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Daily Skin Regimen (Reader Question)

Q: Vanessa, you have really nice skin, what is your daily skin regimen in maintaining flawless looking skin? I often get pimples here and there and I have tried so many creams and acne products but it seems to be making it worse….HELP!

A: Thanks, well I have really dry skin during the winter, and during the summer, it’s not super oily, but it’s not dry either. In the morning, I just rinse my face with water and mild soap (Dove), use my Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes, and then I take a cotton ball and wipe my L’Oreal Acne Response Toner with AHA all over my face. I then add Zapzyt to any problematic areas, if I don’t have any, I just proceed with my moisturizer which is Aveeno. Sometimes I will use Step 3 of the L’Oreal Acne Response which is the Blemish Lotion, but rarely do I need to.

At night, I use the St. Ives or Equate Medicated Apricot Scrub with Salicylic Acid. Followed by my Acne Response Toner, Witch Hazel, and then my moisturizer.

For my BODY:
I have some dark spots, old scars from acne or scars from being clumsy, so I use Acne Free Scar Erase which is a miracle in a bottle for me because I have noticed a dramatic difference in just a week of using it, it contains HYDROQUINONE which is a LIGHTENING agent, to lighten dark spots or scars. VITAMIN E also helps tone and smooth skin, like stretch marks. I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter!

Your regimen should just really depend on what type of skin you have, OVER CLEANING IT, can actually cause more problems because you are opening your pores to be more susceptible to more bacteria and dirt. To be honest, sometimes the best skin care is really simpler than you think, for some it’s just soap and water, and for others it’s a lot more. I like playing it safe so I like to use toner to feel really clean.

Here are some products I have, some I use sparingly, some are part of my daily routine:

My favorite toner, AHA is a great antioxidant in fighting blemishes

Here is the Blemish Lotion that goes with it which I don’t really use…

I love the way scrubs slough off the dead skin leaving my skin super soft!

Witch Hazel, nature’s best astringent:

Acne Free Scar Erase, love this duo!

Goes great with Cocoa Butter filled with Vitamin E:

I use this for my body to keep oils away from those sebaceous glands…

Acne products

Acne products simply do not work for me. I have tried everything from clearasil to ProActiv, and no results, AND I am broke!

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not acne prone, but have this weird OCD that I WILL get acne, hence I’ve tried to prevent it or use these useless products to get rid of ONE pimple!

I always looked at the ingredients of acne products, and most of them have 2 main ingredients: salycic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

It’s very important to know the difference between the two, benzoyl peroxide is much more concentrated and is usually designed to help treat moderate or severe acne, and salycic acid is for more milder cases of acne.

However, MOST acne products have only 0.5% to 2% salycic acid, which basically means, it’s weak and therefore, your pimple is STILL there.

I stumbled upon “Zapzyt” ( a few years ago at Walgreens, the presentation or appearance of the box is a bit un-appealing and you probably wouldn’t think TWICE before even picking it up off the shelf, especially because people tend to buy brands instead of no-namers. (Come on would you buy Jordache’s over Puma’s???)

But look closely to the box, and what does it say???? That’s right kids, 10% benzoyl peroxide! Whenever I get a pimple that suddenly appeared, I dab a bit of this miracle on my face, dries it out, and it’s gone!

Another product I use sometimes is Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Astringent, it’s been around for years as an herbal remedy, and makes a great toner before bedtime. Simply take a cotton ball and dab a bit of this juice and apply all over your face. You actually feel clean and refreshed! Then follow with a light moisturizer.

P.S. I actually like blogspot a lot, it seems just a tad bit cooler than Xanga…