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Look like a million bucks…with MillionDollarTan!


Million Dollar Tan Summer Essentials Kit

Let’s face it. I can look pretty pasty year-round. I dread the Summer for two reasons: it’s hot (I hate heat), and because heaven forbid I decide to let my white legs see the sunlight by wearing shorts or dresses. And in case I forget that I am almost the same shade as Casper the friendly ghost, I have dear friends and strangers that remind me how ‘white’ I am, lol.

I love how a bronzed glow can make one look more fit and toned. I used to do tanning beds years ago — not frequently, but when I wanted to just put some warmth into the skin for special events. Of course tanning, whether it be the natural way in the sunlight or in a bed is definitely not something I recommend. Nothing is worth skin cancer. NOTHING. Because of the increased risks that go hand in hand with tanning, I stopped tanning in the beds (and I hardly go out in the sun), and started to do INDOOR, SUNLESS TANNING!

It started off with the infamous L’Oreal Sublime, but I found that it tends to get streaky if I am not careful, and felt that it didn’t give me that natural-looking tan I wanted, and made me look like an oompa loompa. I wanted something that didn’t get me to dark in one application, but would allow me to layer on the product little by little, to get to my desired shade. I was so happy when sent me their Summer Essentials Kit ($130) to try!

The Summer Essential Kit comes with:

  • Mermaid Mousse (4 oz.)
  • Mermaid Mousse (Face, 4 oz.)
  • Blend Friend Tanning Mitt Set (For Face and Body)
  • All That Shimmers Dry Oil (4 oz.)
  • Complexion Protection (1.7 oz.)

The Mermaid Mousse for the face is nice too because it’s so natural and gradual, so you don’t have to worry about your face being too dark, even after one application, I felt I needed to do one more layer just to get it to match the rest of my body. The All That Shimmers Dry Oil is great for giving your tan a nice boost and glow before you walk out the door, it’s tinted to help really bring out your tan and has plenty of shimmer, so be careful not to apply too much! The Complexion Protection is basically a facial sunscreen that you can mix in with your moisturizer to protect your face from harmful UV rays.

I immediately used it the day I got it, and was amazed by the results the next day! I love that it comes with two “Blend Friend” mitts and a pouch for travel: A small one for the face, and a regular-sized mitt for the body. I love that these mitts are durable and sturdy, they aren’t like the typical sponge-like mitts I have used before that were so porous, I would have some of the product on my hands! These mitts do an awesome job at spreading the product evenly to ensure a natural-looking tan.

Once applied, the color guide will show you where you are applying the product, it then takes about 6-8 hours to fully develop on your skin. I like to apply it before bedtime (I recommend letting it dry and using clothes you don’t care about in case they get stained), and then I wash it off in the shower and a natural bronzed glow is revealed! The tan lasts 7-10 days and is buildable. Definitely recommend!

I have a special discount code for my readers!




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The Mitts!


Face Mitt




Mermaid Mousse for the Face and All that shimmers dry oil






Review: Projectwrap – It Works! Body Wraps


*This is a sponsored post by It Works Body Wraps. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine, and this review is my complete honest opinion on my own personal experience with the product.

I am finally getting around to posting my review on my experience with the Project It Body Wrap that Jerilee sent me to try. Let me start off by explaining these wraps. These body contouring applicators as they are called, offer a natural solution to tighten, tone, and firm the desired area; helping reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. With the continued use of more wraps, diet and exercise, you can see results that are reflective of weight loss (inches lost), or body contouring. They are non-woven, cloth wraps that are infused with a natural, powerful, botanically based formula (full list of ingredients are printed in the brochure and wrap packaging).

You can use these body wraps anywhere, anytime. Some areas for suggested use: chin & neck, tummy, upper legs, sides, back, and arms. The wrap itself once applied, feels like a tingling, cool sensation (similar to an icy hot but without the warmth) which lets you know that it is working.

How often can you use these wraps? Applicators can be applied once every 72 hours. The ingredients continue to work for 72 hours after application, so you may see progressive results over this time period. Each applicator is only to be used once.

How long should you wear the wrap? Each wrap should be worn for at least 45 minutes. Because it’s a naturally based product, it is relatively safe to wear longer than 45 minutes if desired. If it’s your first time using the body wrap, they suggest that you only leave it for the recommended 45 minutes to test your skin’s sensitivity to the wrap’s ingredients. You also need to drink LOTS OF WATER! Half of your body weight in ounces.

