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Product Review: Amuse Diamond Palette


This diamond makeup kit by Amuse is such a mega palette, probably the biggest I have ever owned! This palette contains 48 soft and smooth, almost metallic, eye-popping eye shadows, 4 chunky glitter eye shadows and 1 light pink matte blush. It also comes with two separate eye shadow applicators for the eye shadows, the blush and the glitter eye shadows. This diamond makeup kit truly lives up to its name because it’s just filled with tons of shimmer and glitter.

The Amuse Diamond Makeup Kit personally isn’t a palette I would enjoy because at the age of 26, I have gotten over the glitter phase, however some of the eye shadows are perfect because they are not glittery, just the perfect shimmer, while some of the eye shadows are sheer. The one thing I noticed about Amuse eye shadows is that they have a very strong fragrance to their eye shadows, and I immediately noticed this even before I took the palette out of the box. It’s not a horrible smell or anything, just unusual for makeup in general to smell like that. The eye shadows itself have a tiny flower pattern on them and I felt like this was a palette for little girls with the way it was made, because the colors are so delicate. I think it’s definitely a palette that fits more of my sister’s taste who is seventeen years old; since she doesn’t need a lot of coverage or makeup in general, these eye shadow colors are perfect for her age because they aren’t too sheer, but not too pigmented either to where it would be too much. The eye shadows itself are really soft to the touch and you get a lot of color in one swipe. They almost have a “metallic-look” to it.

The palette itself has tiny round dome windows on the cover above each eye shadow so that you can see the color in the palette. As much as I love palettes because they are somewhat of a space saver, this palette is too large for my liking and therefore it’s not one I can really carry on board if I were to travel, or a palette that I can just put in my purse or makeup bag. But for the gals that do love glitter and shimmer, this is a nice palette to just keep on your dresser or vanity because there are really lots of colors to choose from and it’s $14 on

Cherry Culture Product Reviews

For those of you who are new to reading my blog, I am also a beauty editor for, let me emphasize that I do not work for them, I simply write and contribute articles and product reviews for some of their products, which you can find in their INSIDER’S PICK. So please do not ask me about them in terms of shipping, when they are re-stocking on a certain item, etc because I do not have answers for those questions as I do not work for them. Occasionally I will be posting these reviews also here on my blog…ALL my product reviews (personal and for CC) are ALL honest and my opinion. I try to see pros and cons for each product (unless there isn’t any of either).

Amuse Sheer Mineral Blush

I love blushes! I “collect” them as if they are priceless baseball cards, and I think the reason I am obsessed with them is because they give anyone of any complexion a nice glow and really brings a dull, sullen look back to life with a natural flush of color. I also love blushes because when I want to sport a natural look or don’t have a lot of time in the morning to get ready, a little blush makes me look awake and fresh. I especially like those neutral brown colored blushes that have a little shimmer because I use them as a bronzer to give a nice natural sun-kissed glow during the summer.

I tried the Amuse Sheer Mineral Blush Shimmer in “Dusty Rose”, but to my surprise it was more of a sheer shimmery baby pink color, rather than the medium rose color I was expecting. The Amuse Mineral blush comes in a potted jar filled up to the rim. The one thing I wish this blush had was a sifter in the jar to control the amount of blush you need as well as preventing mass spillage. Since a sifter isn’t included, you end up picking up more product than you want or need and makes it hard to travel with as some of it may seep through the sides.

The mineral blush itself has no weird smell to it, and comes on very smooth. I personally did not like the color I received, it was too light of a pink for my complexion and skin tone, and it was just way too shimmery for me making my face look shiny. Also the blush seemed too finely-milled and somewhat ‘thin’, almost like the texture of flour, that it did not stay on my face all day or at least for the majority of the day and ended up coming off after a few hours, and especially since it has been so hot in California where I live, I need a blush that lasts, which is why I like powder blushes or mineral blushes that are a bit more “gritty”, so it holds onto your face a lot better.

