until the pan is released from the plastic molding…

Let it COOL as the glue will still be hot, then transfer it into your empty palette…



Then take a labeler (I love this thing! I bought it to label my paint pots and then started going label crazy!) and label your blushes, etc on the side. Some people will salvage the original stickers from either the box or under the pot, but I don’t really care about peeling ’em off…

Also labeled all my eyeshadow palettes including Milani singles…

Depotting NYX Trio Eyeshadows

So having the boyfriend at work was…well let’s just say interesting. He was in the office before I got there, and when I got to my desk, there was tape under my optical mouse (so it won’t move), then he switched all the keys on my keyboard so then of course the letters were not in the right order so I had to sit there and pop them all out and put them back in its correct order, and then he wrote on each day of my calendar “Jon’s Day”…argh! I love him and yet he frustrates me at the same time! haha…my co-workers of course thought he was just the sweetest and nicest thing ever, IF they only knew what I deal with at home! He seriously tired me out I fell asleep as soon as we got home.

I know many of us have at least one NYX eyeshadow trio if not more, and many of you gals have MAC Palettes that need to be filled to conserve space, so how do you depot your precious NYX eyeshadows?

Read on and find out how! Hope it helps you gals!

I know EnKore has a video on this, but I tried it out his way and it didn’t work out for me as I ended up crushing my eyeshadow and actually took longer for me…so whichever method works for you. :)

Tools you need:

– Tiny FLATHEAD screwdriver (found in eyeglass repair kits in drugstores, the clear square tube with the red cap)
– A candle
– A good pair of tweezers
– A papertowel or a towel (to cushion the eyeshadow when it is depotted)
– Your empty palette that needs to be filled

Your NYX Eyeshadow Trio BEFORE depotting, nicely in tact!

Using the tiny flathead screwdriver from your eyeglass repair kit, gently pry and push the flathead into the side of the eyeshadow palette to pop it up:

It should now look like this:

Then take your tweezers and hold the eyeshadows over a flame, don’t let it actually touch the flame just hold it over until the plastic starts to bubble and melt, you don’t have to leave it there too long, once the plastic starts to melt a bit, the glue inside holding the eyeshadow is already soft enough to be depotted.

The melted plastic should look like this, just melted enough but not too much:

Take a towel or a papertowel and use it to cushion the eyeshadow when you depot it out of its original pan, place the eyeshadows FACE DOWN onto the paper towel (still using the tweezers to hold them, CAREFUL IT’S STILL HOT!) Using your flathead screwdriver, poke through the melted plastic until the eyeshadow pops out. Let it cool on the paper towel or towel before placing it into your palette.

STEP 5: Then its ready to be placed in your palette!

More ULTA eyeshadows and depotting…

Ok, I seriously think I have a problem, well rather- an addiction! I cannot stop buying makeup and I am sure it’s hurting my wallet…lol. I had an impulse to go back to the ULTA store again (for those of you who live near West Hollywood, it’s on Santa Monica Blvd.)

I had to take advantage of their “Buy One, Get One FREE” sale on all their cosmetics, and because I still had 6 empty pots to fill in my palette. I picked up: Flirty, Shell, Deep Sea, Peacock, Bloom, and Tiara.

[The swatches are down below].

I also ordered a few things from, I bought their gel eyeliner pot in “Black out” (similar to MAC’s Fluidline in “Blacktrack”) and their eyeliner sealant to make it last all day. I read great reviews on it and a lot of people swear by it, so we’ll see!

My favorite color from the recent batch I bought, “Flirty”:

The swatches:


This is MY method of depotting my eyeshadows to place into my palettes, I use the tiny screwdriver that is in those “eyeglass repair kits” you see at the checkout at drugstores with the red square top, it has a FLAT head to get wedged in the pot of eyeshadow you are trying to depot.

I then peel and apply the LABELS from the original packaging (my ULTA eyeshadow cases) onto the BACK of my palettes for reference so I don’t forget the color…I use GLUE DOTS (which you can get at a craft store like Michaels) which you stick to the back of the label.


Peel it onto the backing:

And voila!

Now my palette is complete!

NIXIE and ULTA Cosmetics

So I figured out that I can fit my ULTA Eyeshadows along with my Nixie Eyeshadows in the Nixie Well Palettes, so I begun depotting all my ULTA eyeshadows to put in the palette and I am quite pleased that they fit perfectly, which means I can get more ULTA eyeshadows!

So far I bought: Gold Leaf, Amethyst, Gold Olive, Marble, Lustre, Turquoise, Camel, and Sterling. Need to buy Peacock and Cashmere.

Forgot the name of the other one…

Bronze Eyes and Depotting

I got 5 Milani eyeshadows today: Shock, Antique Gold, Atlantis, Garden Mist, and Storm.

I placed them in the ELF magnetic pots after I “depotted” them:

Here is the little tutorial on “bronze eyes”, I think it’s simple, easy, and natural enough for everyday wear, great if you are wearing taupes, tans, and browns:

I used Milani Quad “Earthy Delights”:

I then applied it on my eyes and blended it, with Sephora’s gold glitter eyeshadow:

So it looks like this:

Then I applied Sephora’s cream eyeliner using of course an eyeliner brush:

I then applied the BRONZE cream eyeliner to my LOWER lashes with a Q-tip:

Finished Product:

I bought NYX Eyeshadow in Chick:

And also an ENTIRE NYX Cosmetic Section at LONGS DRUGS (for those of you who are having trouble finding NYX Cosmetics, they have a wide array at Longs)

New find.

I found:

Pretty cool site for makeup artists. I bought the MAC Pro Makeup Palette to fit in 15 eyeshadows or blushes.

EDIT: To depot eyeshadows so you can place them in th pallette, see this visual tutorial on how to do it, CLICK HERE

Also, a lot of people seem to have trouble finding Milani Cosmetics (they have awesome eyeshadows), try CVS Pharmacy or order them online here:

CVS had a Milani Eyeshadow Sale, where they were ALL 50% off, so I bought Antique Gold, Atlantis, and Shock. Of course I will soon be depotting these so that they can fit in my MAC makeup palette!

I have another tutorial coming up as well!