Borghese Moisturizers for Dry Skin

I am becoming a huge fan of Borghese products, their moisturizers are amazing because they do a great job of keeping my dry skin from flaking and keep my skin supple and moisturized. Especially spending Christmas in Washington where it was freezing cold and at times, dry, my skin needed something that will quench its thirst. I love a good product for my skin, and because my skin is the most important to me, I don’t mind paying a little more for great quality- something that works. I took these products with me to Washington, and it was a skin saver!

Equilibrio Equalizing Restorative ($44.50, 1.7 oz)- 4.5 out of 5 stars
What it is: A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer which restores the moisture balance of your skin while controlling shine. Non-comedogenic, Equilibrio normalizes skin, hydrating where necessary, leaving skin with a velvety, matte complexion.

Has witch hazel, rosemary, and white birch to capture excess oil and has Acqua di Vita complex to hydrate dry areas to leave skin balanced.

My experience with this product: I use this moisturizer before applying CuraForte Moisturizer Intensifier, in the morning and after I shower, and it keeps my skin smooth throughout the day without having to reapply and without feeling oily or greasy. Doesn’t break me out at all and I love the pump bottle which makes it easy to apply, keeps it sanitary, and no product is wasted. I was using Korres Yogurt Moisturizer, which is around $30 a pop but it didn’t last me long and found myself buying a new one every month or a few weeks, this one costs a little more but contains more product and so far is lasting me a long time (I already had it for 2 months now and still have a lot left in the bottle!)

CuraForte Moisture Intensifier ($66.50, 1.7 oz)- 5 out of 5 stars

What it is: A lightweight formula that intensifies and maximizes the skin’s capacity to hold moisture by 200%. It softens and lifts dull surface cells allowing the benefits of moisturizers to penetrate easily and perform at their optimum. Surface fine lines and wrinkles decrease up to 70% within 11 days. Improves skin tone and clarity.

My experience: I use this after I apply my Borghese Equalizing Moisturizer, and it keeps my skin more supple, and I noticed that my skin feels more moisturized, lasting all day without any re-application. The best part about their skin products is that they don’t feel greasy, or oily, they literally sink into your skin and not just keep it moisturized, but my skin feels more even and soft, so not only does it help dry skin- it also improves your skin. The only gripe I have is that it is a bit pricey, but it does last a long time, and if you are like me where you find yourself always looking for a new moisturizer or repurchasing your go-to one, it might be a savings in the end.

Dolce Notte Re-Energizing Night Cream ($53.50, 1.85 oz)- 5 out of 5 stars
What it is: While you sleep, return Normal-Dry or Very Dry skin to a comfortable, balanced and healthy state. This rich nighttime treatment encourages cell turnover, sweeping away dullness and impurities while revealing radiant skin. Non pore-clogging, good for sensitive skin. Also contains the acqua di vita complex to sweep away dullness.

My experience: Out of the 4 products, this one is my FAVORITE. I am a fan for moisturizers that you can apply at night, and does the work while you sleep. I love putting this before bedtime or after a shower and letting it just seep into my skin. I wake up with baby soft skin making makeup application so easy and everything just goes on smooth. It literally leaves you skin feeling and looking flawless. And smells amazing! And this too is lasting me a long time, it has definitely changed my skin for the better. I used to have patches of dry skin and this totally helped!

Fango Ristorativo Restorative Hydrating Mud for Face & Body ($33.50, 7 oz.)- 4 out of 5 stars
What it is: A multi-purpose mask that helps nourish and replenish skin with vital marine nutrients and Borghese’s signature Acqua di Vita® Complex. It helps protect against environmental damage while soothing stressed or dehydrated skin with a cooling sensation. Reduces redness as well as inflammation and irritation of the skin. Concentrated minerals and micronutrients replenish and re-mineralize dull, depleted skin. Softens, smoothes and enhances elasticity of the skin for a younger, healthier, more luminous complexion.

*This also comes in a tub form, so I am really happy it’s now available in a tube- and at HALF the cost!

My experience: I love masks, but to be honest I rarely reach for them. But because this is in a tube and total time is 5 minutes, it makes it super easy to use. The cream is white straight from the tube, but turns a light blue when you apply it on your face as it has little micro beads. It has kaolin to help clean and purify and fights against inflammation of the skin. I just apply, leave on for 5 minute and rinse off. It was a nice feeling on my skin because I am used to masks being so drying to take out any excess oil, but this was nice because after rinsing, you can feel your skin is more refreshed.

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