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Beauty Find: Face Secrets Make-up Brush Cleaning Wipes

So some of you already had a sneak peek of my new site (darn) apparently my web designer who is helping me with my new site re-directed the domain name to the new site and we didn’t catch this mistake until I started getting comments on the new site, LOL.

Almost done….almost. :)

Everyone keeps asking about the store, I am not going to have a big or full stock of certain items because it’s just me, so to keep me sane and avoid any mishaps, I am doing things little by little, but even if you want something that isn’t there (when it IS up!) then email me and ask about it and I can work with each one of you on a private order if I am able to.

I went to Sally’s and bought these makeup brush cleaning wipes from “Face Secrets”. It has a flip top lid so you can just grab as many as you need and close it to prevent it from drying, great for makeup artists who need something quick to clean their brushes in between appointments.

I love them! Especially when I am doing a look and need to use the same brush, I don’t have time to shampoo them and wait for each one to dry, so these wipes are great to clean any left over color on the brush. Just hold the wipe in one hand, and in a back and forth motion, swipe your brush until there’s no more color on the wipe.

It can be used on both natural and synthetic brushes of all sizes.

The ingredients are: Water,Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Fragrance.

Reader Question: My Beauty Must-Haves…

Reader Kristen asked what my top 5 beauty must haves are from different brands, so I listed my FAVORITES that I just absolutely love from each one!

1. MAC MSF’s (all of them!)- They are great for highlighting the cheekbones or for an all over color.
2. MAC Pigments (again all of them!)- I LOVE MAC Pigments, they are awesome quality, and heck there’s enough in a bottle for you, your daughter, AND your grand-daughter! LOL. They also have a wide variety of colors to create any look and the best part is that you can use the pigments ANYWHERE, eyes, face, body, etc. My favorites are: Violet, Vanilla, Your Ladyship, and Emerald Green (PRO).
3. MAC Eyeshadows– in “Shale”, “Nocturnelle”, “Beautiful Iris”, “Hepcat”, “Vex”, “Silver Ring”, and “Cumulus” are among my favorites.
4. MAC Lipsticks– I love their lipsticks, and since they have a lot of pink lippies (my fav can you tell?!), I love “Snob”, “Scanty”, “Fun N’ Sexy” “Show Orchid” (PRO), and “Myth”.
5. MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30 and Lip Erase (PRO)– I LOVE their concealer! I use this baby everyday and does an awesome job at hiding my dark circles and flaws. It would be perfect if it stayed on all day, but it lasts me FOREVER! This little pot really lasts and at first I had my doubts but one lasts me 6 months! And lip erase, you know I love it!

1. ULTRA ColorRich Lipgloss with SPF15- For those of you who are used to seeing my FOTD’s, you know how much I love AVON lippies! I love these lipglosses because they are shiny, smells and has a nice taste (not that I am eating it!), and the colors are so vibrant! They give just the right amount of color and they moisturize my lips!
2. Satin Eyeshadow Duos– Similar to the MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows from the holiday collection, these are awesome dupes and they are really cute and very pigmented!
3. Instant Manicure Nail Strips– These are like nailpolish stickers that you peel and stick on your nail (also works on acrylics), and they are basically a quicker way to paint your nails without all the mess or drying time. Comes in a variety of colors and it’s very easy and fun to do! Lasts 14 days.
4. Glazewear Lipstick– Similar to MAC Slimshines, pretty good dupe…
5. AVON Jumbo Eye Pencils– Reminds me of the MAC Shadesticks, gorgeous vibrant colors that stand out!

1. Single Eyeshadows– These babies are more bang for the buck! I actually compare them to MAC eyeshadows because they have a HUGE selection of colors AND they are really pigmented! My favorites are: Rust, Golden Orange, Luster, Hot Pink, and Blondie.
2. Lipglosses– I love their lipglosses, both the brush and sponge-tipped ones, my favorites being: “Barbie Pink”, “Golden Pink”, and “Beige”.
3. NYX Round Lipsticks: I love how pigmented and moisturizing these are! I really love these lipsticks and these too come in so many awesome colors. My favorites are: Rea, Pandora, Thalia, B52.
4. NYX Chrome Eyeshadows– Cheaper alternative to MAC Pigments but NOT the same texture as these are more of a flour-like consistency, also comes in a wide array of colors, can be applied wet. My favorites are: Sunny Day, Geisha, and Goddess.
5. NYX Trio Eyeshadows– Lovely colors in one palette!

Urban Decay
1. The bright eyeshadow palette (purple box)– Gorgeous colors, and VERY pigmented! Great color payoff!
2. UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion)– Perfect eyeshadow base, also makes other eyeshadows more vibrant.
3. UD Single Eyeshadows
4. Colored Liquid Eyeliners– Makes your eyes pop for a nice funky look!
5. Pretty much everything else from this line!

