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Auraline Beauty Blush Palette Swatches

Auraline Beauty

Anne and I barely got home a few hours ago, we were stuck in traffic and on top of that we got hit from the side from some guy that wasn’t paying attention so now my bumper is all messed up; it took us longer than usual to get home. I am so tired and it was so DAMN hot in Vegas we were melting even with the AC on full blast. Good to be home though, in the valley, where it’s nice and cool.

I will post pics of the convention and all that good stuff later tonight, as it’s already 1:25am as I write this and I have to wake up at 6am for work, so I need some sleep since we had such a long day and we woke up so early this entire weekend; so the thought of me uploading 80+ pics…let’s just say it’s not gonna happen right now, LOL. I saw all your questions on Cbox gals, so I will try and answer them during the day…Annika, your message is there, just click on “older messages” to view.

So instead, I leave you with some Auraline Blush Palette swatches, from the blush palette I bought at the IMATS show last weekend from

Here is also a list of upcoming posts I have lined up that I am trying to catch up on!

(in no particular order):

– video and pics of using the L’Oreal Voluminous Marker Eyeliner Pen I just did a product review on
– video on how to line your waterline (as requested by a reader)
– IECSC show & Vegas pics
– Swatches of ALL the nude lippies I have
– Other swatches of other things….
– FOTD’s
– Product Reviews: Beauty From The Earth, H2Pro Hot Iron….and more!

F= First Row S= Second Row



My arm always looks likes this says the boyfriend…

Mineral Hauling!

You know you order a lot of stuff online when you get them all at the same time on the same day! LOL.

I got my Fyrinnae, Joppa, and Silk Naturals Haul. I bought a sample of Fyrinnae’s Superpower Foundation (gives complete full coverage) in “Sunstone” and so far I love it, I want to test it again for one more day and see how I feel before I commit to ordering the full size. But I just love how I don’t need a whole lot to give me that “airbrushed” look. I will try and do a FOTD soon wearing it. :)

I wanted to try some Silk Naturals blushes so I bought a bunch of samples, “Poppy” is a pretty color!

Fyrinnae’s “Peaseblossom” is a nice light pink with a hint of lavender, and I got a bunch of Joppa Minerals foundation samples, none of which matched me but I do like their Green Tea moisturizer.

A lot of you have asked me to do an eyebrow tutorial and I am currently working on a quick one, hopefully I can upload it tonight. I am working on a lot of things right now, but I am trying to get out a lot of them before I leave for Las Vegas on Friday to celebrate my 26th Birthday!

New Business Cards & K-Mart Haul! (Long Post)

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Since the time I was 4, I have always been a business-minded woman. I would take items my mom already had, re-wrap it, and give it to her on Mother’s Day or her birthday, LOL. Come on I was 4 years old! In my mind, my mom didn’t know she had those things, and by me giving it to her, it would bring those items back to life and she would find a way to use them again. One thing I loved about my mom, was that everytime she opened my little “gifts”, she ALWAYS pretended that I really DID buy them and would be so surprised and would actually USE it. Thinking about it now, I was so silly; but I always tried to start things on my own, and sell it. I would collect rocks and paint them, then try to sell them thinking they were priceless gems, LOL. I was quite an imaginative kid, and I guess when you are the only child for 9 years, it’s amazing the things you do to keep yourself entertained.

Now at almost 26, I find myself more enthralled with the idea of taking this site and my addiction to makeup beyond it’s original intent. At first, I created this blog to record products I used for certain looks and to help others with product reviews and swatches; but now this site has grown so much since it opened last May, bringing in 6,000 page views a day. I am so glad that many of you find it useful or at least- entertaining! And I REALLY appreciate you all for being so kind and supportive. Now I just wanna continue doing this as long as I can because it’s fun, as well as being able to offer many items some of you are unable to get due to being an international resident, or even US residents when it comes to certain things like pigment samples and such. (When I can! And no pigment samples are still NOT available)

So I created some business cards, address labels, post-it notes, and of course a shirt all with the same logo and everything to spread the word, and I love how they came out! They look super cute and I am glad they came out so nice and very matchy-matchy! It says “makeup artist” because eventually I will be getting into it to help my photographer friend who needs one and thought it would be good to gain more experience and do it on the side. Some of you actually wanted shirts haha which I thought was so funny, considering I only made ONE shirt for me as my sleep shirt, LOL! It never crossed my mind that people would want one, so I am looking for a distributor who will create me a few baby-T shirts with the same logo to give to some of you gals, it’s great for around the house, gym, or a sleep shirt (like how I use it), since it’s pretty comfy and soft. I honestly just like the colors on it and the girl…lol.


I went to K-Mart after work to go and buy some toilet paper (now that the BF lives with me, supplies come and go REAL FAST!) So I had to stock up, and ladies, have you EVER gone to a store with the intention of buying only one or two things, and end up coming up with a cart load of stuff you don’t need??!!! Please tell me I am not the only one that has this problem…LOL.

