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Beauty picks of the day!

Tarte cosmetics has this dry oil shimmer spray, it apparently doesn’t have a greasy feel like other body shimmers, so it doesn’t leave you sticky and perfect for that summer glow! It contains apricot and avocado moisturizing oils with a wonderful coconut smell. ($28)

On a budget? Try these loose shimmer powder with a built-in brush ($7) from

I also liked TimeBalms Concealer ($16) because it comes in a nice pot big enough so you can use your fingers for application, or the sponge it comes with! I like using my fingers AND a sponge when I apply concealer, fingers to get every area, and the sponge to mattify the finish.

For a WILD variety of fake eyelashes: CLICK HERE

Beauty tools: Eyebrow razor

I tried this eyebrow shaper from Target for $7. I think the brand is called “TRIM”, I was skeptical at first, but thought id try it out since it also had a cute carrying case; and I honestly fell in love with it!

It’s a lot faster than plucking, and less painful than wax, threading, or shaving (the plastic ones with the blades). And what I liked about it, was that it feels like a pen, so it gives you more control in shaping your eyebrows and it’s so quick and easy. Even comes with a cap! (It’s battery operated by ONE AAA battery). It’s also good for shaving mustaches of jealous girls. 😉

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