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Makeup remover quick dispense bottle!

A few months back I did a review on the Scinic Makeup Remover and totally loved the bottle and pump dispenser, and here is how you can make your own scinic makeup remover, simply buy a bottle of Almay’s Toner!

The bottle is the SAME as the Scinic bottle and the best part is that it’s a lot bigger than the Scinic bottle and for you ladies that have the Mandom Makeup Remover, you can definitely fill this bottle up with it. Like many bottles that are similar, these are not recommended to use for travel as there WILL be leakage, but these are great for staying on your vanity or bathroom counter. For traveling, any snap top or screw top bottle will do.

Simply empty out the Almay Toner (or you can use it all up THEN use it as a makeup remover bottle!), then fill it up with your favorite makeup remover!

The Scinic Makeup Remover Bottle:

The Almay Toner Bottle:

Walgreens Haul

So first I hit up CVS, so today I had to hit up Walgreens to see the new goodies they had in store, especially after seeing sis Lynne’s review on the new 2008 collection by L’Oreal featuring HIP Paints (similar to MAC Paints), I had to see it for myself. Physician’s Formula is also coming out with TOTALLY organic and natural makeup (i’ll upload the pic later).

And you know your boyfriend really loves you if he is driving you to like 3 CVS’s and a Walgreens, lol. He was like “What are you looking for?” And I was like “I got to find this thing for my readers”, and he was like “Drugstore makeup!?” Little does he know how far drugstore makeup has gone, how much they have changed. As much as I use MAC, I am still faithful to my share of Revlon, Covergirl, Milani, NYX, and L’Oreal. I just use a lot of MAC in my FOTD’s because I seriously have TONS of MAC products I need to use them all!

So I ended up getting 5 out of the 6 paints, the one I didn’t get was “Witty” because it looked similar to the MAC Metal-X eyeshadow I bought in “Goldspice”, so I passed on it.

I bought (from L to R): “Nervy”, “Lofty”, “Secretive”, “Commanding”, and “Steely

Now pay close attention because I am going to give the most in depth review on these:

Swatches (first pic with FLASH)

Room light:

Bathroom light (tungsten, most natural setting):

First impression:
They really are an awesome dupe of MAC Paints at first glance, they are in similar casing, and almost the same size.

Testing phase:
I swatched them on my hand and noticed they were very creamy. I was worried that they were TOO creamy in the sense they would crease or come off, but once I let it dry (a minute or less), it seriously STAYED ON, did NOT budge, rub off, nada. I even washed my hands and it was STILL on my hand. On top of that, it was dry and smooth, not flaky, allowing me to put eyeshadow over it, which means it also makes a great BASE.

My favorite colors are:
Lofty, Secretive, and Nervy.

Dupes observations: Now these are not exact dupes, but pretty close to it (I am at the BF’s house so I do not have the real thing in front to compare to but I am basing it on memory here)…

More of a pinkish version of Painterly with subtle shimmer, or lighter version of MAC “Canton Candy”.

Very similar to MAC Paint in “Bare Canvas”, I currently have Chiaroscuro which is a light taupe/beige.

Reminds me of MAC “Groundwork” Paint Pot, awesome bases for brown eyeshadows or for a neutral look.

Steely- Reminds me of MAC “Blackground” Paint Pot, or MAC Shadestick in “Sharkskin”. Looks navy blue in certain angles/lighting. Great base for the smokey eye or dark looks.

To me, it’s a cream form of “Gold Stroke”. Has reddish-brown tones to it.

Compared to MAC Paints: I have not done a look with the HIP Paints yet, so I don’t want to be too premature to say much about it just yet, BUT off the bat, I think it’s a great alternative to the MAC Paints, and of course it’s cheaper too. So for gals on a budget and want to try something new, I highly recommend it. I think ALL the colors go great on all skintones and ethnicities as most of them are earthy/neutral colors.

Staying power on the HIP Paints is incredible, it’d comparable to the MAC Paints in regard to staying power, because it really did NOT come off my hand!

I will do a look soon using them, so far so good, they look very promising. They may be hard to find because not all stores are carrying the newest collections yet, so call your local drugstores such as CVS, Rite-Aid (has an awesome cosmetics return policy!), Walgreens, and Wal-Mart.

Also, they had new INFALLIBLE lipglosses that supposedly last 6 hours. I bought “Undeniably Mauve”, put it on and it’s a gorgeous color, I ate some cheesy tots from Burger King, ate some donuts, and here’s are some pics below before and after I ate. :)

I will do a review on this soon also, as I did not wear it long enough to see if it really does last 6 hours. I did notice however it was a bit drying (as with most stay on lipsticks/lipglosses).


30 minutes later after I ate some Cheesy Tots!

