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So I went to Sally’s and Rite-Aid and picked me up a few things, more Ardell lashes, Jane Blush (forgot the color, but it reminds me of Luminous), Sally Hansen Diamond Lipgloss in “Nude Shimmer”, nailpolish remover stick, couple of traveling jars, and Ardell dark lash glue.

I also got my haul, I ended up just getting some NYX eyeshadow singles in: “Blondie”, “Burgundy Pearl”, and “Rust”. “Rust” is very similar to MAC e/s in “Cranberry”, although it looks darker in this pic, it’s a tad bit darker but they DO look similar in person in case any of you are wondering…

L to R: Burgundy Pearl, Rust, and Blondie

The three at the bottom, from LEFT to RIGHT: Blondie, Rust, and Burgundy Pearl. The one on top is MAC e/s in “Cranberry” for comparison purposes.

I also got the Lancome Lipgloss in “Seashell” that Lilan from the Daily Cookie was raving about, I also ordered the lipstick in “Desert Pink” which I am waiting for! And Lynne mentioned the NYX lipstick in B52 and I thought it looked gorgeous on her, so I got that one as well. I like the color of that one too!

“Seashell” lipgloss by Lancome: Product Review- Princessa Lipstick

Click here to see my Cherryculture’s Insider’s Pick!

I am not much of a lipstick kind of a gal…mainly because most lipsticks have a weird or overpowering taste, and I have just always loved lipgloss and the subtle color it gives. To be honest, I don’t have high expectations for lipsticks because I usually find myself being disappointed with them, either the color is off, or its the perfect color but it’s too creamy or has a weird taste or smell, but I had the opportunity to try the Princessa lipstick in “Dazzling Pearl” and I was really impressed! When I first received it, I quickly noticed the tubing, it was very compact and cased in a sleek black tube. I liked how the bottom of the lipstick is clear so that you can easily see the color. All the princessa lipsticks are very well pigmented with just a touch of super fine shimmer/glitter, not chunky glitter to where you might look like you are from outerspace, but a nice subtle shimmer which you can sport for any look, anywhere.

I was really happy with the color I received, “Dazzling Pearl” is a the perfect nude color, a light nude brown, with a hint of sparkle. It’s just absolutely gorgeous on the lips for any complexion in my opinion, and I think it’s perfectly paired with a smokey eye look. If it seems to “wash you out”, you can always use a taupe or brown lip liner to give it more depth and add some lipgloss for voluptuous lipss. Also, the taste or smell of this lipsticksis very subdued and not overpowering like other lipsticks, and it has a nice pleasant scent, very tolerable compared to other lipsticks I have tried. I honestly loved this lipstick so much that I ordered all the other colors too! My other favorites are “Dazzling Ginger” and “Sparkling Coral”. My mom was here for the holidays, and I gave her a couple of the other colors I ordered since she loved how it looked and she too loves the colors.

I am just so obsessed with these lipsticks right now and all the gorgeous colors Princessa has, and mostly because of the amazing price! At $1.99 a piece it definitely beats a lot of other lipsticks including both drugstore brands and high end brand lipsticks. I have tried everything from Revlon to Nars, and this is definitely up to par and right up my alley. Now that I found a great lipstick, I am definitely sticking to it and I now can say I am a “lipstick kind of a gal”!

CherryCulture Haul & Nocturnelle FOTD/Tutorial (look from video)

**WHAT!? Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant, at 16!! Babies having babies! I don’t understand why some people just can’t keep their legs closed, you would think Lynn Spears would tighten the reigns after Britney, but noooooooo, or as my co-worker Mike said, “You can take the Spears’out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park outta the Spears”. LOL

I received my haul today! I am enamored by their Princessa lipsticks so I ended up ordering more colors, as well as a glitter eyeliner, another LA Colors eyeshadow palette (I am in love with these things), NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in “Penny” which is STUNNING, and an NYX Eyeshadow Trio (blues). My favorite Princess lipsticks are the “Dazzling Pearl” (review soon!) and “Dazzling Ginger”. I am selling some of these to you ladies who don’t have access to these products or anyone that is just interested in general. I am preparing for my NEXT MAKEUP SALE! I am awaiting a few more packages to arrive in the mail and there’s gonna be TONS of cool stuff you can get your hands on! But below is a SNEAK PEAK!