I do think it’s a lovely blush, but perhaps the color I picked was just not for me, for $2.99 a pop though, you have nothing to lose, and you can try all or a couple colors out.

Kleancolor Dreamy Kiss Lipgloss

I absolutely love lip glosses and lipsticks, I love them so much that I probably have more lip glosses than anything else in my makeup collection! I had the opportunity to try Kleancolor’s Dreamy Kiss Lip gloss in “Tea Rose”, which is such a pretty color! It’s a medium rosy pink, no shimmer, and the perfect amount of shine, which is why I love lip glosses because of the amazing shine it gives lips, making your lips appear more luscious and fuller.

It feels very moisturizing on my lips, the second I apply it; without that thick sticky-ness that many people hate about lipglosses. It also stayed on my lips a lot longer than other lip glosses I have tried, both low and high end makeup brands, where I found myself constantly having to re-apply my lip gloss throughout the day. The color itself was very pigmented, yet sheer at the same time, so you have a nice balance of color, not too sheer and not to over powering. The lip gloss packaging itself is cute and contains a lot of product; its long clear tubing where the color of the lip gloss is visible so you can easily see and grab the color you want and the wand itself is a doe foot sponge-tip so you can achieve the perfect pout every time!

The only thing I wasn’t too fond of about this lip gloss was the smell and taste of it, and I am sure it’s different for everyone. I am usually pretty stoic when it comes to taste and smell because I can get used to certain flavors and scents, but this particular lip gloss had a weird plastic smell and taste to it, it’s kinda hard to describe; but it goes away once it’s on your lips, which makes me think it just might be the plastic tube. Other than that, I just love the color and the feel of this lip gloss, I can only imagine how gorgeous the other colors are. The Kleancolor Dreamy Kiss Lip Glosses come in 9 mouth watering colors: Clear, Rust, Clear Red, Natural, Light Pink, Beige, Pearl Glitter, Tea Rose, and Glow, some of them have shimmer/glitter in it if you want something with a little more gleam. These yummy glosses are only $2.00 each making it a no-brainer to get every color.

Styli-Style Flat Pencils
Everyone loves an easy to use eyeliner that just glides on smoothly and doesn’t tug. I personally like the Styli-Style ‘Line & Seal’ so I was sure that I would love the Styli-Style Flat Pencils! The one thing that bothers me about normal eyeliners (rounded tip liners), is simply that- their rounded tip. It doesn’t cover a lot of surface area nor does it allow you to create a thick, even line without having to apply a few layers of eyeliner just to get the desired look, then only leave you with a smudgy mess at the end of the day, giving you major raccoon eyes!

With the Styli-Style Flat eyeliner pencils, it really changes the way we look at eyeliners in general; its flat tip makes it easier to hold giving you an amazing grip, as well as giving you an even line of pigmented color making it the ideal eyeliner to line both the upper and lower lash line. It’s honestly virtually fool proof in the sense that even if you don’t know how to apply eyeliner, it will be a cinch when using any of the Styli-Style Flat Eyeliners.

I had the opportunity to try one of these Styli-Style Flat Pencils (in the color “Venice”) which is a such a gorgeous turquoise color that can make any eye color pop and it’s the perfect color for the summer! What’s great about these pencils is that they are multi-purpose, meaning you can use the thin side to line your eyes and lips, and the thicker side for eyeshadow or lipstick application. It’s also hypo-allergenic and 100% waterproof which is a major plus for me considering that I look for makeup that can withstand and last in this sweltering California heat and surpass sweat and/or tears.

Since it’s a flat pencil, this means that you cannot sharpen it using just any sharpener, you need to purchase the Styli-Style pencil sharpeners especially made for the flat pencils.