Winter Therapy

I have California love like Tupac and I have been so spoiled and pampered by the hot weather here, even today they said it was going to be 80 degrees and its December. But being that I AM from Canada, total opposite where I had to shovel snow off the driveway with my dad, I know how brutal the winter and blistering cold weather can be on our sensitive, delicate skin and hair. I know you east coast gals can relate!

So I had a reader ask me: Do you have any tips about hair that hates humidity? I know some people, myself included, who get’s realllyyy frizzy and annoying hair when outside in humidity or rain/snow. there MUST be something that will cure this horribleness.

The answer is yes, with great preparation!

First, I know that the cold weather makes you want to jump in a hot steamy shower to keep warm, and as good as it feels, it’s bad for your skin! Hot water is bad for your skin especially during this time of the year because it strips the natural oils of your skin causing it to be more dry, itchy, and patchy. I suggest a creamy body wash that has oils in it orNeutrogena Body Oil, use it while you are in the shower to keep moisture in, also makes your skin soft and supple like a baby’s bottom!

Another thing to protect your skin from the winter is choosing the right moisturizers and lotion. I love Bath and Body for their awesome variety of fruity-licious fragranced lotions, but they aren’t ideal for the skin because they are water-based lotions. Water-based lotions dry out the skin, so look for oil-based lotions or creams (those are the best ones). For my body, arms, legs, and hands after I shower, I love Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, this really keeps me moisturized all day/night and it smells great!

For lips, I love my Blistex DCT pot:

For my hair, since I have so much hair, I use Head and Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo to prevent flakes since this weather can dry your scalp big time, I also use a heavy think cream conditioner such as Garnier Fructis (any will do as I am not picky about hair products), I don’t worry about it weighing down my hair because I am very lazy when it comes to my hair and on top of that my hair is naturally wavy.

After the shower, I use infusium23 as my leave in spray conditioner and then use John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette Smoothing Milk to tame any frizzies or fly aways, I LOVE the smell because it smells like the tropics, creamy coconut! If you use a straightener or a curling iron, protect your hair by using a heat protect spray before you style. I like Nexxus Heat Protection Styling Spray.

To tame your hair a bit more, I like to wet my hands and put a drop of gel or a gel-mousse and rub it in between my palms and apply it to the roots and ends of my hair to give it some control and movement. This also prevents “hat head or hat hair” or that static-y hair.

Reader Question: Shelf-Life of Cosmetics

Q: Hi Vanessa,
Love your site! You have a lot of great tips. I was wondering how long should you keep eyeshadow?

A: Thanks! I also included the shelf life of other cosmetics, mascara is the quickest to expire. We all have makeup in our drawers that we will “oneday” use and never do!

Concealer up to 12 months:
Eye liner should be sharpened regularly. Will last up to three years.

Eyeshadow will also last up to three years. Extra tip: A dark eyeshadow can double as eyeliner. You’ll need a super-flat eyeliner brush for this. Get the brush a little damp and dab in dark eyeshadow (black, brown or deep jewel-tones work great).

Check the ingredients, a water-based foundation will last up to 12 months, oil-based will last up to 18 months. You may find you need two different shades of foundation each year:
When your skin is naturally darker and when you’re lighter. Extra tip: If your water-based foundation dries out before its expiry date, simply add a few drops of alcohol-free toner and shake to get rid of clumps. No need to do this to oil-based foundations. Because they contain oil, they will tend to separate. You have to shake anyway.

Lip liner Up to three years. Extra tip: Skip the push-up lipliners. They’re expensive, tend to break and you never really know how much you have left until you run out. No need to spend money on lip liners, there’s no secret to greatness for this product. Save your money for powders and foundation.

Lipstick Up to four years. Extra tip:
If you store lipstick in the refrigerator, it will last longer. Bonus tip: Want your lipstick to last longer during the day? Shade in lips with lip liner before applying lipstick.

Mascara This product expires the fastest:
Throw out after three months. Extra tip: If you don’t want your mascara to expire faster than its fresh date, don’t pump the wand in and out, you’re only exposing the product to drying air.

Nail Polish Up to 12 months
, depending on the quality and how many times you apply it. Powder up to two years.

Beauty Trick: Vaseline

Good ‘ol Vaseline, so why is this a beauty trick you ask? Well if you don’t have or can’t afford eye primer [since some brands ARE outrageously expensive], try using a thin layer of Vaseline as an eye primer. It 1.) Softens the delicate skin around your eye, 2.) It has a somewhat sticky texture which allows your eyshadow to sorta “stick” to it, so it stays on longer AND it seems to magnify the pigment of your eyeshadow (sorta like when you get your hair wet and it seems darker than it is when it’s dry).

Vaseline also makes a great lip balm!

