Busy, Busy, Bumblebee

Some of you gals are having trouble finding the Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator, they have it (different packaging, but nonetheless the same) at Drugstore.com.

Also, Cherry Culture.com (my second home) is having a March Madness sale until MARCH 20th, 20% off everything in the store! Use CODE: MMAD20

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Lately I have been feeling like there’s just not enough time, and the time change doesn’t help much.

The new site is far from being done, well it may look almost to some, but there’s just so much content that needs to be put in and of course that takes time- something I rarely have these days….I think I am going to take a weekend soon to just work on it.

Tomorrow is the birthday shoot for my friend’s baby, and I am hoping that the precocious 1 year old will co-operate with me and I can at least get a few good shots. I am leaving for NY on Sunday, and I haven’t packed yet. I still have to get my shirts dry cleaned and all that jazz, just thinking about packing my makeup and bathroom essentials already makes my mind exhausted. I hate leaving the comfort of MY bed, yet I like traveling. I think the whole packing and unpacking business makes it a bit crazy. I haven’t even thought of places I want to hit up, other than the MAC PRO store over there, but even then there’s actually nothing on my lemmings list *shocker!*

We are hosting a party Wednesday night at some club called Spotlight, so for you New Yorkers reading this, see if you can get it, there will be a Karaoke contest!

Here are some upcoming posts:

– Yellow and Pink FOTD using NYX Chrome Eyeshadows
– Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel…possible primer?
– St. Patrick’s Day FOTD
– Acne Gel Dots Product Review
– Cleansing Oil Product Review
– How to give the illusion of FULLER lips

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