The Styli-Style pencils are only $7.50 each on, and come in a range of colors: Venice (turquoise), Berlin (chestnut), London (green/black), Rio (tanzanite), Madrid (dark blue), Vienna (Italy Blue), and Rome (purple). I think these pencils are essential in any girl’s makeup bag, and there’s definitely a color for everyone- from the natural, earth-tone loving gal to the bold, daring gal! Product Review: NYX Black Label Lipstick in “Dusty Rose”

I love lipsticks and lipglosses and my makeup collection consists more of both than eyeshadows or blushes. My favorite? NYX lipsticks! I have always been an avid fan of their “Round Lipsticks” (my favorites colors in the Round Lipstick Series are “Rea”, “Thalia”, and “Pandora”), so I was really excited to give their “Black Label” series a try. I chose “Dusty Rose” which a gorgeous medium pink, essentially a rose pink, which gives a nice natural subtle color on the lips, perfect to wear anywhere with any outfit.
The casing of the black label lipsticks are a bit bigger and thicker than the NYX round lipsticks, but it’s every bit of “high class” and decadence at an unbelievable price of $7. The lipstick itself comes on velvety smooth and creamy, and with just the right amount of pigmentation in just a few swipes. What I love about the NYX Black Label lipstick, is that it isn’t dry nor does it make your lips dry. It is very moisturizing and there is no odd smell or odd taste with this lipstick, unlike other lipsticks I have tried. And if you already have tried the NYX round lipsticks and loved them (I know I did!), then you are definitely in for a treat! You will love the NYX Black Label lipsticks and you will not be disappointed because you get so many great things in one tube: great price, quality lipstick with great pigmentation, and it’s moisturizing; not to mention how many colors there is to choose from.

They have a good amount of colors to choose from and the bottom base of the lipstick is clear so you can see what color it is from the outside, making it easy to choose your color of choice. It’s really refreshing that NYX constantly expands their line, adding more eye shadows, premium brushes, lipglosses, and of course lipsticks. They have come up with so many variations, formulas, and different colors that for sure you will find one to tickle your fancy or to even match every outfit!

(No primer) Product Review: Eyeko Fat Lip Balm

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

I love lip balms and virtually every chapstick that can moisturize and soften my lips (and doesn’t have a funky smell or taste). Especially around this time of the year, my lips take a beating and become so dry and chapped, at times to the point where the soft skin on my lips start to flake and can be so painful. Usually I opt for chapstick rather than lipstick because I am all about comfort and would rather work on getting my lips conditioned rather than having lipstick on that would further dry my lips.

I had the opportunity to try Eyeko’s Minty Fat Lip Balm in “Minty”, and let me tell you how much I love this cute thing! I have always like big fat lip balms because they cover so much more lip area to ensure you get every little spot! The packaging was beyond adorable, it’s about 3 inches tall, perfect to take anywhere, it’s baby pink with cute designs on it, and has a cap that stays on. I can’t tell you how many times my lip balms and other chapsticks get ruined because eventually their caps get loose and don’t stay on the stick or the chapstick itself breaking off the stick for becoming too soft or too small, causing them to be more prone to breakage. With Eyeko’s Minty Fat Balm, there’s so much product- a fat stick of balm- that makes it so sturdy and worth every penny. You never feel like you may be applying too much pressure for it to break. It’s also in a convenient twist-up tube.

This lip balm itself is very moisturizing, doesn’t have a funky smell or taste at all, it smells and tastes like a nice vanilla mint, and I LOVE the cool tingly feeling it gives you on your lips that tells you it’s doing its job! It really stays on your lips so you don’t have to re-apply often and I have noticed such a tremendous difference. I have been using it for about a week now and I love how soft and supple my lips feel after using this. The color of the lip balm is a nice sheen baby pink, giving your lips a nice sheer clear pink tint.
There are two other yummy fruit flavors to tickle your fancy: Strawberry and Rapberry, each has their own unique flavor and sheer color. The price however may be a little steep for some, $13 each; which may be pricey for just a lip balm/chapstick, but they give you a lot of product that’ll last awhile, and it’s really unlike any other lip balm I’ve tried in which others have had a weird nasty wax feeling. This lip balm has a nice soft natural feeling to your lips I think you’ll like!