Eyeshadow Knockoffs

I know that some of you can’t afford to spend $15+ a pop for eyeshadow, so here are some “knockoff lookalikes” of the high end shades, I actually own MAC and some drugstore brands so I can actually vouch that they are almost identical!

Especially the MILANI eyeshadows!

Eye Shadow Knockoffs

# Bare Escentuals Cupcake Glimpse: Milani Illusion
# Bare Escentuals Queen Tiffany: Milani Java Bean
# Bare Escentuals Socialite glimmer: Milani Clover
# Benefit Lemon-aid: Jane Dream Cream
# Bobbi Brown Pale Pink: Clinique Pillowtalk Smudgesicle
# Cargo Nepal: Milani Flare
# Clinique Bronze Satin Shadow: Covergirl Tapestry Taupe
# Clinique Golden Lynx: Covergirl Glazed Ginger
# Clinique Silver Lining (pink): Jane It’s A Girl, ULTA Love
# Clinique Strawberry Fudge (pink): Milani Illusion
# Dior GoldFusion: MAC Gorgeous Gold, L’oreal Enlightened Emerald
# Garden Botanika “Bronze” shadow: Jane Sungloss
# Lancome Un Taxi Mauve: Prestige UVA
# Lancome Riot: Jane Deeply Green
# Lancome Contrast: MAC Nocturnelle
# Lancome Golden Sun: Covergirl Burnished Gold
# Laura Mercier Cognac: Milani Spice
# Laura Mercier Whiskey: Prestige Sandalwood
# Lorac Serenity: NYX Sahara Ultrapearl
# L’Oreal HIP Saucy: Milani Sun Goddess/Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba, Milani Java Bean
# MAC Shadesticks: NYX Eyeshadow Wands
# MAC Amber Lights: Milani Sun Goddess, Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba, L’Oreal HIP Saucy
# MAC Aquadisiac: Jane Millionare
# MAC Atlas: ULTA Silk
# MAC Bamboo: Wild and Crazy Wild Guava
# MAC Banshee: Milani Spice
# MAC Beautiful Iris: ULTA Iris
# MAC Black Tied: Covergirl Shimmering Onyx, Milani Storm, Jane Clubbing
# MAC Blue Noir: Prestige in Ink
# MAC Brill: Wild & Crazy Bahama Water
# MAC Brule: Milani Almondine
# MAC Camel: Revlon Pro Bamboo
# MAC Coco: NYX Beanie
# MAC Cork: M Professinals Soft Brown Eyeshadow, Covergirl Swiss Chocolate
# MAC Cornflower: Physician’s Formula Virtual Eyes Loose Shadow in Eye-Tech
# MAC Coquette: Almay Khaki Eye Gel
# MAC Creme de Violet: ULTA Iris
# MAC Crystal: L’Oreal Beauty Queen On-the-Loose
# MAC D’Bohemia: Wild and Crazy Crazy on You, ULTA Knit
# MAC Dazzleray Pigment: NYC Loose Sparkle Eye Dust in Champagne
# MAC Dark Soul pigment: Jane clubbing
# MAC Deep Truth: Loreal On the Loose in Night Fever
# MAC Dementhe: Milani Clover
# MAC Electra: Jane Hi Ho Silver
# MAC Electric Eel: Milani Atlantis
# MAC Embark: Jane Brownie Points, Flirt! Coconutty
# MAC Guacamole: Milani Limbo Lime
# MAC Goldmine: Prestige Golden Retriever
# MAC Gorgeous Gold: L’oreal’s Enlightened Emerald Duo, Dior GoldFusion
# MAC Glare: Prestige Golden Sun, ULTA Silk
# MAC Hepcat: Prestige Blossom
# MAC Humid: Milani Clover, WnW Sensual Sage
# MAC Hypnotique: Prestige Saturn
# MAC Jest: Milani Peachy Peach, Maybelline Pink Sands, ULTA Bermuda Sand
# MAC Jewel Blue: Jane Eye Zing in Surfer Girl
# MAC Juxt: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist, Jane Rain Forest, ULTA Mist, Jane Sage
# MAC Kicky Blue: L’Oreal Holographic Blue
# MAC Leisure Time: L’Oreal OTL in Flash Light
# MAC Little Madame: Milani Illusion
# MAC Lucky Green: Wild and Crazy Marquis
# MAC Medowland: L’Oreal Wear Infinite in Glistening Sea
# MAC Melody: Jane Millionare
# MAC Metamorph: Rimmel Hope
# MAC Midnight Blue: Jane Blue Jeans, Prestige Horizon
# MAC Mulch: Milani Java Bean, L’oreal HIP in Saucy
# MAC Naked Lunch: Wet n’ Wild Fine Wink
# MAC Nocturnelle: Milani Shock, Lancome Contrast
# MAC Nylon: Milani Classic Beige, TooFaced