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Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Review

Hello my lovelies! How are you all doing? I know I am a slacker! Forgive me! :)

Did anyone see Michael Jackson’s Memorial at the Staples Center? I thought it was such a sweet tribute to the King of Pop, and the montage of him and his daughter’s words brought me to tears. I am an 80’s baby, and I grew up loving his songs, watching “Thriller” over and over again- my favorite song is “Rock with you”, and it’s definitely one of those songs you turn up in the car! It’s sad we lost a legend so soon…I didn’t realize how close his parents’ house was to my work, literally like 5 minutes away. Of course the streets are blocked due to the overwhelming crowds, but I hope he knows how much people loved him and his music. :)

So I had a reader question ask me what the difference was between the MAC Fix+ Spray and the Model in a Bottle, the MAC Fix+ spray in a nutshell is a simple concoction of water, glycerin, and witch hazel (among other things), but mainly is a refreshing water spray that I personally use to mix with facial masks or even the Ly-Na Pearl Cream, or even just as a refresher on a hot day. Sometimes I also use it on my beauty blender sponge to apply my mineral foundation wet or to thin out liquid foundation. The Model in a Bottle is an actual setting spray that doesn’t budge your makeup, it mattifies it and sets it so there is no need for touch-ups throughout the day. You spray it on over your makeup a few inches away from your face (eyes closed), and let it dry. It may feel sticky at first but goes away and then feels like normal. Great for hot days! I will try and do a comparison soon (with and without it). You’ll notice your makeup lasts a lot longer than without!

Anyway, at the Makeup Show LA months ago, I picked up the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner, at the shows the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Kit is only $20 and includes the canister with the grate, 2 brush cleaning wipes for traveling or on the go, a travel size spray, and a large 16oz. bottle that will last you a long time!

The grate itself is removable, and you clean your brushes against this for thorough cleaning. You can then clean the jar and grate when you are done and let it dry for next time. The best part about this brush cleaner is that it dries you brushes IMMEDIATELY. No waiting needed (except larger brushes such as buffer or face brushes as these might take longer to dry). The scent itself is citrus, nothing atrocious.

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: Varies, can buy individually
Would I buy again? Yes
Where to buy? Various stores online, such as,, etc.


– Cleans brushes quickly and thoroughly, dries immediately.
– Canister comes with a grate to help clean your brushes, washable and re-usable.
– The show kit/price comes with a lot for $20, and the 16oz. bottle will last you awhile!
– Canister is easy to travel with, great for makeup artists.
– Has a travel size (2oz) spray.


– I am not too fond of the citrus smell (that goes for everything even oranges! I hate citrus-y scents for some weird reason)
– Canister itself isn’t too big, therefore cannot clean huge face brushes.

Overall: It’s currently my favorite brush cleaner, and it’s unique. Very easy to clean brushes on a whim and I LOVE that it dries my brushes as quickly as I take it out and pat it on a paper towel. It’s not damp- it’s completely dry. Definitely recommend!

Eco Tools Brushes-Go Green!

I love Eco Tools, although I DO wish they put more products out there of their line that cater to the makeup market because it’s just fabulous! And the best part is that you know you are doing your part in helping preserve the Earth’s natural resources because their tools are made by natural material such as bamboo (such as the handles), the ferrule is made by recycled aluminum, and the bristles itself are synthetic man-made taklon bristles.

I have talked about Eco Tools in the past, and I recently bought their 5-piece set which includes 4 makeup brushes: a baby kabuki, a mineral powder brush, a blending eyeshadow brush, and a concealer brush (which could also be good for applying loose pigments wet!), and a pouch made out of natural cotton and hemp.

So you may ask:

Are they soft? How do they compare to other brushes such as MAC?
A: They are REALLY soft! They are not scratchy at all and the best part is that I personally have not experienced any shedding of the bristle hairs when washing these brushes. They are just as good as MAC, I mean MAC brushes, expensive as they are, are not the BEST brushes. They too, shed and get scratchy after awhile. Their face brushes are great, but their eye brushes are not top notch on my list. I use Crown Brushes which are just as great and A LOT cheaper too. But I like how I can take comfort knowing that the Eco Tools are environmentally friendly. :)

How much are they?
A: This set alone was only $10. For the ENTIRE thing. And individual full size brushes are anywhere from like $4.99-$8.99 just to give you an idea of how much they usually run…

Where can I find them?
A: You can find them at Longs, Walgreens, Target, as well as other similar stores.

