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AVON: Extra Lasting Collection

I love AVON products (at least some of the ones I’ve tried) because they are so affordable! I was so excited to try their Extra Lasting Collection, which is their long-wearing makeup series designs to keep your makeup put all day long. The collection itself consists of: lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, liquid foundation, eyeliner, and cream to powder foundation I was especially eager to try their liquid foundation in “Light Beige”($9.99, 30ml, 1fl oz.). I received their extra lasting lipstick in “Sand Gold” ($5.99), their eyeshadow in “Glistening Teal” ($5.99), and their extra lasting lipgloss in “Eternal Rose” ($5.99).

I was actually really impressed with the liquid foundation, it has SPF 12 and it gave such a nice smooth airbrushed finish without even using a lot. The shade was just a bit light on me, but blended in nicely anyway. It did last for the most of the day, but felt a bit greasy and oily towards the end of the day as with a few other foundations i’ve tried, and just needed to touch up with MAC’s Careblend Pressed Powder. There was also no weird smell and comes in an easy to use pump. They describe it as “Always fresh, never cakey or dry. Resists water and sweat. Stands up to heat and humidity. Feels featherlight and flexible all day. Comfortable coverage up to 18 hours. Medium-to-full coverage.”

The lipgloss I found to be a bit sheer which is great for those who just want a natural wash of color. However, I thought it was a tad bit too sticky and had a weird tightening effect on my lips (similar to that feeling of many long lasting lipsticks and lipglosses). However, they are said to have 6 hours of wear, and it did stay on for awhile on my lips even after eating breakfast.

I haven’t tried the eyeshadow yet, but I do like the idea of the dip applicator so it’s easier to apply on the eye. When I swatched it on my hand below, it actually stayed on longer than the other two swatches and took awhile for me to get it off my hand, so it seems like it stays on really well, and is said to stay on for 12 hours.

The lipstick in “Sand Gold” is a nice pretty color, gives a nice sheen to the lips, and is perfect for the summer for that natural sun-kissed glow.

So definitely check this collection out HERE!

AVON & Revlon Haul

***NEW POLL!*** ——>

Here are the two recent hauls I got: one from Avon, and a couple of the new Revlon Matte Lipsticks I bought from CVS in “Pink Pout” and “Nude”. I bought two Glazewear Lip Liners, which are glossy lip liners that glide on in “Sheer Nude” and “Sheer Spice”, and their ColorTrend lipliner in “Neutral”. I also bought their angled eyeliner brush which is SUPER tiny, fits in the palm of my hand! And their liquid freeze quick dry nailpolish spray.

And here are the Matte Revlon Lippies I got, they are actually really pigmented, and I would say they are close dupes to MAC “angel” or “snob” lipstick and the nude color is a good dupe for MAC’s “myth” lipstick.

Walgreens & AVON Haul

I think I am coming down with a cold…and that’s no bueno because I leave for NY in less than a week and it would just suck to endure a cold during a trip where i’ll be more susceptible to germs (i.e. the airplane). I have a weak immune system and I remain sick longer than others, so while the normal person takes 4 days or a week to recuperate, it takes me a month, if not longer. Not fun I tell you. Last time we had a show (my work), we went to NY and I was so sick and lost my voice; I wanted to reserve my energy so I didn’t talk at all and went on the tea and honey regimen to soothe it out, and it was such a struggle to talk to potential clients without wanting to just pass out! So I just hope I can fight it before it gets worse…

Anyway, the BF and I had Korean BBQ last night at my favorite place called “Pine Tree”, if any of you ladies live around the San Fernando Valley, you must definitely try that place out! It’s on Reseda and Roscoe and it’s good eats! We go there all the time and the manager knows us already, LOL.

We then went to Walgreens and I didn’t haul a lot, just a couple brushes and other little things…Aileen from Shades of Hue posted recently on EcoBrushes, a set of brushes designed with the environmentally friendly in mind. The handle is made out of bamboo, and I must say their bristles are SOFT! I love them! Of course I have too many brushes so I just bought the eyeshadow shading brush which I wanna use for my mineral eyeshadows because it has that silky taklon fiber feel allowing me to apply them wet. They have a wide collection of brushes so check them out! They are available at Walgreens, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, and similar places like that…

I also got a double-ended smoky eye brush, great for blending those tight spaces and for blending all over color.

Also got a Vo5 detangler/leave-in conditioner for my locks

L’Oreal has a NEW COLLECTION that’s out, the packaging is super pretty! They have new eyeshadow trios, blushes, lipsticks, and lipglosses.

Some cute Easter colored frames I got from Target for $5 each…

I also got my AVON Haul. I wanted to try their new skin smoothing powder mill, it’s basically PRESSED powder that you turn into super-fine loose powder. It has a shine-absorbing formula to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles. Great for traveling so you don’t make a mess all over the place. It has grates that shave the powder for you, just twist it like you would on a pepper shaker (same concept), and it becomes finely-milled powder!