EVERY SINGLE time I walk into a Target, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc, I go there for a few things like necessities such as shampoo, toilet paper, food, and the like, and I always end up coming out with things I didn’t go there for, usually makeup haha or more facial cleansers. It’s so hard to just go in there and pick up that ONE thing you really went there for, pay for it, and walk out. NOOOOO, for some reason I gotta browse around and end up buying something else. Argh!

Anyway, that happened last night at K-Mart, went in to get toilet paper and some cold fighting remedies you lovely ladies suggested, and what happens?!! I come out with eyeshadows, a palette, nailpolish, AND I was this close to also picking up Milani’s Brow Fix Powder AND a pack of St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Stickers (don’t ask), but I was good and at least put those back!

So here is what I bought, luckily the BF wasn’t mad because it was cheap stuff well within our budget (so he thinks! Ha!)

Remember “The Color Workshop”? Those gaudy makeup palettes that usually were sold in cheap stores like JC Penney or Sears? I got them like every Christmas and hated them, but it seems that like AVON, The Color Workshop has stepped up their game! Their colors are much more pigmented (and they are actually NICE colors, and not the grandma colored eyeshadows), AND the design is so sleep, chic, and simple.

They had these awesome palettes for $10, and also had other palettes that were interchangeable meaning you can switch up the colors by changing the inside pan. The one I bought contains eyeshadows, shimmer powders, blushes, lipglosses, creamy lipstick-like pots, and cream eyeshadows, AND came with 4 nailpolishes. I haven’t tried it yet, but based on the swatches it looks quite promising!

How it looks like closed:

A few eyeshadows…

The nailpolishes…

From Maybellline’s Spring Collection, nailpolish with designs inside to paint on your nail…

Eyeshadow Quad in “Seaside Turquoise”:

I also couldn’t pass up on Garnier’s “Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit”, it was on sale for $4.00!!!! Supposed to give you more refined, radiant, even-toned skin, we’ll see!

Depotting MAC Blushes

I thought I would do this tutorial since I had a blush I wanted to depot and figured there’s someone out there who probably wants to do the same thing, so I hope it’s useful to some of you! THIS IS THE EXACT SAME METHOD I USE TO DEPOT MAC EYESHADOWS and NYX TRIO EYESHADOWS.

I have heard a few people say that this method ruined their pot, and all I can say is that it was not done right. First of all, this method is easy, but requires patience. You are dealing with heat, so you must take your time and not rush trying to get your pan out. Also, you have to hold the pan at an ANGLE about 2 or 3 inches AWAY from the flame. Not ON the flame or a millimeter away from the flame. It doesn’t have to be a 90 degree angle, but just slanted enough. Holding it directly over the flame may ruin the pan as heat is being distributed in one area of the pan. Remember, you just want the plastic to melt enough to where there is a tiny hole where you can poke right through to release the pan from the plastic molding.

I don’t use my hair straightener because for one, mine doesn’t open wide enough to allow this to just sit there, AND I can’t do the whole balancing act, it just keeps falling off of it, so for me this is my method, but you can do whichever method works best for you.

Grab your blush to be depotted and your palette to house it in…I depotted my “Coygirl” blush:

The two already in the pot are “DollyMix” and Sculpting Powder in “Sculpt” (PRO store):

What you will need: A candle, a flame, small pliers, a tiny screwdriver (not pictured) which is found in eyeglass repair kits, and of course the item to be depotted.

Using the flathead screwdriver from the eyeglass repair kit, gently wedge it into the cracks in the pot, you may have to pry it all the way around for it to loosen. Do not apply too much pressure or force it to pop up because you may ruin the blush/pot, be patient!

Pull the pan out…

Then take your pliers to grip the blush in its plastic molding…

Hold it over the flame for 2 seconds to warm it up…

Then slant the pan OG Style! Wait ’till it starts to melt a tiny hole…

Then place the pan face down gently on a paper towel or napkin, and slowly and lightly push the screwdriver through the hole while the glue is still hot until the pan is released from the plastic molding…

Let it COOL as the glue will still be hot, then transfer it into your empty palette…



Then take a labeler (I love this thing! I bought it to label my paint pots and then started going label crazy!) and label your blushes, etc on the side. Some people will salvage the original stickers from either the box or under the pot, but I don’t really care about peeling ’em off…

Also labeled all my eyeshadow palettes including Milani singles…

MAC PRO Store Field Trip & Haul (LONG post!!!)

After having a long weekend, I get back to my desk this morning and my tulips have blossomed! They are so pretty!

I had a lot of fun at the MAC Pro Store on Robertson Blvd., sound familiar? That’s the infamous street where all the paparazzi lurk waiting for celebrities to come out of shops and cafe’s. Luckily there was no chaos yesterday, so it was nice and calm around Beverly Hills.

I even got awesome parking, right in FRONT of the store! I swear I felt like I was in heaven walking in there, SO many products, every color and product you can imagine! I was in awe by how many things they had!