MAC Collection- Brunette, Blonde, & Redhead

I picked up a few things from this collection, and even though I am a brunette, I ended up buying from the other ‘hair colors’ instead! LOL. The lipsticks and lipglasses are really pretty, although I just ended up getting “Red Devil”, “Strawberry Blonde” lipglasses and “Flip” eyeshadow. “Red Devil” is a bright coral-pinkish color with shimmer and “Strawberry Blonde” is a gorgeous medium rose pink with shimmer. I also picked up the #226 brush which is the baby of my #138 rosebud brush. This brush is PERFECT for contouring eyeshadow on the crease as it’s small tapered tip shades those tiny areas perfectly. Here is the eye map diagram I made again just so you can see the various areas you can use this brush for…

And here it on the very right compared to some of the other blending brushes I have, as you can see it’s quite unique!

Also, I will be answering more of your reader questions soon (hopefully in between Gossip Girl commercials!), but many of you asked where you can get the beauty blender sponges and you can get them at various places, like beauty stores such as Planet Beauty, or online from my friend Robyn, or even Amazon. To see my review on it as well as a quick demo on how to use it, CLICK HERE.

So here is my haul from the collection as well as a few impromptu swatches, “Strawberry Blonde” is such a gorgeous color!

Closer look at “Strawberry Blonde”:

We had a photographer take updated pictures of the staff at work (as they go in our email signature) since we hired so many people since the last time, and of course me and my best gals at work had to squeeze in something funny while the photog tested the lighting…

How to make the brush holder jars like Sephora

I know there are also other tutorials and such on how to make the brush holder jars like the ones at Sephora, but I also put my own spin on it by adding a few gems to the jar to give it a little pizazz. My OLD brush jar was a mesh pen holder I got from Office Max, and I was quickly growing out of it! So I transferred all the brushes from the old holder into a clear glass jar of similar height from Michaels for only $2.99. It comes with a lid which I just took off. I then bought a transparent vase filler, which are tiny round “bubbles” that will hold your brushes in place.

You do not need to fill it half way because when you add you brushes it rises up (like when you have a glass of water and add ice cubes, there’s “more” water).

The glue gun and jewels I used to decorate the jar are also from Michael’s.

Video & Tutorial: How I Clean My Brushes

**Edit** Readers Joanne and Jessica got their brush cleaner jars today and they have refills 2 in a pack for $3.99! I guess my Michaels didn’t have it… :(

Cleaning your makeup brushes is important. Why? Because we constantly use it on our face, and to prevent bacteria from accumulating on our brushes, then in turn put it on our face, we need to clean our brushes at least twice a week and/or use brush cleaning wipes in between.

You can use baby shampoo as a means to clean your brushes, it is safe and gentle on a baby’s head, so it’s safe and gentle for your brushes. It’s also great if you want something quick and easy to get, as well as those of you beauties on a budget. Avoid brush cleaners that have a high concentration of alcohol which can lead your brushes to be dry and brittle. I used to use CVS’s “Essence of Beauty” brush cleaner which had a horrible smell and made my brushes nasty.

I use MAC’s Brush Cleaner because it really works effectively in thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting my brushes and there’s no horrible smell. ($11,

I bought this brush cleaning jar at Michaels (a craft store) for I believe around $5 or $6. It’s in the same aisle as where all the acrylic paints are (I was originally in that aisle to look for materials to paint) and there it was. It has a sponge at the bottom that has tiny hair-like bristles to help the brush cleaning process. You just can take it out and clean the sponge after each use and let it dry. (Watch the video for more info).

I posted some pictures here for you ladies at work and who can’t watch YouTube vids on the job, LOL.

1. Pour some of MAC’s brush cleaner in the jar, pour enough to wear the sponge is saturated, you do not have to fill the jar up or even halfway, just enough to where the sponge is soaked.

2. Start cleaning each brush and watch all the dirt transfer to the sponge as you swirl each brush around…

3. When you are done cleaning all your brushes, take out the dirty sponge…

4. Rinse it under the faucet until it’s completely white again…

5. Let it dry!

6. Enjoy your newly cleaned brushes!

Watch the video:

Video: Crown Brush Review

I hardly have rants, but I really hate verification codes, especially the one on MySpace, they have a bunch of letters and numbers that look like they’re melting and a bunch of squiggly lines running through it, like how the heck am I supposed to read that?! I have bad eyes as it is, and on top of that, it’s the frustration when you type it in wrong and having to repeatedly type in the correct one, aye dios mio! I just thought that was funny…lol.

Anyway, thanks to Trinh (Spankedelic), we swapped items from the bloggerswap and I got my items yesterday (which was the minerals below), they are gorgeous and I love ’em, thanks gal!

I had a lot of requests for a Crown Brush Review video, (you gals are lucky I love you because I hate doing videos, but it’s so much faster than pictures LOL), so here it is!

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