I am going to try it later today, I tried it last night on my hand and was amazed at the difference!

It looks big in this picture, and it somewhat is in real life.

Plastic shaving grates that shave the pressed powder so you have loose powder…


My hand before, see my veins?

Look at it after! Flawless!

AVON Duo Blush (pink shimmery color):

AVON Concealer Stick in Medium at $6.00, doesn’t it look like the MAC Concealer sticks??!

MAC Concealer Stick, $15.50

Using the AVON Concealer Stick (BEFORE):


And finally here is the Physician’s Formula Tinted Moisturizer Comparison:

(BEFORE): Uneven skin tone..

AFTER (NO Primer or Overlay of foundation, just as is):

AVON Package Arrived!

My AVON items arrived today! And I must say, I am really impressed how far they have come. I know some of you are sticking to your grounds and are skeptical about AVON (as was I), but I have since welcomed AVON with open arms since their products have really changed since the last time I remember it!

As I was mentioning in my previous post regarding some AVON dupes, here is the actual comparison:

MAC Slimshines vs. AVON Glazewear Moisture Shines- The two in the back are the AVON lippies, “Honey Bare” (cute name isn’t it!?) and “Ravishing Red”; the ones in the front are the MAC Slimshines in “Bare” and “Intimidate”. The color payoff is incredible, and the shine as well, imo, just like the MAC Slimshines except these are way below half the price! I love them and don’t they really look alike!???

Honey Bare

Ravishing Red

Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos- The AVON version looks a lot smaller in person, but they are about the same size because MAC’s compact is a lot bigger (if you need to see the actual size, go back to my “depotting MAC blushes” post so you can see the REAL size after it’s been taken out of the original pan). I got “Grey Matters”, the white side reminded me of MAC e/s in “Rondelle”. The pigmentation is the same to me, great color payoff, I wish they had more colors to choose from, I think i’d order them all!

Also got some cute comfy undies at Wal-Mart! I love ’em!


*Some of you asked about the Oil Cleansing Method whether it’s still oily afterwards, it’s not for me because I follow it with the Calamine Soap Bar so I don’t feel oily, other times a nice fresh hot towel removes enough oily residue yet still keeping your skin moisturized….

There are SO many awesome products out there, that as much as people wanna say “but it’s NOT MAC”, there are a lot of great “dupes”, if not better than the real thing. As much as I love MAC Pigments, their range of color is too basic, and I am just in love with Pure Luxe Mineral Eyeshadows, they are A LOT cheaper, you get only what you need, and they have 3 PAGES full of colors in a wide array of colors, including shades IN BETWEEN colors! My favorites are “Amethyst” (gorgeous lilac purple color with awesome shimmer, its so pretty foiled/wet when paired with my mixing medium) and “Fantasy” (a very pretty taupe with purple undertones).

For the newest MAC Slimshines (which is permanent), has their version at an affordable $3.99! Claims to have color and shine, just like the slimshines! I have NOT tried this particular lippie from AVON YET, (I am submitting an order in a few minutes!), so I will definitely let you know how they compare. I currently have “Funshine”, “Bare”, and “Intimidate” Slimshines from MAC.

AVON GlazeWear Lipstick (Slimshine Dupe), $3.99

MAC Slimshine, $14.50

Missed out on the MAC Holiday Mineralized Eyeshadows? Also from AVON, give these a try! ONLY $4.99!

AVON Supershock Mascara looks similar to Covergirl LashBlast Mascara, $4.99

Product Review- AVON Instant Manicure Strips

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall Quality: 4 out of 5

What I liked about it: It’s VERY EASY to use! I am a natural screw up when it comes to delicate applications of things because I am very impatient, but I really love how it was easy to do in 3 easy steps, and it actually looks very natural. Another awesome plus is that it actually stays on and lasts. It even smells like nailpolish! LOL. You just take off the clear plastic overlay, peel, and stick on your nail. Perfect for you gals on the go! And the best part??? No mess!

What I didn’t like about it: It takes some practice…trying to get it right at the cuticle, if you mess up it starts to stick to itself (think scotch tape sticking to itself) so it ends up screwing the strip up and hence you have to use a new one.

Overall: I love em! I want to get them in every color!

My nails are jacked up because I don’t really care about ’em, lol. I shall take care of these poor puppies one day! I put the pink strips over the black nailpolish because I was lazy…but I made a pretty color right!???

Also, I installed a shout box to the right, perhaps that’ll help you ladies with questions so it doesn’t get lost in the comments! I will respond via the shoutbox in case any other ladies were meaning to ask the same question. :)

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