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Mascara Guard- Tired of getting mascara on your eyelids?

I have had many questions on how to avoid getting mascara on your eyelids upon application, and sorry I am barely getting around to it now! I actually bought this mascara guard back in January I believe from a little Asian store near the BF’s house (for any of you that live in Southern California, it’s in the Diamond Life Plaza), for around $3. I went back recently and they didn’t have anymore so I am not sure if they are just out of stock. But you can also find it here on this website for around $6, and the one shown is the EXACT one I bought.

I hardly use mine because I forget or I am in a rush so I just apply a few coats and I am good, so I rarely deal with it getting on my eyelid since I hardly try to make it “perfect”, but if you are looking for something like this to avoid getting mascara on your lid, then I highly recommend this one since it also comes with a comb to get any clumps out.

There are many other versions of mascara guards such as these, the Shape and Guard by Brenda Christian, or the i-Lash, these are reverse versions (the handle is on top, the curved part fits the shape of your eye), it also catches fallen eyeshadow during application of mineral eyeshadows or pigments.

Alice Cosmetics also has their version at $3.99.

Barry M Cosmetics (

Barry M Cosmetics is a UK cosmetics company that have so many different makeup products that are bright, eye-catching, and really pigmented makeup.

I am in love with their “Dazzle Dusts”, which are finely-milled pigments with amazing color-payoff. They are just so gorgeous and so rich in color. And I am loving the cute little jars it comes in, perfect for travel and just the right amount. The Dazzle Dusts are like your everyday mineral pigments, same texture and feel, most are satin (sorta matte with some sheen/shimmer), the Fine Dazzle Dusts are described as “22 brilliant shades of loose pearl colour that have been cleverly blended with ultra fine, diamond like glitter flecks to dazzle”. These are more glittery than the regular dazzle dusts and do have flecks of glitter as you can see from “Black Purple”.

The only flaw? It’s expensive if you don’t live near the UK. I really wish some of his products were available here in the US, like in a drugstore. The pounds currency is a lot more than the US dollar, so shipping and the items in itself are expensive when you convert it. All this (pictured) costs about $70 with taxes and shipping (three of them were gifts from a friend), so you can imagine that 5 jars was already $60. And usually when I do a big haul on other mineral makeup sites for pigmented eyeshadows, it only costs me about $40 USD.

(swatches done dry, no base)

A closer look:

Beauty Find: Jesse’s Girl Baked Mineral Eyeshadows..possible dupe of upcoming MAC Electroflash???

Right now I am trying to upload my eyebrow tutorial video and I am getting quite frustrated with how long it takes to upload a 5 minute video on YouTube, which reminds me of why I dislike doing videos in the first place…takes a lot of takes and time, none of which I really have, LOL. So once it’s done, i’ll post it….

In the meantime, I went to Rite-Aid yesterday because I was dying of thirst and needed to get a drink, and then found myself wandering down to the cosmetic aisle and I found these Jesse’s Girl (that’s the brand name!) baked mineral eyeshadows. The first thought that popped in my head: MAC Electroflash- or simply the MAC Baked Mineralized Eyeshadows.

They looked so similar and I am actually glad that these baked duos are increasing in popularity (look at Laura Geller and Too Faced) because they are simply gorgeous!

They came in 4 colors (I got 3 out of the 4: Volcanic, Aqua, and Evergreen), the other color was like a bronze-brown, and they were only $4.99 EACH! I know right, what a bargain! You know me, I love a good deal and can’t pass it up when I see one! What’s more surprising is that they are pretty pigmented just like the MAC ones. My favorite is “Evergreen” because I love teal and gold, and together they are yummy! Each eyeshadow also comes with a sponge tip applicator.

I have only seen Jesse’s Girl brand at Rite-Aid’s, so if any of you have bought this brand before, feel free to share it in the comments section.

Comparison to MAC’s “Silversmith” eyeshadow from the Antiquitease Collection:


Silk Naturals Kiss Bliss Demi Glosses, Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer, & Flirt! Bronzer

I finally got my Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer (Version 2) from Jen from If you are new to reading my blog, you can read my product review on her primer, it’s a really good primer and smells so nice. I know some of you might ask what the difference is between this primer and the Monistat primer, personally they both work the same, but obvious differences are that the Camellia-Rose primer is all natural and smells heavenly. It’s more creamier than the Monistat primer, but they both have “Dimethicone” which a common polymer among makeup primers including Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. She also sent me a sample of her “Bye Bye Zit” which I have yet to try!

I have an obsession with lippies, that my collection is growing non-stop, but I can’t help it! With the Silk Naturals Kiss Bliss Demi Glosses, it’s hard NOT to buy these! They come on like a dream, so smooth and moisturizing, and giving your luscious lips pigmented color. If any of you have tried the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers, it’s almost the same in terms of texture and the way it feels. My favorite color is “Divine”, it’s such a nice nude lippie!

I bought “Capricious” (which is supposedly a dupe of MAC’s “Utterly Frivolous”), “Grace”, a nice rosy pink, and “Divine” a nude lippie with a touch of pink.

These lip swatches were made with NO BASE, just straight on my natural lips:

I had a coupon for Kohl’s, so I took a gander to see what they have since Kohl’s ALWAYS has good sales, and ended up getting Flirt! Cosmetics Bronzing Powder in “Golden Minx”, which makes a great contour powder as well as giving that subtle summer glow. I love it because it has little shimmer, and I mean VERY little shimmer which I like because sometimes blushes or powders that have shimmer can be too overpowering and make you look shiny, but this had the perfect amount of shimmer.


Pull open:

Beauty Find: Revlon’s Line Fantasy Cream Eyeliner

With all the new makeup products being released every month from the low-end to the high-end brands, it’s so hard to keep up! Even my wallet is having a hard time keeping up! LOL.

I found the new Summer Collection by Revlon, featuring new lipglosses, eyeshadows, bronzers, and more. One of them are the new “Line Fantasy Cream Eyeliners”, which remind me of the L’Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliners. They are $10.99 at WALGREENS and comes with a tiny eyeliner brush.

I haven’t had a chance to actually use it yet, but just by swatching it on my hand, it was nice and creamy and easy to apply, same consistency as the MAC Fluidlines. Staying powder seems ok for now (won’t know until I actually test it out!) and from what I remember, it came in a few colors (I don’t know all the names), but they were “Chocolate”, a purple and a blue one, and I think a black one but it was all sold out.

I bought “Chocolate” because I was actually in need of a chocolate brown eyeliner when doing soft brown and neutral looks as black eyeliner against my light skin tends to be too dark and overpowering, although I love the classic black eyeliner, I really want to try different colors of eyeliners.

Again, I have NOT tried these yet as I just got them, so I don’t know how they compare to other eyeliners such as the Indelible Gel Eyeliners, or the MAC Fluidlines. Also, I have never tried any of the L’oreal HIP cream eyeliners so I don’t know how they would compare to those but I imagine they are pretty similar….

Beauty Find: 12-Piece Brow Kit from Walgreens for $7!

Walgreens has a brand called Studio35 which sells a bunch of makeup tools, brushes, double-ended brushes, etc. I found this 12 piece brow kit for $7!

Includes: Brow gel, Brow powder, Tweezers, Comb, Eyebrow Stencils with different shapes, Safety Scissors to cut those stray brow hairs, and a guide.

I love it, I use it everyday and it’s such a great buy!

Close-up of the Brow Powder:

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