MakeUp Forever
1. Single Eyeshadows– Can we say the most pigmented eyeshadows ever to walk this earth???!
2. False Eyelashes– They have the best over-the-top eyelashes that have appeared on the catwalk, great for Halloween or photoshoots and a wide variety!
3. Mat Velvet Foundation– Great coverage, and not heavy at all!
4. Lift Concealer
5. Mist + Fix

1. Mineral Eyeshadows– GORGEOUS, vibrant colors! I have done a lot of FOTD’s with some of their eyeshadows, and I am more and more impressed! My favorites of course: Sour Apple, Blue Jeans, English Ivy, Peridot Stone
2. Calamine Facial Soap Bar– Reason for my clear skin? This baby right here!
3. Moisturizing Spritzer– I love the refreshing feeling this gives me and how supple it makes my skin feel.
4. Eraser (primer)– Really creates a smooth canvas before makeup application, whipped-gel like texture, this is my second favorite primer next to Camellia-Rose’s skin soothing primer.
5. Cleansing Oil

Everyday Minerals
1. Blushes– I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their blushes, it is by far my favorite products from them. I love the colors and the vibrancy of it. My favorites: Weekend Getaway, All Smiles, and Waffle Cone.
2. Makeup Wipes– Huge and organic!
3. Eyeshadows– Nice colors and pigmented!
4. Brushes– They have some really decent mineral makeup brushes.
5. Lipglosses– Chapstick form in a tube, very moisturizing, my favorite: Siesta lipgloss.

Other beauty favorites:

– Milani eyeshadows- the old school single ones, the new wet/dry ones…
– Milani Blushes- Gotta love “Luminous”, NARS “Orgasm” Dupe…
– Covergirl Single Eyeshadows are pretty pigmented!
– Palladio Lipglosses and Eyeshadows
– ECO Tools, Sonia Kushuk, Essence of Beauty brushes are awesome quality at a great price!
– Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator

Makeup Forever Flash Color & ULTA Haul

I recently got my Sephora catalog and have been lemming the Makeup Forever Flash Color pots ($17 each) because they are so pigmented, come in a wide array of colors, AND remind me so much of the MAC Paint Pots. I have always loved Makeup Forever, even moreso than MAC *shocker*! They are incredibly fused with color and have a nice finish; I just hate how expensive their products are! One eyeshadow is $18!

I desperately wanted to try them (the funnest part of being a beauty blogger is the testing phase), so I called my local Sephora and had them hold some colors for me based on the ones I saw on their website: Turquoise, Leaf Green, Purple, and Coral. They can be used ANYWHERE, eyes, face, lips, and body.

I ran home and was in AWE! They are GORGEOUS and absolutely vibrant! I missed out on the Alexander McQueen Collection from MAC so I never got the “Other Worldly” Paint Pot, so I was happy that Turquoise was a good dupe. This color isn’t even turquoise to me, but more of a sky blue, yet it says turquoise. I can’t wait to do a look with these and really try ’em out!

Here are the pics & swatches(no base, applied as is):


Without Flash:

I want to re-create this look:

Aren’t they just the prettiest little things?? I WILL DO a thorough review on it soon.

I also re-did my nails and got a black line instead of my usual silver:

The BF and I went on a nice little date to a Japanese Restaurant in Pasadena, he is hanging out with his friend on Saturday and I guess he felt bad because it’s “our day” so he took me shopping after dinner at the ULTA store across the street. Yay! He is too sweet! I went a little crazy because I hardly go to ULTA and because heck it was the BF’s treat! LOL. Many of you have asked: ULTA EYESHADOWS FIT ONLY IN THE NIXIE PALETTE, NOT MAC PALETTES. (WWW.NIXIECOSMETICS.COM)

Here’s what I got:

– More sponge makeup wedges
– Sponge-tipped applicators
– NYX Lipgloss in “Plush Red” (nice DEEP burgundy red)
– Ardell lower eyelashes falsies
– Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator to help speed up the growth of brittle eyelashes and eyebrows
– 3 ULTA eyeshadows (Which got me the free gift in the pink bag!): Bone, Knit, and Breeze
– Ardell Eyebrow Stencils
– Neutrogena Moisturizer
– 2 Bourjois eyeshadows
– Glycolic Acid Cream (to smooth the texture of your skin)

Top: Knit (Orange) & Breeze (Blue) on the Bottom: Bone

AVON Package Arrived!

My AVON items arrived today! And I must say, I am really impressed how far they have come. I know some of you are sticking to your grounds and are skeptical about AVON (as was I), but I have since welcomed AVON with open arms since their products have really changed since the last time I remember it!