Some of you asked me about the difference between MAC PRO, MAC Freestanding Stores (the regular MAC stores in your local mall), and the ones in department stores such as Nordstrom’s and Macy’s. So here is the breakdown, it MAY vary from State to State:

Department Store MAC’s:
They have LIMITED items, they DO NOT sell pigments, brushes (only the ones that come out with a collection), mixing mediums, PRO colors, palettes, refill pans, chrome cakes, lip erase, etc. They just sell eyeshadow pots, concealer, lipsticks, lipglasses, blush pots, skincare, cleansers, foundation…

MAC Freestanding Stores: They sell the palettes, refill pans to put in the palette, full range of brushes, accessories (sponges, jars, eyelashes), pigments (not PRO pigments), as well as everything mentioned above. You can also return items bought at a MAC Freestanding Store to a PRO store and vice versa.

MAC PRO Stores: They have EVERY MAC Product imaginable! Mixing mediums with alcohol, gel, water, for the body, eyelash, multi-purpose (like foiling pigments), all the pigments (inc. PRO), PRO lipstick and Eyeshadow shades, newest collections, accessories, brushes, eyelashes…the reason MAC PRO items cannot be purchased online is because it’s designed for those who are true makeup artists, going to school for it, and/or those who contribute to the makeup industry such as photographers, models, actors. But you can still buy PRO things in person at the store or the 800 number on the macpro site. There is no difference in price, the pigments are the same all the way around, for some weird reason certain colors are PRO while others aren’t (for every MAC product) I have no clue why…lol. PRO stores just offer more in terms of color range, variety, and quantity but prices are the same, so for example there is no difference in price between a regular lipstick or a PRO lipstick.

They already had the new Beauty Powder Blushes out, I didn’t walk out with any because the colors seemed whatever to me or they were similar colors to some blushes I have…although I think I liked two of them. Sorry I didn’t get any of the blush names, I didn’t want to get caught with my camera!

Chromeacakes (PRO only, used for theatrical makeup, fake tattoos, etc by professional makeup artists):

Being stuck in traffic for MAC was well worth it, LOL!

The MAC Stand at MACY’s:

I really wanted to get the PRO eyeshadow in “Bio-Green” but they were sold out in both the refill pans AND the pot! Argh I was so disappointed! I guess i’ll just put in an order over the phone…

I bought: Lip Erase in “Dim”, Pigments: Emerald Green (PRO), Bright Fuchsia (PRO), and Fuchsia, as well as Fafi Blush in “Fashion Frenzy”, and Lipstick in “Show Orchid”.

Lip Erase: Neutralizes the lip color so that you can really see the color payoff of your lipstick and lipgloss. Also great for doing a neutral/nude lip. You can also use concealer, however most of MY concealers are yellow-based so I bought this so it’s more of a neutral color….

Bright Fuchsia Pigment: Super bright, almost red but with a nice pretty shimmer, reminds me of “Flammable” Paint. Can stain…

Emerald Green Pigment: Bought this solely for MAC Pigment Samples so it WILL be available soon!

Fashion Frenzy Blush (Fafi Collection): I exchanged “Hipness” Blush for this simply because the “Hipness” blush wasn’t working for me, it would concentrate so much color on one spot no matter how lightly I applied or what brush I used. Then I realized that I already have some blushes that are orangey so I figured id get Fashion Frenzy instead which I like a lot!

“Show Orchid” Lipstick: I love, love, love this lipstick! I KNOW, ANOTHER HOT PINK LIPSTICK!!!! Talk about the PERFECT HOT PINK! I tried “Chatterbox” and “Girl About Town, as well as “Impassioned”, “Immodest”, etc., and out of all the amplified creme lipsticks, this one by far is the perfect hot pink! It’s just so gorgeous and definitely wearable! Gezebel, you know you wanna try this one!!! This one maybe IT! Hehe :)


Fun N’ Sexy Lipstick & Show Orchid Lipstick (PRO Color):

Wearing “Show Orchid” Lipstick:

I also went back to CVS and bought more of the Milani Eyeshadows while they were on sale, I also picked up Milani blush in “Mai Tai” to “replace” my Hipness blush, LOL! They actually look similar…

Fashion Frenzy on my cheeks (lips: MAC Slimshine in Bare):

Swatch of NYX Round Lipstick in “Pandora”:

Some MAC PRO Lipstick & Eyeshadow Swatches:

From L to R (top row):
Lipsticks- Impassioned, Up the Amp, Violetta, Show Orchid, Girl About Town, Chatterbox
(second row): ? forgot.., Bright Sunshine e/s, and Grape Pigment
(bottom row): Pink Pearl Pigment, Blue Calm e/s, and Atlantic Blue

Swatches of Milani WET/DRY eyeshadows, ones depicted with an * are my favorites!

EDM Lippies & Blush Swatches

I know I am long overdue for this one, but I am doing each request as soon as possible!

Here are the swatches for Everyday Minerals Lippies “Natural” and “Siesta” as well as the EDM blushes I have. The lippies are in chapstick form, tubing and everything, it’s creamier than chapstick, sorta slippery, I love Siesta, it’s such a gorgeous color. My favorite blushes are “Waffle Cone” and “Email Me”.


I also found time to house my growing lipgloss collection!

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