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Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

I have been getting questions lately on what is an effective way to get rid of dark circles. Let’s face it we all have it- at least at one point or another. It can be hereditary and if you have allergies, it can contribute to dark circles and puffiness. I usually use gel pads on my eyes that you put in the fridge to reduce puffiness and discoloration under your eye, or the tablespoons in the freezer trick. I also read somewhere on a forum that someone swore that ShiSeido’s Benefiance Revitalizing Cream does wonders on dark circles. I haven’t tried any dark circle creams to even recommend any unfortunately, but I am sure you can find one that has Vitamin K as they suggest that helps in reducing it.

But I have done some research online on Wikihow and other various sites such as so check out their site for more tips!

Cover problem areas with a neutralizer or corrector. You can use a yellow or peach-toned concealer (salmon colored) which will camouflage the bluish dark tones under your eyes. The yellow/peach undertones in the makeup will help cancel out the purple, blue, and brownish colors of your undereye circles. After applying, set the concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder.

Here is a quick tutorial on how I cover up my dark circles using MAC Studiofix Concealer in NC35 (because I personally love CREAM concealers, I think they work superbly and because they are a bit thicker than liquid concealers, they stay on longer for me), Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer Wand with highlighting end, and Anastasia’s Shimmer Pencil in Chiffon:

Blend with a sponge such as the Beauty Blender Sponge after applying concealer.

Should look like this:

Then applied a highlighter to brighten the area to reflect the appearance of dark circles and to give you a more wide-eyed, awake look…

Product Review: Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

I forgot my camera at home hence I was unable to post at my usual time, LOL. I also got a little haircut since my hair was so long it was driving me nuts, well more like a trim since it doesn’t look any different to me other than the fact that my hair feels a lot lighter which I love! Anyway, I bought this product about 2 months ago but forgot to write a review on it so I thought id write one now before I forget again!

Product: 2 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5
Price: $10 (price varies depending on store)
Where to get it: Many drugstores have it
Would I buy it again? No

What they claim: Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew is our 1st anti-puff eye roller that uses a unique combination of skin-nutrients – Ingredient complexes developed exclusively by Garnier to work on skin’s outer layer – and a cooling, roll-on applicator to stimulate micro-circulation. Diminishes dark circles. Skin Renew anti-puff eye roller is right for you if you want to gently stimulate micro-circulation around skin’s delicate eye area to decongest excess fluid for diminished dark circles and puffiness.

Active Ingredients:
Caffeine – Decongests puffiness & diminishes dark circles
Pro-Vitamin B5 – Refreshes & hydrates the delicate eye area

PROS: It’s non-greasy, easy to use, and doesn’t take up a lot of space; the packaging is perfect for something like this which is why I gave it a 5 out of 5. It feels good upon application, a nice cooling and cold sensation to the eyes (like a liquid cucumber), has no weird smell. I did notice that it reduced puffiness a bit, not a whole lot, but a tiny bit…I used it morning and night everyday for about a month to two months, and my puffiness has gone down, but circles still there.

CONS: I didn’t notice my dark circles disappear (as you can probably tell from my Dior HydrAction post, my circles are still there!) I didn’t really notice any significant difference using this product other than it feels nice when you apply it.

Directions for using the roller: Just roll the ball a couple times on your under eye area.

Would I buy again? No, I think it’s a waste of money and you can probably spend it on something else that will show better results.

Flirt! Cosmetics and Essence of Beauty AirBrush Primer Review

Essence of Beauty “Airbrush Primer” Review:

I give this product 3 out of 5 stars. Reason being 1.)It doesn’t smell all that great, it doesn’t have a strong smell or anything, I think it’s because it LACKS fragrance that it smells sorta Plastic-y, 2.) I can’t describe the feeling when you put it on because its definitely one I have never felt, you put a little on your hands and you can feel the primer, it feels like a lotion, but when you start to spread it on your face, it’s like powder and you no longer feel the “lotion” aspect of it if that makes any sense, its like it turns from cream to powder. Maybe that’s the “airbrush” aspect of it…

I DO like how smooth, silky and soft it made my skin feel.

They say you learn something new everyday, and today I learned that Flirt! Cosmetics is part of M.A.C. cosmetics, yes MAC! So the pyramid goes like this:

ESTEE LAUDER (which OWNS MAC since MAC’s founder died)>MAC Cosmetics>Flirt! Cosmetics.

No wonder I love them so much! Their makeup quality and pigments are the EXACT same as MAC, and a few dollars cheaper, they don’t have as much color selection as MAC of course, but they are awesome! Also Vanessa Minnillo’s new line from Flirt! is officially out in stores TODAY! She has the first eyeshadow palette in the collection and double ended lipgloss wands! (I already had those colors so I didn’t buy ’em).

I bought “Im Whipped” Flirt Eyeshadow Mousse in “Sand Castle”, and their eyeshadow in “Gold Envy”. Sand castle is a nice shimmery beige-gold. I am going to go back tomorrow since the BF was rushing me (haha) and get more of the Mousse (“Good girl”, “24KT”, and “High Maintenance”) because I am in love with this stuff, which makes a great highlighting base, it’s also another cheap alternative to MAC Paints.

Close up so you can see the color:

Here is the “Gold Envy”:


I also bought a 10-pack of cucumber pads for the eyes. It is supposed to rejuvenate tired, baggy, puffy eyes and diminish dark circles. It has Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Green Tea.