As I was mentioning in my previous post regarding some AVON dupes, here is the actual comparison:

MAC Slimshines vs. AVON Glazewear Moisture Shines- The two in the back are the AVON lippies, “Honey Bare” (cute name isn’t it!?) and “Ravishing Red”; the ones in the front are the MAC Slimshines in “Bare” and “Intimidate”. The color payoff is incredible, and the shine as well, imo, just like the MAC Slimshines except these are way below half the price! I love them and don’t they really look alike!???

Honey Bare

Ravishing Red

Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos- The AVON version looks a lot smaller in person, but they are about the same size because MAC’s compact is a lot bigger (if you need to see the actual size, go back to my “depotting MAC blushes” post so you can see the REAL size after it’s been taken out of the original pan). I got “Grey Matters”, the white side reminded me of MAC e/s in “Rondelle”. The pigmentation is the same to me, great color payoff, I wish they had more colors to choose from, I think i’d order them all!

Also got some cute comfy undies at Wal-Mart! I love ’em!

CVS Haul & Swatches of the MAC Slimshines I have…

Today is President’s Day and I don’t usually get it off, but for some reason my boss sent a staff email saying we have it off! So I plan on going to the MAC PRO store and picking up a few PRO eyeshadows and pigments, as well as a Lip Erase. In case you are wondering, ANYONE can shop at the MAC PRO store, you do not have to be a member, MAC PRO stores can be scarce, so if you want you can also call the 800 number on and have items shipped to you for a nominal fee.

The BF and I just stayed at home pretty much all day yesterday which was nice because I have been feeling so burnt out lately with everything since there are so many deadlines to be met, that it was nice to just sleep in and just eat! Eventually around 7pm, we got hungry again and went to dinner, and after dinner we went to CVS. As usual, I can NEVER walk into a CVS without something!

After Kia from Yummy411 mentioned the new Milani wet/dry eyeshadows (which I believe are the same ones Rachel told me about months ago), I had to check them out myself! CVS always has deals, and luckily they had a BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% off deal going on for these eyeshadows!

I also wanted to try Physician’s Formula’s new Organic Wear, so I bought their tinted moisturizer. It claims to have no harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic preservatives, colors, or fragrances. It also has SPF15. I have yet to try it on my face, but I tried it on my hand and it looks PROMISING. Of course I will do a product review on it after my testing phase…

Essence of Beauty (my favorite drugstore brushes), has a new brush called the “Blending Brush” and unlike the smaller version of itself, this is much bigger and I think it’s great for applying mineral foundation on smaller, hard-to-reach areas such as the under eye and sides of the nose (which I find great difficulty in using a big buffer brush).

The boyfriend took the word “Eye Makeup” TOO LITERALLY! LOL:

The COLORS of each one (in order, see red circle):

And here are the Slimshine swatches I have:

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I have heard many, many, many great reviews on the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler that I had to see what all the fuss was about! I first read about it online and many gals were saying how it doesn’t pinch, really curls and stays because of the silicone pad at the bottom which is curved to prevent the horrific “L-Shaped” lashes. When I saw pics of this holy grail curler, I remember saying to myself “It’s not that special, it looks like a regular drugstore eyelash curler…”. I went to SEPHORA and thought i’d buy one just to see for myself, I first noticed the mini one which is interesting because it’s not even an inch wide, it’s like a tiny square, similar to the Koji ones.

I bought the regular sized one and compared it to my drugstore eyelash curler LA CROSS, and noticed a huge difference. The arm and eye piece are angled differently thus giving you more of a comfortable angle when curling your lashes and preventing “pinching”.

Here is a view from the top of the two side by side, the Shu one is on the left, notice how much wider it is. The silicone pad is also a lot ‘fatter, it’s soft and curved giving more space between your lid and lashes so no pinching!

In case you are wondering how my lashes look with the LA CROSS one, it just ‘lifted’ my lashes, you can look at some old FOTD’s where this was used…

Uncurled lashes:

Lashes (no mascara) curled with the Shu Uemura:

Lashes (no mascara) using Ardell Heated Lash Curler:

OVERALL? I really like this eyelash curler, mind you I rarely curl my lashes because I am lazy, but I will from now on because this really does the job, the results were amazing without mascara, I can only imagine how it would look with mascara or even when heated with a blow dryer! What I loved is how it didn’t even pinch me ONCE, unlike my old one (drugstore one) which did all the time no matter how careful I was. I really liked how it gave me a nice natural curve rather than the L-Shaped lashes. It’s a bit steep in price ($18), but this new revised one comes with the replacement pad (unlike the old version), and it works!

I love the Sonia Kushuk eyelash and brow comb!

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