L to R: Pink Diamonds, Dazzling Gold, Dusty Rose

Swatches of the Princessa lipsticks (BRAND NEW FOR SALE, $5 including shipping):

LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette in “Girls Night Out”


For sale, BRAND NEW hard to find C-Shock Eyeshadows, “Big T” and “Romping”, $20 EACH including shipping and packaging (sent with tracking/priority mail).

And an eye I did using C-Shock eyeshadows in “Eyepopping” and “Wondergrass”, I love these eyeshadows, they are so pretty and vibrant, definitely right up my alley! I didn’t put eyeliner or mascara or anything, I just wanted to play with them and see how they’d look…I love ’em!


A reader asked about my makeup in one of my recent videos, so here is a quick tutorial, it was actually very easy as I really only used “Beautiful Iris” and “Nocturnelle”…

My 4th palette (mostly purples), for this look all you need is “Nocturnelle” and “Beautiful Iris”:

STEP 1: Apply your UDPP or base eyeshadow/primer, paint pot, whichever you use…

“Beautiful Iris” dupe is NYX Eyeshadow in “Frosted Lilac”

Then take “Nocturnelle” (DUPE is probably NYX eyeshadow in “Beauty Queen”) and apply it to the outer half of your lid as shown and contour your eye as well

Your eye should look like the eye on your left, see the difference between the other eye without nocturnelle?

STEP 4: Highlight and line!

Cat eye:

Product Review ( NYX Concealer Jar

Here is my insider’s pick for NYX Concealer Jar!

I am such a sucker when it comes to buying concealer because I am willing to try any concealer to cover up my dark circles and any other blemishes that occasionally pop up. I have bought tons of concealer from drugstores to even high-end brands, and have had mixed results in the sense that some were okay and did the job, but none that really outlasted in terms of performance and giving me a fresh-awakened look to last all day—until now.

I tried the NYX Concealer in a Jar and let me tell you how amazing this miracle in a bottle is! First of all, the packaging. It is so cute! It’s a tiny round jar, but don’t let the size fool you! It has A LOT of concealer in side to last you a very long time, and what I love is how tiny it is to even keep in your purse for any touch ups. Second, it’s very creamy and glides on easily. I use a concealer brush, scrape some of the concealer in the jar, and DAB it from the inner corner of my eye to the outer to cover up my dark circles, and then DAB with my finger or a wedge-sponge to blend together. You don’t want to wipe the concealer from side to side because that just takes off some of the concealer and you will end up using more giving you a cakey look, and instead whatever you are trying to conceal is much more noticeable and prominent. You just want to use a little bit and dab it across, a little goes a long way with this concealer!

I have tried concealers that were TOO water-based and ended up sliding off under my eyes, making me look even more tired, worst of all, when you are trying to conceal a red pimple and it fades off so that everything shows! I even had concealers that were super thick that once I put my foundation over it, you can see that it settled in the lines and was very cakey. I also hated those concealers that claim to be waterproof and last all day, but wouldn’t even make it to lunch time! But with this NYX Concealer jar that is NEVER a problem and what I truly enjoyed was that it lasted all day with me. I was also hunting for a concealer that gave me the same look as the moment I put it on, ’till the time I came home after a long day at work; and this definitely does it. For you gals on a budget looking for a good dupe of MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Concealer.

Here is a pic of Sugabum from ABB (Asianbeautyblog), who took a pic of the concealer and compared it to a higher-end (and way more expensive)concealer, Makeup Forever, just proves that drugstore brands can be just as good, if not better, than expensive brands!

Poll Results and Beauty Insider Article!

UPDATE: Feed buttons have finally been implemented, it’s located right below the “about me” in the right hand column, so feel free to subscribe to the feed pertaining to whichever you use (Google, etc) that way you never miss a post!

So the poll results were that most of you CANNOT live without…Mascara! It was then followed by foundation and lipgloss.

My answer? I cannot live without Chapstick, shocking eh?!

Anyway, the new article for Cherry Culture is published,check it out!

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