Product Review: Amuse Palette

I know…finally right! Sorry, it’s hectic in my world, I wish I could blog all day, unfortunately I also have a real job and surprisingly a life, LOL! I actually write my posts in advance sometimes and save it as a draft, then I just publish it one by one. It’s much easier that way for me…since I love writing, I just break things into sections. :)

I originally submitted this review for the Amuse Palette to Cherry Culture for my Insider Pick (where you can purchase this palette), but they used the KleanColor Palette article instead, so I thought id write one here.

4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Color-Payoff: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

Price: $8 (not including shipping)

What it is: It’s a medium-sized eyeshadow palette with a wide range of color, featuring 2 blushes on the bottom, the darker blush can be used for light contouring or bronzing. Also comes with sponge-tipped applicators and a tiny brush (not pictured).

What I like about it: Comes in a variety of awesome colors in a nice easy-to-open compact palette with a mirror. They are VERY pigmented and have great color payoff, yes similar to MAC if not better, it goes on easily to a smooth finish, and stays on too! Seriously the color payoff is incredible for it being only $8! It’s also great for traveling or for touch-ups, you can just pop this baby in your purse. I think the blushes are cool too, haven’t tried the darker one, but it’s matte so it may be nice for contouring or bronzing. The light one gives a nice flush of rose.

What I don’t like about it: Each POT is too small for me that at times it’s grueling trying to get your sponge-tipped applicator in there or brush to pick up some color, but you adjust to it easily. There’s also a perfume/grandma type smell, nothing bad or nasty, just a perfum-y smell, it’s just weird to me for eyeshadows to have a fragrance…

I like this palette a lot, and it’s cheap! You get so many colors to choose from and all for $8, I like how it has a mirror, blushes, and applicators. Makes it a lot easy to use and readily accessible for a gal on the go!

***There are NO individual names for the eyeshadows, so I did it by ROW (L to R).

Palette with FLASH:

Pigmentation: Product Review: Kleancolor Eye Palette

I’ve always been such a fan of palettes; you name it, eye palettes, lipgloss palettes, and multi-use palettes. I love the mere convenience of having everything- all your favorites, in one easy to carry palette. Since I focus on the eyes a lot when I do makeup, I like having a wide array of eyeshadow colors available in case I need to switch up a look, or simply to match an outfit. I have MAC palettes, but they are way too large to be carrying in my purse just for a touch up, so the Kleancolor eyeshadow palette is a great alternative to a large eyeshadow palette on a much smaller, convenient scale.

The Kleancolor palette is a small compact palette of 9 gorgeous eyeshadow colors. I really liked the small casing as it really was a perfect fit in my makeup bag. Just looking at the eyeshadows, I was really expecting it to have poor color payoff and being left with very sheer, hard to apply eyeshadows. I swatched a couple of colors on my arm and I was really surprised how pigmented they were! Totally what I was NOT expecting! The color payoff (pigmentation) was beyond amazing, and I got a lot of color on the first swipe, and I really liked all the colors.

The only thing I didn’t like about this palette, is how small each eyeshadow pan is. It’s super tiny and obviously it is tiny so that it can be very compact, however I do wish it was a bit larger for better application. It was so small I can barely get my pinky finger in the pan enough to grab some color to test. But with the sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator included (and handy), it definitely does the job. I picked Pixi, which a bright colored palette, but there are other palette colors available for a soft or neutral look such as: “Classic”, “Brown Sugar” and “Blue Sky” which tailors to brown-neutral loving gals, or even those who want to be more daring and opt for a more bolder, darker, smoky look.

But with such a great price at $4 each, you seriously cannot go wrong. The price for all four palettes is the price of ONE high-end eyeshadow! And look at the wide array of colors you have to choose from! NYX and L.A. Colors have been one of my favorites when it comes to affordable cosmetics, but I have to say that Kleancolor has got me checking to see all their other items! Also because of its cute compact size, they make great gifts or even stocking stuffers around Christmas time!

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