My experience: I unfortunately had a severe allergic reaction using the wrap, in all fairness my skin in general is very sensitive and reacts to lots of things which should not be indicative of how the wrap performs for everyone. I checked on the wrap and my skin after the suggested 45 minutes however didn’t notice or feel anything that was off-putting, however I had a delayed reaction and hours later my entire stomach was bright red and itchy and the redness was the outline of where the wrap was.

Because of my allergic reaction, I had to wait about a week before I could take any after pictures and unfortunately didn’t take any pics right after the wrap was removed. In the pictures below, I wore the same clothes to deter any skewed results or illusions of the wrap. What I IMMEDIATELY noticed upon removal of the wrap however, was that my skin looked smoother and firmer, however I did not notice any significant “weight loss” but then again I only was sent one wrap to try, and many women see noticeable results after using 4 or more wraps. My inches around my waist was 29.5″ before and after. I think the after pic looks a bit slimmer and firmer because I also lot the water weight.

CONCLUSION: With ANY body contouring system, wrap, pills, diet regimens, etc. please proceed with caution. Despite my allergic reaction to this product, I still suggest you give body wraps/contouring a try as my personal experience was just my own and products work differently for everyone.

I currently do not have any pricing info as these are independently sold and distributed by a rep, if you would like more info or would like to purchase one, please contact Jerilee Melo at and follow her on IG and Facebook: @ProjectWrap.


BEFORE & AFTER (Megan’s Graduation FOTD)

I was in Washington last week to attend my little sister’s graduation (from Junior High) and she had a dance right after so naturally she came to her big sis (me of course! lol) to do her hair and makeup. My sister is only 13 and still has nice skin; I wanted her to look age appropriate so I skipped any eyeliner and false eyelashes.

I used MAC Careblend Powder in NC 35 on her face to even out her skin tone and get rid of any shine, concealed her eyes with Mary Kay Concealer in Light, I then trimmed her eyebrows a bit and used MAC Brow Set in “Girl/Boy”, for her lids I applied MAC e/s in “Bisque” all over her lid and contoured her lid with “Naked” e/s from the Urban Decay Naked Palette to make her eyes pop, and applied L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara. I applied E.L.F Blush in “Fuchsia Fusion” on her cheeks, and on her lips I used “Athena’s Kiss” lipstick and MAC Dazzleglass in “Money, Honey”.

For her hair, I used my NuMe Styler Flat Iron to make nice loose curls.

Luminess Air Beauty (Review Part I)

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $179 for model BC-100, one speed
Kit comes in fair, medium, dark, and tan
Also has 3 types: Satin, Matte, Ultra
Tried: Light and Medium Kit (Ultra)
Would I recommend/repurchase? Yes
Available:, ;

I am breaking this review into 2 parts because I had trouble uploading my videos last night (only 1 out of 2 went thru see above), so I will try to re-do them and post them so you all can see how it works. I was REALLY excited to try Luminess Air Beauty Airbrush System ($179), and was so happy to have the opportunity to review it. I have always wanted to try airbrushing and just love the final result of airbrush makeup- where your skin just looks flawless and blemish free, but mainly because I always felt like it gives the ‘no makeup’ feeling since a few drops covers your entire face. Because I always thought that airbrush systems were pricey in general, I never bothered to look into them or buy one, but the results are totally worth it and it’s probably cheaper in the long run considering you’ll look like you have your own personal makeup artist. 😉

For my before and after pictures below, I used a mix of F3 and F6 (golden beige and sun-kissed). Using 4 drops of F3 and about 3 drops of F6.

Go here to compare the different airbrush system models.

Description: Provides light to full coverage while leaving a naturally flawless finish. In less than half the time of other beauty routines, Luminess Air minimizes pores, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and evens out skin tones for the look of perfection! The “Airbrush Look” that was once reserved for models, beauty professionals, and celebrities can now be achieved in the comfort of your own home.  No more dirty sponges, brushes, or fingers!

Sporting my Luminess Tee, wearing it backwards because its plain in the front LOL

Difference between Matte/Satin/Ultra: Matte is of course matte, no shine whatsoever, Satin gives you a more dewy look, and Ultra is a happy medium between the two, looks matte, but gives you a nice glow.

– Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use, the final result is just amazing! I loved the flawless look it gave me and makes anyone look like utter perfection
– Light weight, I didn’t feel like I was wearing makeup, only 6-8 drops is needed of the airbrush foundation to cover the entire face
– Lasted for most of the day, don’t have to retouch much, still looks great even after a few hours
– Definitely cuts time in half as it’s very easy to use
– Allows you to build your desired coverage, from sheer to full
– Comes in a lot of shades, you can mix shade colors to create your perfect shade
– You can also apply eyeshadow, bronzer, and blush in airbrush form as part of your makeup routine
– Has a cute travel case so it’s great to bring on trips!
– Great for people with dry skin too, I HIGHLY recommend using a setting powder to ensure it lasts.

– Having to clean it after each use; I don’t mind cleaning it of course but it can get tedious, especially when you are dealing with a lot of colors or doing primer > concealer >foundation >blush, etc. You have to add a mix of water and alcohol with the bottle they provide, turn on the compressor, cover the nozzle with your finger so that it back bubbles in the makeup cup/well, then spray all the color out until it is completely clear.
– This particular model has only one setting so it may be difficult working with one speed, but I didn’t find any problems with it. (Since other models have 3 settings, one for eyes, face, and body)
– At times it can spray too much even when you are not pulling back on the trigger so hard, so sometimes it can be hard to control. Best way is to spray a little bit of color on a paper towel so you can get a feel for the amount of pressure you need.
– No cover on the makeup cup/well, I haven’t spilled yet but I can see how this can be troublesome, BUT the compressor itself has a holster so you don’t have to worry about laying it on its side and having the contents spill out.
– Foundations itself may be a tad bit pricey for some, and I am not sure how long each one lasts, might be more pricey if you have to buy 2 to mix shades. It ranges from $29-42 for 0.55oz (larger one) and around $27 (less in some places) for the smaller 0.25oz.

Overall? I LOVE IT. I think it’s a great investment, and great for makeup artists on the go for their clients, and even just beginners because it’s virtually mistake proof. I love that you can travel with it and its lightweight, and above all the results are just so amazing, you will really be pleased! I think there’s a shade to complement everyone.

Air and cosmetics products combine to provide a smooth, natural-looking finish. The illustrated instruction book and DVD offer tips and training for fantastic results with at-home convenience. Choose from Fair, Medium, Tan or Dark to precisely match your skin color.

Foundation and Blush Colors by Skin Tone:

  • Foundations: Bloom, Golden Beige, Buff and Fawn
  • Blush: Soft Rose


  • Ultra Foundations: Golden Beige, Buff, Fawn and Sun Kissed
  • Blush: Natural  


  • Ultra Foundations: Fawn,  Sun Kissed, Cinnamon and Chestnut
  • Blush: Apricot


  • Ultra Foundations: Cinnamon, Chestnut, Coffee and Chocolate
  • Blush: Plum

Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush System Includes:

  • Compressor with stylus, made of plastic and metal. Compressor measures approx. 4-1/2″L x 2-1/2″W x 3″H with 5′ cord; stylus measures approx. 5-1/2″L x 1/2″W x 2″H
  • AC adapter cord with 6′ cord
  • Airbrush cleaning bottle
  • Instruction guide
  • Instruction DVD
  • Silvertone travel case, measures approx. 11″L x 2-3/4″W x 3-1/2″H, made of vinyl, plastic, rubber and metal
  • Luminess Air 7-piece cosmetics Starter Kit includes: (4) .25 oz. Airbrush Foundation shades; .25 oz. Airbrush Bronzer; .25 oz. Airbrush Pearl Shimmer Highlighter; and .25 oz. Airbrush Blush

Product Features:

  • Complete airbrushing system – gives optimal coverage for many skin issues, giving a photo-retouched-looking finish.
  • Just one airbrush setting for foundation and allover face bronzing.
  • DVD and instructional book show you step-by-step how to use this system. 
  • Each skintone kit gives a full range of foundations to complement your skin tone. Allows for color variations as your skin color changes from a summer shade to a winter shade.
  • Airbrush bronzer – contours face (cheekbones, forehead, chin and jaw line).
  • Airbrush pearlizing shimmer – provides a flawless, luminous glow. Use on your cheekbone, down the bridge of the nose, on chin, forehead, neck, decollete and arms.
  • Blush – for a beautiful, natural-looking blush.  
  • Unit weighs under 1 pound. 
Wearing Luminess on right side of my face (your left), and bare faced on the other
 You can laugh, because I sure did haha, thank goodness for makeup!

