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So I am trying to look for some unique makeup brushes, the problem is, I personally DO NOT use makeup brushes with animal hair. Not so much as I am an animal-lover, but because it’s just gross to me, to put animal hair on your frikkin’ face! :)

All the brushes I wanted were made out of either goat(angora), squirrel, boar, mongoose, raccoon, pony, and sable hair. I NEED MAN-MADE SYNTHETIC HAIR BRUSHES!!

I found a few…I will re-edit this post soon with my findings….right now I am getting frustrated how there isn’t too many brushes with man-made hair!

So after countless hours today looking for the perfect SYNTHETIC brush for my mineral makeup, I found… brush! With a short handle for better control. Only $9.50 on

Im a FAN…..brush.

*For the everyday minerals, Christiana suggests that the warm shade “buttered tan” goes with a majority of Asian complexions.

**Also, Marie, yeah those brushes are from CVS, you can get the whole “Essence of Beauty” brushes from CVS, Wal-Mart has some great brushes too, but nothing beats E.L.F (

This is my next purchase, a FAN brush. It’s perfect for blending, even mineral makeup, AND it whisks away makeup that fell on your cheek.

You can CUSTOMIZE your own makeup palette for ONLY $1 EACH!

I found this Mineral Powder to go by Alison Raffaele, you can basically put your mineral powder in the handle and store it in your purse for touch ups! No mess! ($34.00)

All Over Cool Stick from EyesLipFace

I am also dying to try Philosophy’s Supernatural Airbrush Foundation which is a 4-in-1: concealer, foundation, powder and SPF. It’s similar to Bare Minerals….but without the mess, nothing on your bathroom sink, no veils, no tapping, nothing! And I read some great reviews on it…so we’ll see!

Next up: White eyeliner to make eyes WIDER!

I think i’ll be stopping by Sephora after work…


After a long day at work, my face lit up when I saw the package by my door, “MY MINERALS!” I shrieked.

I haven’t tested them out yet, but on my hand so far I love the glittery face blush and the intensive natural beige foundation. They are super tiny of course since they are samples, but if I do like them, you bet i’ll be ordering more!

A tip from LoKitty about clumping mascara, all they need is a good wash! “may sound weird, but you can. clumping is usually caused by dried mascara on the wand. so every once in a while, take the wand, and with some mild soap and warm water, clean off all the mascara, then put it back in and pump a couple of times, take it out and repeat. this should help with the clumping! “

I also bought a couple of crease brushes because I was looking for some small brushes to gain better control for crease or corner application, of course they are from Essence of Beauty.

I bought some gradient black eyeshadows called “Runway Eyes” from Milani:

And lastly, my brown bag I bought with one of the giftcards I got for my bday:


I have been getting some more requests for more tutorials, and I promise i’ll post some soon, I apologize as I have been incredibly busy with some new projects, and it’s been taking up most of my time. I realize how hard it is to balance everything I love to do, and yet meet the demands and deadlines of things that depend solely on me.

Here is the link of an AUDIO tutorial on how to do the “smoky-eye” look: CLICK HERE

My co-workers all chipped in and got me a Sephora gift card for my birthday, I haven’t really bought anything special other than a few items, I bought more of the Sephora Makeup Base, I just love the smell, and I bought Stila Eyeshadow with the Refill Pan in Chinois($16), and some travel brushes to put in my purse.

The magnetic refill pan for Stila eyeshadows ($2)

I love this blending brush by Stila ($24)

Avon has this new palette by MARK, and they are cool pop-up pots, you can choose from eyeliner, lipgloss, and eyeshadows and it’s fully customizable!

I also like their ‘Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint’ ($6), it is clear in the tube, but once it’s on your lips turns a shade of pink that works with your body chemistry.

Here is a pic of my new makeup bag from LeSportsSac:

And my travel brushes:

Where can I get cheap makeup brushes?

Hi Vanessa,

I read your makeup blog and I have a question regarding brushes. Where can I find good brushes that won’t cost me a fortune? Thanks!

A: I absolutely LOVE Sonia Kushuk’s makeup brushes (I currently own the roll away bag set). You can find them at Target and she sells sets of brushes for only $20…and that’s how much ONE MAC brush costs! I also like the brushes they have at Wal-Mart, they have an awesome, long-lasting FOUNDATION BRUSH (see profile photo with it in my mouth hehe). Or I also like these Elf brushes which are SUPER cheap, like each brush is only $1.00! And don’t forget to clean your brushes!

Here are some links and pics:

Here is the link for that one on the target website: CLICK HERE

Foundation brush from Wal-Mart (brand new still in the case haha), ($2.99)

ELF Brushes:

Clean your brushes!

I bought this brush cleaner at CVS months ago for $5 and it’s really great for cleaning all your makeup brushes, as well as also being affordable.

I walk into MAC and Sephora and they have brush cleaner that is just wayyyyy too pricey especially since it’s only to clean your brushes, you shouldn’t have to spend a grip, even of you are on a really tight budget, mild soap and water will do.

Anyways, back to this brush cleaner I bought, a few sprays on your brushes should do the trick, then just use a paper towel to dry them, or leave them out overnight so its ready to use in the morning!

The only CON I have about this product is the smell. It smells like alcohol of course, which is gross to me.

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