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Cherry Culture Review #1

In case I forgot to tell you, I am officially a “Beauty Editor” for

So here is the first product they sent me as well as my review, it was Jelly Pong Pong’s Gourmet Lip Therapy[weird name I know].

First Review:

Jelly Pong Pong’s Gourmet Lip Therapy

For me, presentation is everything; Jelly Pong Pong’s Gourmet Lip Therapy came in the cutest pop-up box, reminding me of the cute pop-up books I read as a child. I love how small and compact this lip gloss is because I can fit it in my purse or carry it with me in my pocket for easy access!

I have always wanted a lip gloss that did three things: give me incredible long-lasting shine, keeps my lips really soft, and stays on but isn’t too sticky. Lo and behold I found Jelly Pong Pong’s Gourmet Lip Therapy in Real Sugar, it’s honestly the lip gloss I have been searching for. I have tried countless lip glosses and they either have an awful taste (or scent), aren’t moisturizing enough, are super sticky to where you find your hair sticking to your lips, and/or they don’t stay on your lips for a long time. But for me, this lip gloss has the whole package! It has tiny miniscule “sugars”, that feel like the tiny micro-beads in a facial scrub and totally feels like a scrub for your lips, gently exfoliating any dead skin and keeping your lips lusciously soft and kissable all day. I love how it gave me long-lasting subtle shine without the stickiness and has a nice sweet sugary flavor that will have you constantly smacking your lips! My favorite part of this product was the built-in brush, no mess lip gloss oozing out of the tube, no wands- nothing. Just a one step, easy to apply lip gloss. The brush gives you so much control when applying the lip gloss allowing you to display incredible shine right where you want it.

I must admit at first I thought the price was pretty steep, $18 for just a sheer lip gloss, but now that I have had the opportunity to see and use this product for myself, love it! It’s really everything I need in one tube and my lips are super happy because it really stays on and is perfect for layering over lipstick for instant shine. I even ate dinner and it was still on my lips after dinner as if I just put it on! I highly recommend this product to every gal as it is a a definite “must have” item in every girl’s purse. It also comes in other colors/flavors: Cocoa and Honey.

Vanessa and

So this morning I received an awesome email from

Dear Vanessa

Thank you for featuring us at NecessaryMakeup blog site today.[they spelled “nessasary” wrong, well they spelled it right, haha but for me, since I am Nessa, it’s NESSASARY, lol] We would like to invite you to our blogger program.
In this program, we offer the editor 2 free products each month. In return, we ask the editor to review and feature the 2 products at his/her site.
We also ask the right to use the articles at

Let us know if you would like to participate in our program.


How cool is that! Now I have more products for review! I can’t wait to get started!


L.A. Girl Lipgloss Palette from

I finally got my lipgloss palette! I was disappointed that CherryCulture’s Splash Eye Sparkle was out of stock. But they supposedly have a direct discounted boutique here in Los Angeles, so one of these days I am going to check it out.

REVIEW: I love the compact, some of the shades are OK, there are just MOST that I wouldn’t wear, however I DO love the LIP BRUSH it came with, I can use that for my other lipsticks and glosses.

I also received my NYX Chrome eyeshadow in “Lagoon”, to add to my ever-growing collection of NYX. Oh! Also for the reader that asked me about NYX (since she mentioned I can get it at CherryCulture), I only get items I cannot find at my NYX HotSpot (Longs Drugs)online, if CherryCulture offered FREE SHIPPING for all items (not having to spend $40 just to get the free shipping), then I would order from there all the time, but I am the kinda gal that likes to buy things right then and there and have it in my hands rather than track it and wait for it to arrive.

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