Walgreens Haul

So first I hit up CVS, so today I had to hit up Walgreens to see the new goodies they had in store, especially after seeing sis Lynne’s review on the new 2008 collection by L’Oreal featuring HIP Paints (similar to MAC Paints), I had to see it for myself. Physician’s Formula is also coming out with TOTALLY organic and natural makeup (i’ll upload the pic later).

And you know your boyfriend really loves you if he is driving you to like 3 CVS’s and a Walgreens, lol. He was like “What are you looking for?” And I was like “I got to find this thing for my readers”, and he was like “Drugstore makeup!?” Little does he know how far drugstore makeup has gone, how much they have changed. As much as I use MAC, I am still faithful to my share of Revlon, Covergirl, Milani, NYX, and L’Oreal. I just use a lot of MAC in my FOTD’s because I seriously have TONS of MAC products I need to use them all!

So I ended up getting 5 out of the 6 paints, the one I didn’t get was “Witty” because it looked similar to the MAC Metal-X eyeshadow I bought in “Goldspice”, so I passed on it.

I bought (from L to R): “Nervy”, “Lofty”, “Secretive”, “Commanding”, and “Steely

Now pay close attention because I am going to give the most in depth review on these:

Swatches (first pic with FLASH)

Room light:

Bathroom light (tungsten, most natural setting):

First impression:
They really are an awesome dupe of MAC Paints at first glance, they are in similar casing, and almost the same size.

Testing phase:
I swatched them on my hand and noticed they were very creamy. I was worried that they were TOO creamy in the sense they would crease or come off, but once I let it dry (a minute or less), it seriously STAYED ON, did NOT budge, rub off, nada. I even washed my hands and it was STILL on my hand. On top of that, it was dry and smooth, not flaky, allowing me to put eyeshadow over it, which means it also makes a great BASE.

My favorite colors are:
Lofty, Secretive, and Nervy.

Dupes observations: Now these are not exact dupes, but pretty close to it (I am at the BF’s house so I do not have the real thing in front to compare to but I am basing it on memory here)…

More of a pinkish version of Painterly with subtle shimmer, or lighter version of MAC “Canton Candy”.

Very similar to MAC Paint in “Bare Canvas”, I currently have Chiaroscuro which is a light taupe/beige.

Reminds me of MAC “Groundwork” Paint Pot, awesome bases for brown eyeshadows or for a neutral look.

Steely- Reminds me of MAC “Blackground” Paint Pot, or MAC Shadestick in “Sharkskin”. Looks navy blue in certain angles/lighting. Great base for the smokey eye or dark looks.

To me, it’s a cream form of “Gold Stroke”. Has reddish-brown tones to it.

Compared to MAC Paints: I have not done a look with the HIP Paints yet, so I don’t want to be too premature to say much about it just yet, BUT off the bat, I think it’s a great alternative to the MAC Paints, and of course it’s cheaper too. So for gals on a budget and want to try something new, I highly recommend it. I think ALL the colors go great on all skintones and ethnicities as most of them are earthy/neutral colors.

Staying power on the HIP Paints is incredible, it’d comparable to the MAC Paints in regard to staying power, because it really did NOT come off my hand!

I will do a look soon using them, so far so good, they look very promising. They may be hard to find because not all stores are carrying the newest collections yet, so call your local drugstores such as CVS, Rite-Aid (has an awesome cosmetics return policy!), Walgreens, and Wal-Mart.

Also, they had new INFALLIBLE lipglosses that supposedly last 6 hours. I bought “Undeniably Mauve”, put it on and it’s a gorgeous color, I ate some cheesy tots from Burger King, ate some donuts, and here’s are some pics below before and after I ate. :)

I will do a review on this soon also, as I did not wear it long enough to see if it really does last 6 hours. I did notice however it was a bit drying (as with most stay on lipsticks/lipglosses).


30 minutes later after I ate some Cheesy Tots!

End of Summer Cleaning…

I haven’t been home enough to really tidy up, so I took today to do nothing but CLEAN!

So here are some BEFORE and AFTER pics of my little makeup station, with my ever-growing collection it’s seriously been piling up!





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