*BEAUTY TIP: Put them in the fridge before you use them, the coldness helps. :)

Reader Questions: Eye Cream

Q: hi vanessa. i was wondering how long it took for you to get your everyday minerals shipped? i ordered mines about a week and a half ago with regular shipping =] thanx

btw. would you happen to kno a good eye cream?

<3 jen
A: Hi Jen! It didn’t take that long, id say not even a week for me, it really also depends WHEN you order it, I know there are some websites that have a time cut off for purchases (i.e. you purchase AFTER 2pm, it will be shipped tomorrow, before that same day type thing), also if you order on a FRIDAY, it most likely won’t be shipped until Tuesday since they still have to process it. If you created an account with them, it should show you the STATUS of your order, if anything, try giving them a call and see where your package might be, let me know if you receive it as well as if you like it or not, I would love to hear it!

As for eye creams, I used a POND’S eye cream LONGGGGG time ago for dark circles but didn’t see a difference so I returned it. But the eyes are definitely something we need to take care of, the area around the eye is VERY delicate and of course our eyes say a lot, they can show signs of stress, fatigue, and dark circles.

To reduce puffiness, your best bet is to treat the affected area with a lightweight eye gel containing chamomile, green tea, cucumber, or aloe. I would also recommend drinking plenty of fluids, using a cool compress or some cucumber slices.

L’Oreal Revitalift Eye (around $10) moisturizes the eye area, and absorbs quickly and completely without feeling greasy or heavy. Revitalift Eye easily compares in quality to more expensive creams from Clarins (Extra Firming Eye Contour Cream $42.50), Bobbi Brown (Eye Cream $32.50) or Lancome (Primordiale Yeux $40) – all without the sticker shock. Remember: price does not always equal quality. Just because an eye cream costs $50 and claims to erase years from your face doesn’t mean it will.

Avon Anew Perfect Eye Care Cream SPF 15 ($12.50) includes sun protection, which helps prevent wrinkles from sun damage, and its lightweight texture absorbs quickly, perfect for under makeup.

***MY FAVORITE***Pond’s Soothing Cucumber Eye Treatments
(around $8 for jar of 24) can! With cucumber, green tea, chamomile, cornflower, orange peel, and rose hip extracts, plus aloe vera gel and vitamin E, these pads feel heavenly after a long day, or while soaking in the tub. Keep them in the fridge for the ultimate cooling sensation.

Clinique All About Eyes
($25) is, in my opinion, the best of Clinique’s selection of eye creams. It successfully combines the benefits of a gel (reduces puffiness, feels cooling and soothing on the skin) with the moisturizing and smoothing properties of a cream. The texture is very silky and makes a fantastic base for eye makeup without crumbling or creasing.

Sexy Eyes and Baggy Eyes

Ingredients for powerfully sexy eye makeup:

* Black eyeliner – pencil. Ensure that it is sharp.
* Black eyeliner – brush. The thinner the liquid eyeliner is the better.
* Eye shadow brush. Thin stumpy bristles are best to maintain control.
* Dark eye shadow. Irridescent rather than flat matt (too hard), or shiny (too messy).
* Highlight shimmer for under the eyebrow. Avoid garish looking ‘high glitter’.
* A good eyebrow pencil. Try to select the most natural shade for you as possible.
* Eyelash curlers
* Black mascara. Obviously choose a quality brand to avoid clumping and ‘spider eyes’.

Step-by-step instructions for smoky cat eyes:

Apply your foundation, under eye concealer and powder.
Using your black eyeliner pencil, start from the front corner of your eyelid. Draw a soft smudge line to the end of your lash line.
Use your eyeshadow brush to apply the dark eye shadow over the top of the smudged line for a soft smoky look. Ensure that the edges are neatly blended.
Then take the brush eyeliner and apply as close to your lashes as you can on the top lid only. Make the line as thick and pronounced as you wish, but make sure that the line is thickest at the outer corner, and thinner as you go inward.
Apply another smoky coat of eye shadow with the brush to blend the harsh edges.
Subtly blend your darker eye shadow up from your lashes to your eye crease. Then apply a shimmery highlight in white or cream under the outside corner of your eyebrow.
Use your eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow curve more pronounced.
Curl your eyelashes, then apply thin coats of mascara, building the layers up gradually to avoid clumping.

I use:

Sephora’s Eyeliner Quad in “Earthly Tones”

Revlon’s Bedroom Eyes Powder Eyeshadow in “Sultry Sapphire”

Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliner (always a must have! stays on for 16 hours!)

Revlon’s Liquid Eyeliner in “Blackest Black”

For baggy eyes:

* Take a metal spoon and run it under cold water. Place the metal on the puffy area for at least 60 seconds.

* Apply hemorrhoid cream (look for brands that contain ingredients of yeast and shark’s liver oil) to the puffy area. Insiders have known for years that in just the way it gets the swelling out of that other area, it works the same way for the face.

* Thin cucumber slices used as compresses over closed eyes will relieve sore, puffy eyes.

* A black tea bag soaked in cold water on each eye for ten minutes will reduce swelling caused by fluid retention. Gently press from inner to outer corners to hasten drainage.

* Avoid salty foods, which cause the under eye area (and the rest of your body) to hold fluid.

* Elevate your head when you sleep, to keep fluid from settling around your eyes.