Glamazon
# MAC Paradisco: Flirt! Feeling Hot
# MAC Parfait Amour: Milani Enchantment
# MAC Parrot: ULTA Deep Sea, L’oreal HIP in Showy
# MAC Perverted Pearl: Milani Silver Bullet
# MAC Pink Freeze: Prestige Ballet, Milani Taffy, Cover Girl Pink Chiffon
# MAC Pink Source: Milani Taffy
# MAC Pink Venus: Milani Taffy
# MAC Quarry: Prestige Sandalwood
# MAC Rose: Prestige in Flushed
# MAC Rose Pro: Jame Prom Queen
# MAC Sable: Milani Java Bean
# MAC Satin Taupe: Maybelline Silken Taupe, Rimmel Strength, ULTA Twilight
# MAC Shale: Milani Icy Plum
# MAC Shimmermoss: ULTA Luna
# MAC Silver: Milani in Mercury
# MAC Sketch: Milani Marooned
# MAC Shadowy Lady: Milani Marooned
# MAC Shroom: Jordana Beige, Jane Magic Mushroom, Wet ‘n Wild Flirt Shimmer Stick
# MAC Soba: ULTA Toast
# MAC Sprout: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist
# MAC Steamy: Milani Clover, ULTA Luna
# MAC Sumptuous Olive: Milani Antique Gold, ULTA Golden Olive
# MAC Sushi Flower: Prestige in Love
# MAC Swish: Prestige Love
# MAC Tilt: YSL Duo ???
# MAC Trax: Prestige Flushed, Flirt! Glamourazzi, Milani Desire
# MAC Unreally Blue: Milani Blue Jeans
# MAC Vanilla: Philosophy Serenity, Wild and Crazy Mist Over Me 3110, Milani Snow Frost
# MAC Vapor: Prestige Chilly
# MAC Vellum: M Professionals Opalescent White, Wild and Crazy Lily Song, Milani Moonlight, Max Factor Spotlight Sparkle
# MAC Vex: Max Factor Mint Matinee
# MAC Wedge: M Professionals Taupe
# MAC Woodwinked: Milani Golden Bronze
# NARS Ashes to Ashes: Maybelline Silken Taupe
# NARS Night Fairy: Prestige Uva, Hard Candy Star
# NARS Tibet: Ben Nye Pearl Shine eyeshadow
# Philosophy Prosperity: Urban Decay Floormat
# Shu ME 945: Caboodles Smooth
# Shu ME945: Majolica Majorca SV821
# Shu P Brown 76: Flirt Oh Please!
# Stila Barefoot Contessa: Prestige Spark, Jane Magic Mushroom
# Stila Go Lightly: Milani Golden Bronze
# Stila Grace: Ulta Plum Smoke
# Stila Heath: Prestige Sandalwood
# Stila Holly Golightly: Milani Golden Bronze, Jane Magical Mushroom
# Stila Jezebel: Garden Botanika “Mimosa”
# Stila Kitten: Wet n Wild Fine Wink, CoverGirl Champagne Eye Enhansers shadow, Sally Girl Silver Lining, ULTA Bermuda Sand
# Stila Pigalle: ULTA Chianti
# Stila Ray: Milani Sun Goddess, Milani Desert Sun, Prestige Melba
# Stila Sun: Prestige Champagne
# Stila Twig: Milani Spice
# Tarte Real McCoy: mark. minx
# Trucco C-Note: Milani Clover
# Too Faced Fantasy Island Duo (Blue): ULTA Luna
# ULTA Love: Jane It’s A Girl
# Urban Decay Acid Rain: Prestige Wasabi, Milani Garden Mist
# Urban Decay Asphyxia: MAC Parfait Amour, Milani Enchantment
# Urban Decay Chains: Milani Antique Gold
# Urban Decay Face Case: Fira Face Case, Wet Seal Face Case
# Urban Decay Green Goddess: ULTA Mist
# Urban Decay Grifter: Prestige Uva
# Urban Decay Hotpants: Prestige Love
# Urban Decay Lounge: Physician’s Formula Down To Earth
# Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy: Milani Sheer Sand, Sephora Old Rose; Cover Girl Bedazzled Biscotti
# Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl: Prestige in Glisten
# Urban Decay Mildew: Prestige Iguana
# Urban Decay Oilslick: Covergirl Shimmering Onyx, Milani Storm, Jane Clubbing, Presige Ink
# Urban Decay Polyester Bride: Prestige in Glisten
# Urban Decay Roach: Max Factor Sable
# Urban Decay Roadstripe: Milani Moonlight
# Urban Decay Rust: Prestige in Melba
# Urban Decay Shattered: Naturistics in Azure
# Urban Decay X: Ulta Sunlight, Ulta Sunburst, MAC in Jest

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